Ties That Bind

A Teen Titans Fan Fiction by Jacob McDonald

Opening notes: The long awaited sequel is here. I have nothing more to say, except you can expect this story to be a lot darker than Re-Educating Miss Roth was. Future chapters will have more fun in them than this one, but this one sets the tone and plot for the rest of the series. It's been slow going what with class and all, but I'm writing this when I can.

Standard disclaimers apply. I don't own Teen Titans.

Chapter One – The Gang's All Here

Jump City International Airport serves as a thriving hub for travel all across the country, and being the second largest airport on the west coast, for most of the world as well. Especially renown for its clean and sharp looking facilities, JC International is a gem of modern engineering and commerce.

The west side of the airport houses the inter-city transport depot. It is here that the busses and taxies congregate to provide people with rides to their homes, hotels, or places of business. Those with enough money may even rate a private limo ride.

The line of drivers holding signs for their arrivals was twitching in a nervous manner this warm August day. In their clean, pressed suits and snazzy looking hats, most of them were glancing down the line at the one driver standing second from the end of the row.

Maybe it was the heat, or maybe it was the fact that they were all young men except for the odd driver they were staring at. Maybe it was just her constant blowing of bubbles and snapping of her gum.

Most likely though, it was the fact that she was wearing baggy cargo shorts that rode low, revealing the two thin straps that held up her thong, and her tight black tank top that bared her lean stomach. Her hair fell down around her shoulders in numerous tightly woven braids that seemed to swirl pink and blonde almost seamlessly, the top of it covered by the same stylish drivers cap the other drivers wore. Dark sunglasses covered her eyes, and she tapped her black, open toed kitten heals in time with the music plugged into her ears from her i-pod.

The last driver in the row shot her a look and his eyes rested on the top of her cleavage, just revealed by the semi-modest cut of the her tank top. He stared for just a moment too long, and the girl looked over at him with an arched eyebrow.

With a snap of her gum, the young lady asked, "What?"

"Oh… um… nothing."

"They're 34B's."

The young man paled, "Excuse me?"

"My boobs. They're 34B's."

"Oh… that's nice…"

"Well, you were staring. I thought you might want to know."

"Ah… I see. Um…" he glanced down at the sign she was holding, "Isn't Amy spelled with a 'y' and not an 'i'?"

"Not this Ami." The girl replied, then turned to see a rush of oncoming first class arrivals. "Here she is now."

The red haired girl saw her driver and ran forward. When she reached her, she threw her arms around the strange looking girl's neck and hugged her, giggling, "Jenny! Oh, God, I've missed you!"

Jenny laughed as well, "Yeah… it's been kinda' dull without you. Especially dealing with Jan for the past week."

"She being a pain?"

"She's been moping around whining about how much she misses you."

"Well, I am the girl she's got the hots for."

"Thank God it's not me." Jenny rolled her eyes and took in her friend. Ami wore a summery orange top and form fitting khaki capries. Her feet were clad in sneakers, and she wore no socks with them. Jenny stared at the red head's hair for a moment before speaking again, "You, uh… cut your hair."

Ami nodded happily, "I hated having to have it so long for school. I chopped it off as soon as I got home." Indeed, Ami's hair now barely made it past her ears, falling about her face and out from her head in a stylish explosion of red with gold highlights.

"Well, at least it looks good. Maybe a bit more butch than usual…"

As they started walking away from the line (every driver watched them depart with looks of longing) Ami slapped Jen's arm, "Go to hell. I'm totally not some raging bull dyke. I mean, Jan's the only girl I like at all…"

"Yeah, yeah. Make the rest of us jealous."

"Whatever. You probably have some hot guy you've been boffing all summer."

Jenny suddenly looked very nervous and looked away, "Uh… sure. Anyway, it's good to have you back."

"Good to be back." Ami looked mildly suspicious of her friend, but dropped the subject of her love life when Jenny spoke again.

"Your stuff arrived two days ago. Jan made us move it in to the apartment."

