Star Wars

Episode I

Two Galaxies Saga

Collision Course


Dramatis Persona

Ala'Florn, star destroyer Captain – male Twi'lek

Alana Varne, Imperium Civilian – female human

Alexander Durin, Magi of the Adeptus Mechanicus – male human

Anubis, Daemon Prince of the Black Legion of Chaos – male Ascended Daemon

Deathstrike, Archon of the Dying Winds – male Dark Eldar

Gabriel Sabbath, Jedi Master – male human

Gabriella Rosso, star destroyer Captain – female human

Gilad Pallaeon, Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance Defence Forces (GADF) – male human

Ishta Taldeer, Warlock of the Craftworld Ulthwe – female Eldar

Joseph Halos, GA Admiral – male human

Luke Skywalker, Grand Jedi Master of the Jedi Order – male human

Mara-Jade Skywalker, High Jedi Master – female human

Raana Mynn, star destroyer Captain – female Togruta

Robyn Vallace, Inquisitor – female human

William Silvermaine, Lord Inquisitor – male human


Space, an endless sea of stars and nebulas, planets and star systems, dark blackholes and bluish wormholes, silent, majestic, full of many wonders and sights that can leave a person starring at it's beauty in awe and fascination.

That was the last thing on anyone's mind at the moment as a massive living warship of the defeated Yuuzhan Vong Empire soared through the black silence of space.

When the Yuuzhan Vong was defeated at Yuuzhan'Tar the war should have been over, the Warmaster and many of his Supreme Commanders had surrendered along with many of their armies and naval forces. However there were some domains that refused to surrender their territories, others like remnants of their space fleets also refused to surrender and travelled across space leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

"Intensify the forward batteries" Admiral Halos ordered as the ship covered much of the view of his ships main viewport "Order the fleet to get out of its way… hard to port!"

His ship lurched as it sluggishly turned to port, all starboard turbolaser batteries and ion cannons of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Vigilance, that he was on opened up on the Yuuzhan Vong Super Cruiser as it advanced, long lances of ice blue and crimson red flared out, some were sucked into the ships black void defences, but some got through and smashed into the living vessel tearing through its yorrik corral hull.

"At this rate it will smash into the planet" his second in command, Captain Florn said behind clenched needle sharp teeth "What will happen if it hits the planet?"

"It's about twenty kilometres long so it'll decimate all life on Coruscant, not even bacteria will survive" Halos replied "And by the speed it's going its definitely on a suicide run"

If the ship was to attack the galactic capital a month ago it wouldn't make it to the moons, but the combined fleets of the Galactic Alliance, Imperial Remnant, Hapes Consortium and Chiss Ascendancy were now spread across the galaxy to engage the rogue elements of the Yuuzhan Vong fleet remnants that were trying to hold onto their dwindling territories, so all that was left to defend Coruscant was a small taskforce of six Imperial-class Star destroyers.

"Admiral, I've detected a powerful energy reading from the vessel" Ensign Tenn Sieve called "it's coming from a weapons platform on the back of it!"

Halos and Florn scanned the Vong capital ship and saw what looked like a large artillery weapon on its back, aimed for one of the makeshift defence platforms that were hastily put up around Coruscant.

"Aim for that weapon" Halos ordered, maybe they could start a chain-reaction that would destroy the ship with the gun "All available guns open fire"

The end of the barrel of the artillery gun on the spine of the Vong ship started to glow an eerie darkish red light.

"Aim where the energy signature is strongest" Halos called "maybe we can destroy the ship along with the gun!"

The starboard batteries of the Vigilance opened fire on the gun, the voids appeared, sucking in much of the lances but one got through and struck the gun were the weapon met the hull, the weapon exploded sending a bluish shockwave blasting in all directions, the warship vanished into what looked like a blue wormhole and it took Halos fleet with it.

From the bridge of the lead Golan-III weapons platform the head gunner looked in utter disbelief at the area of empty space where the battle had been taking place, he yelled at the com-officer to contact the naval fleets HQ on Coruscant, they probably wouldn't believe him but how else could a full sector fleet vanish.

In the next chapter the battle is moved to the Warhammer galaxy but what do you think they should meet.

A battle between two races

An Imperium Taskforce

A Forge or Capital World

So what do you guys think? It's my first crossover so bear with me and let me know if I made any mistakes. The Warhammer galaxy has many blind spots that I'll need to try and fill so if you have any idea for the names of warships I'll try and add them in.