Razputin's Leap

He watched the smoky-like picture float past him, watching it disappear into a wall. He could always come back for it later but it was so tempting to try and chase after it. He shook his head sharply and looked back at the dark gap stretching before him. He'd have to do this right or he'd fall…all the way down to the hard wooden stage below. Splat. No more Phychonaught.

Beneath his gloves, his palms started to sweat. That was dumb. This was inside somebody's head so he couldn't really die but he could get kicked out…and he would still feel the pain of the fall. That would hurt…a lot.

Stop, stop, stop, stop it! He thought clenching his fists, red tinted goggles reflecting the colored lights that lit the theater below, Stop thinking about it! What's got me so nervous all of a sudden!? I've done bigger jumps than this…!

Rocking on the balls of his feet, he swung his arms back and forth, peering over the edge but it only fell into darkness. Leaning back again, he eyed the stretched out cloth before him. If some phantom could get through here then so could he…!

Alright Razputin…this is stupid, I know, but we have to get through all these insane people's minds to find Lili Zanotto. And I gotta find everyone's brains too. And possibly even rescue Milla Vodello and Sasha Nein…!

He jumped, flipped on his thought bubble, and went even higher. He soared through the air, feet out-stretched, ready to touch down on the fabric that would bounce him to the next and then to the next and so on. He never made it.

He flew just short of his destination and fell. He reached out a desperate hand, clawing through empty space, feeling utterly hopeless and utterly alone. There was no Agent Nein here to save him now. His feet kicked frantically, like he could swim upward and reach the cloth but he still fell in what seemed slow motion.

With a final scream of terror, he plunged into the infinite darkness and was swallowed by the gloom. Everything went dark as fear clouded his thoughts and he faded into the darkest recesses of the snapped singer's mind…

Okay, I really didn't fall during that jump but I'm so ticked at the dumb thing because I keep falling on the second one. I feel so stupid about it. But, what can you do? I've been playing 'Phychonaughts' constantly since I got it. I think I need to take a break and play something else.

So, how did you like my little one shot about Raz and his escapades in Gloriana's mind? It was short, sure, and it probably could have been better but I'm watching 'That 70's Show' while I'm writing this so…

On a single parting note: Sasha Nein rules the world!