"Sweet. Is the place as cool as it looked online?"

"Hell yes. At least ten times cooler than Hanna's apartment, and definitely a thousand times better than my place."

"Jenny, you live in a warehouse in the bad part of town."

"It feels like home though!" Jenny winked, "Come on, let's get moving."

"Did you actually bring a limo?"

"Hell no! I don't have a license to drive one of those things!" Jenny pointed a remote at the line of cars in front of them. A sleek looking black car bleeped and flashed its lights as she unlocked it, "I brought the Jag."

Ami grinned wide, "Sweet."

Speedy yawned hugely as he walked into the kitchen of Titans Tower. Rubbing some of the sleep from his eyes as he stopped by the coffee maker, he blinked over at the humming form of Donna Troy. She was leaned over by the stove, pulling a pan out of a lower cupboard to fry eggs with, and she was wearing only a longish t-shirt. Her long, lean legs seemed to go on forever, and the shirt fell off one shoulder of flawlessly smooth skin. As she straightened up, his eyes remained glued to her rear.

"Um… Roy?" Donna smiled at him over her shoulder, "Can my ass help you with something?"

"Coffee." Roy grunted.

"My ass can't make you coffee."

"I know."

"Then why are you still staring at it?"

"Are wearing underwear?"

"I'm so no dignifying you with an answer to that question."

At that precise moment, Robin walked through the kitchen and slapped Roy across the side of the head, "Hormones under control, Roy. You have a girlfriend."

Roy rubbed the side of his head as he blinked blurry eyes at Robin, "Coffee?"

Robin rolled his eyes and walked out of the kitchen.

Donna giggled, "You might as well drop the act, Roy. No one's going to make you coffee."

As she set about gathering her eggs to fry, Roy turned to the coffee maker and looked at it in a sorrowful manner, "Coffee…" he lamented in a sad voice.

In the living room of the Tower, Cyborg sat with a newspaper while Beast Boy flipped channels on the TV from his vantage on the floor directly in front of it. Starfire floated nearby, happily knitting socks (they looked more like masses of yarn) and Raven sat curled in the corner of the sofa next to Cyborg, reading a book in a language no one else knew.

Starfire spoke without looking away from her yarn, "Ami arrives in Jump today, does she not, Raven?"

"Yes." Raven didn't look away from her book, "I'll be going to her and Janice's new apartment later for a housewarming party."

"That sounds wonderful." Starfire nodded happily, "We will all get to see them again soon, correct?"

"Any time you want Star. Their numbers are in the address book in the kitchen."

"There's nothing good on." Beast Boy interrupted.

"How can you tell at the rate you're flipping?" Raven's voice dripped sarcasm.

"Hey, I can tell."

Cyborg nudged the coffee table with his foot and it bounced into Beast Boy's back, knocking him over. "Just settle on the video game channel."

"Okay, fine."

"You two are such dorks." Raven stated, still not looking away from her book.

It was then that Robin walked through the living room, "Hey team. Training grounds in half an hour." He was gone and out the door a moment later.

Starfire followed him with her eyes, and stared at the door he had left through for several long minutes after he'd gone.

For the first time all morning, Raven looked away from her book and frowned at the emotions Starfire was emanating.

The door to the upscale two-bedroom apartment Janice and Ami were sharing swung open and the two travelers from the airport strolled in. Jenny grinned as Ami ran excitedly to the middle of the large living room and spun around, looking at the cathedral ceiling, the huge half-pie window over the French doors that led out to the terrace balcony, and orange micro-suede wrap around couch with lounge that sat in front of the large TV at one side of the room.

"This… is… awesome!" Ami shouted and jumped up and down.

Jenny chuckled, "Glad you like it. Hey, I'll be back for the party later, but I've gotta jet. See ya!"

"What?" Ami frowned and stopped jumping, "Why do you have to leave so soon?"

Jenny nodded her head in a greeting, "Hey there Jan."

