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Authors Note: This is my first wack at an FMA fanfiction, or any fanfiction for that matter. I took a break. Enjoy.

"Golden Eyes"

'Golden Eyes…' Mustang thought, 'brilliant golden eyes.'

Colonel Roy Mustang had seen a lot in the Ishbalan War, he thought he had seen almost all there was to see. No surprises, no quirks,, just life or death….that is until he saw those golden eyes and he fell in love. They did not belong to a woman, no, 'Two suprises in one day,' he mused to himself, for many people had called him the biggest womanizer in Central and in the East. Indeed, the pair of eyes belonged to a little boy, lying on a bed, all bandaged up, a suit of armor standing next to him.

Roy knew how the boy had gotten into this shape. Forbidden Alchemy. The colonel had come to see the boy's father, in response to a letter, but instead he had found his sons.

'Third surprise,' Mustang kept count. The boy sat up, and stared at him. Determination shoing through, making his eyes even more brilliant to the older man.

"Where will I be going?" the boy spoke to him.

"Central City," I replied, intrigued.

"So I'm a dog now, huh?"

"Almost. But I have a feeling you will be one."

"But nii-san-," The suit of armor finally spoke.

'Wait…finally? Fourth surprise,' Roy mused again as his glaze flickered between the two brothers.

"No, Al. I made a mistake and I have to fix it. Equvalent Exchange, right?" With this retort from the small blond, the armor, now named Al, quieted.

I glanced at the clock, uncomfortable, but not showing it. It was about my time to leave anyway, "I look forward to seeing you real soon, son of Hoenhiem."

'Sufficient good-bye, I guess…,' I smirked in my mind.

"Yeah, sure, Lt. Colonel Bastard," the short blonde spat.

"Shorty," I smirked at him, even if it was pretty childish. The suit of armor had to restrain his brother from hurting something.

As I walked out, I had vowed to help that boy, whatever his mission may be, because he needed it, just like I have people who support me. I smirked again at my thoughts as I disappeared from the boy's site.

I had not know that three years later, this same boy would have earned the respected title of the "Fullmetal Alchemist" or that he would work under me as Major, and I would be Colonel.

Nor had I known he would still call me "Colonel Bastard" and I would retort with something to do with his high, or lack there of.

To him, my smirk had become a trademark, and he would always remember me and my smug grin. But to me, the start of our relationship was his golden eyes. It was the start of everything, and my love…for Edward Elric.