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Harry is tired of being who everyone wants him to be, he leaves the Dursley's and comes into his power. With the help of his true familiar he becomes the person he always wanted to be. Slash eventually, H/D and others.


Harry Potter yawned and stretched, for the first night in a very long time he had slept well. He opened the curtains around his four poster and grinned when he spotted the owl asleep on her perch. When he'd left Privet Drive the night before last Hedwig hadn't been there, she'd been delivering a letter to Remus to explain his disappearance from the Dursleys and that he would keep in touch. That thought made him smile again, no longer would he be forced to take his Uncle's verbal abuse or his cousin's fists, he'd never have to cook or clean for them again, he could be his own person for once in his life. Moving out was the first thing he had done for himself, he'd told Remus but no one else, not Dumbledore, not Ron and not Hermione. He'd tell Ron and Hermione of course, once he got settled but he wasn't gong to tell Dumbledore anything. When he returned to school for his final year, Dumbledore would try to control his life again, but until then he would keep Dumbledore out of his life. If it was up to Dumbledore he would forever be the innocent little hero, a pet that Dumbledore could order around and a pin up for the Wizarding world to adore. He didn't want to be that person. And he wouldn't be.

That was why he had stayed at the Leaky Cauldron last night and Dumbledore was the reason he was leaving as soon as Gringotts and the shops opened. So he'd better get dressed and be on his way. He jumped out of bed and spent a few minutes trying to decide which of the new muggle outfits he should wear, Hedwig woke up and flew to the dresser, she watched him rummage through his trunk but didn't offer an opinion on the outfit he should wear. Being unable to go to Hogsmeade last year because of Voldemort and his Death Eaters, he had decided to have his galleons changed into muggle money, so that he could get a few things for his new home, he'd had a long time to plan what he would do when he was of age and at midnight tonight he would be seventeen. Not an age for anyone to be living on their own, but it was better than his other options. Today on the eve of his birthday he would go to Gringotts and as long as the Potter Family vault recognized him as heir he could get his true inheritance.

Finally he decided on a pair of dark grey weathered jeans and a tight black t-shirt that showed off his physique quite nicely, he closed and shrunk his trunk and Hedwig's cage. After a moments glance at Hedwig and after waiting for her nod of approval he placed the glamour of a Barn Owl on her and to finish off his 'look' he reapplied the glamour he had worn last night. Harry Potter was now a dirty blonde with blue eyes and he had no scar on his perfect forehead. And it felt wonderful, it made him feel free.

He smiled thinking of the loop hole he'd found. The Minister of Magic and the Headmaster may be able to sense his use of magic, they'd know what spell he had used but they wouldn't know what he looked like, so as long as he didn't do any other magic afterwards they wouldn't find him. He re-arranged his blonde locks slightly, traced the unblemished skin that hid his lightning bolt shaped scar and checked none of his other distinguishing features were visible. After a quick glance over his outfit and a few whispered words of instructions to Hedwig he put his trunk and Hedwig's cage in his jacket pocket, tucked his wand in the other and walked out of his room with Hedwig on his shoulder, ready to be the person he had always wanted to be.