Ami spun around and stared. Standing in the entrance to the hallway that led to the bedrooms, was Janice. Her feet were bare (a ring decorated her left middle toe) and she was wearing cut off jeans that she'd obviously made herself, as they were so short the pockets were sticking out the bottom. Her t-shirt was a tight pink number that did little to hide the fact she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Hi." The dark haired girl replied with a light blush. She wasn't even looking and Jenny though; her eyes were locked with Ami's.

"I'll see you kids later." Jenny said as she backed out the door, "Be ready for us by five."

"Uh huh." Both of the other girls responded, still staring at each other.

As soon as the door shut, Janice rushed across the living room and threw her arms around Ami. The shorter girl hugged her back and they both laughed.

"It's been too long, girl." Janice spoke in her slight southern drawl.

"Way too long. Come here." Ami grabbed her friend's head and pulled her down, kissing her firmly on the mouth.

After a moment or two, Janice pulled back and grinned down at her, "Does this mean you've decided to date me?"

"I've planned this little scenario out in my head for the past two weeks, Jan. Don't fuck it up."

Janice giggled, but let out a small noise of shock as Ami shoved her back so she fell on the lounge sticking out of one side of the couch. Crawling on top of her, Ami used one hand to move and the other to push up the dark haired girl's shirt until her bare breasts fell free.

"Holy… shit…" Janice breathed as Ami clamped her mouth over one nipple and started using her tongue to great effect.

Janice was suddenly much happier to have her roommate back than she had thought she'd be.

An hour later, Jenny opened the front door of Hanna's apartment with the spare key she had, stepped in and looked around, "Hanna?" she called out.

"I'm in the bathroom!" came the blonde girl's reply.

Jenny walked down the hall that led to the bedroom and turned to the bathroom just outside of Hanna's sleeping quarters. She peered in and saw the pregnant young woman bent over her tub with soaking wet hair, wearing a white spaghetti strap tank top that didn't cover her rounded belly, and a pair of slightly skimpy pink panties.

"What the hell are you doing?" Jenny laughed a little.

"I'm washing my hair." Hanna replied in an irritated manner, "Some of us do that, little Miss-Forgets-She-Has-A-Shower."

Jenny rolled her eyes, "I come see you one time after a workout at the Tower and you think I never bathe."

"Shut up and get me a towel." Hanna growled, "I'm having a bad day."

"I kind of got that impression." Jenny replied, and grabbed a towel for her friend, "Tell me about it."

"Well, first I was woken up this morning by Junior kicking like a fucking mule…"

"Language." Jenny reminded, "Your kid's gonna be a potty mouth by age three."

Hanna growled again, and Jenny backed away from her with a worried look on her face. The blonde finished wrapping her head in the towel and stood up, "Anyway, I got up and discovered that I have no food in this apartment-"

"We went shopping for you last week."

Hanna blinked, "I ate all that."

Jenny groaned and held her face in her hands, "You don't get enough money from the government to cover your eating habits."

"I'm eating for two!" the pregnant girl protested as they walked to the bedroom.

"Hanna, you ate enough for two people before you got pregnant. Now you're eating for three."

"Right. So anyway, then Gar called and told me he wouldn't be able to make it tonight as my date because Robin has him on a case that he can't drop."






There was silence between them for a few moments, then Hanna spoke up again, "We missed you last night at the movie. Where were you?"

Jenny looked over at her quickly, but Hanna didn't miss the guilty look, "I was helping out a friend."

"Ah yes… this mysterious friend you have that none of your other friends have ever met." Hanna rolled her eyes, "You can tell us if you're fucking some guy, Jen."

"It's not some guy… she's…"

"When did you become a lesbian?"

"I'm not! I mean… I was helping her get back on her feet. She had a rough couple of years, and I've been helping her get her life back together."

"What's her name?"

Jenny was silent for a long moment, then looked away as she replied, "Selinda. You want to go get some food or what?"

Hanna stared at Jenny's turned face and sighed. She knew when to drop a subject with her pink haired friend, "Yeah. Lemme put some clothes on."

Raven appeared in the middle of a smallish apartment and looked around with a slight downturn to the corners of her mouth. She took in the beat up couch, the twenty inch TV, and the pile of fashion magazines on the scraped and scuffed coffee table, then glanced to the half shut door that led to the bedroom directly off the living area.

"Tara?" Raven called out, "You called me and said it was urgent. Don't hide."

"Sorry!" Tara came hopping out of her bedroom, still pulling on one shoe, "I was getting dressed."

"What is it you need?"

"Just wondering what I should do if I run into Beast Boy's girlfriend at school tomorrow. I mean, you and I hanging out is supposed to be a secret, right?"

"If you run into Hanna, or Becka, Ami or Janice for that matter, I'd recommend being your usual friendly, outgoing self. Make friends, and be happy. It's what you're good at."

"But… wouldn't that kind of… mess things up?"

"If you have all of your classes with Hanna, it's not by my doing. I wont argue with fate."

"How do you say stuff like that with a straight face?"

Raven sighed, "Tara, I've saved the world from inter-dimensional disaster several times… I feel I have a right to be cryptic and dramatic whenever I want to."

Tara giggled, "Whatever. You just do it to seem more creepy."

Raven grinned a little in spite of her self, "What can I say? Creepy is what I do best."

At 5:00 PM there was a rapping on the door of Ami and Janice's new apartment. Running from the bedroom with bare feet wearing jean shorts and a sunny yellow t-shirt, Ami called out, "Sorry! Coming!"

As she stopped and threw the door open, she was greeted with a broadly smiling Raven, who was carrying a wrapped present in her hands. Squealing with delight, she threw her arms around the dark girl's neck and hugged her, "Cassie, I have missed you so much!"

Raven choked a little in the death grip the redhead had on her, and shoved her away. Ami looked confused as Raven eyed her critically for a moment, then said, "You've only been together for six hours and you've already had sex twice. Not even Roy is that horny."

Ami's face split into a grin even as Jenny's voice carried from down the hall, "Twice already? Why can't I find a man like that?" As the pink and blonde haired girl stepped into the apartment behind Raven (she also had a gift), she looked back over her shoulder, "Hanna! Hurry up and waddle your ass in here!"

"Fuck off, Jenny, or I swear I'll have Raven transfer the pain of my labor right to you." Hanna stepped in behind Jenny and shoved her, setting down the gift bag she toted by the door.

Grinning, Jenny looked to Raven, "Can you do that?"

Raven didn't even crack a smile, "Yes."

Silence rang about the apartment for a full thirty seconds before Becka suddenly ran into the doorway, a gift bag in either hand swinging wildly, "Ohmygod! Sorry I'm late!"

All eyes swung over to the clock on the wall and saw it was 5:01. "Well," Raven deadpanned, "I say we don't let her in."

"Stop it, Cassie." Janice said as she walked out of the bedroom and swatted the Titan on the arm. "Everyone come on in and get comfy. I made chicken and dumplins' for dinner, so get your bibs out and get ready to chow."

With a light burp and a rubbing of her rounded belly, Hanna sighed in content and sank down into Ami and Janice's couch, "That's it." She stated, "From now on, if Janice is cooking around here, I demand to be invited over. Southern cooking just plain fills me up better."

"You ate enough for four people." Jenny shook her head, "I can't believe you some times."

"I can." Raven rolled her eyes, "If she was eating enough for two before, it stands to reason that she'll be eating enough for at least three now."

Becka rolled her eyes as well, "Just because she's pregnant it doesn't mean we get to pick on Hanna all night." Standing, the burnet walked across the apartment from the couch to the door and retrieved an armload of house warming presents, "Ami, Janice, start ripping paper."

Ami jumped up like a kid on Christmas and tore into Jenny's present first. After a moment, Janice walked over and sat down behind her lover, smiling down at the present as it was revealed.

"Sweet!" Ami held up the box, showing everyone that it was a complete bar set. Jenny grinned as Raven moaned and buried her face in her hands.

"Jen, why do you encourage them?"

The pink-eyed young woman shrugged, "I figured it was safe with Ami and Jan. They're not the complete lushes that Hanna and Becka are."

"Two words, Jenny." Becka sneered, "Fuck, and you."

"I want to open this one." Janice grabbed up Hanna's bag and opened it, peering inside. She grinned and pulled out a hand made quilt, "Hanna, did you make this yourself?"

Hanna nodded, "I'm ashamed to admit that not only do I know how to quilt, I also had an extraordinary amount of time on my hands these past few months to sit and work on it."

Janice laid it out over the back of the couch and hugged Hanna briefly before sitting down to watch Ami open one of Becka's bags. She pulled out a small weight set and grinned at her friend, "For me, I'm guessing?"

"For either one of you." Becka smiled, "I've been really getting into working out this summer, so I figured I'd bring you two along for the ride."

"I doubt we'll be able to drag Ami to a yoga class," Janice winked, "but I'll go with you."

"Why would I go to a yoga class when I can just invade Jenny's place and get a real work out?" Ami rolled her eyes.

Becka rolled hers right back, "If you can make it there without getting shot at…"

Jenny waved a hand, "It's not that bad. Especially lately. Seems this crazy bitch with glowing eyes keeps showing up at all the muggings in the area and breaking people's arms."

"Wonder why that is…" Janice rolled her eyes, "Ami, open the next one."

"Sure thing." Ami opened the other bag Becka had brought with her and pulled out some clothes. She glanced over at the brunet with a questioning glance.

"Yeah, okay." Becka threw her hands up, "Hanna helped me pick out the clothes."

"Oh, good." Janice and Ami both looked relieved as they spoke in unison. Everyone burst out laughing, and in the time it took them to calm down, Ami had separated out which clothes were hers and which ones were for Janice. It was fairly easy, since hers were so much smaller.

"Last one." Janice pulled Raven's gift towards her and carefully tore the paper off. Ami looked impatient.

"You always take so long…"

"You don't take enough time."

"I took plenty of time earlier today though, and you loved it." Ami winked.

"Gag." Hanna stuck her tongue out at Ami.

"Can it sister. This is our party, and we'll talk about our sex lives if we want to."

Janice finally got all the paper off and opened the box up. When she looked down inside, her jaw dropped. "Oh… my God, Cassie…" Ami jumped over and looked inside as well. Her jaw dropped too.

"Holy… shit… is that real gold?"

"Is that real sapphire?" Janice reached down inside the box and carefully removed the gift. It was a small gold stand, not more than eight inches across, crafted to look like intricately intertwining laurel leaves. It had four feet, each adorned at the point where they met the center ring with large sapphires. Nestled in the center of the stand was a large, polished crystal.

"That's a good stone." Jenny commented, "Where'd you find it?"

"That one is from my personal collection." Raven replied, "As were the ones I gave to you and to Hanna."

"Why is theirs so much bigger than mine?" Hanna asked.

Jenny replied for Raven, "Bigger area. Needs a bigger stone."

"Oh, okay." Hanna nodded and smiled.

"What… does it do?" Janice asked. She knew Raven well enough to know that this was no ordinary hunk of rock. It had to be magical in some way.

"It's called a Celestial Ward Focal." Raven replied, "I've already cast several spells into it, so it's already working, but if I needed to, or Jenny for that matter, one of us could cast more and it will work as a focal to house them all and cast them around your dwelling."

Jenny picked up the explanation, "Right now it has three spells cast into it. One is a kind of standard ward to keep away evil spirits… that one's just good to have around. The other two are for dispelling rage, and forcing out evil intent."

"What does that mean?" Ami asked, still looking at the orb in awe.

"It means," Raven replied, "that no one in this apartment may ever grow violently angry, and no one may enter across the threshold if they intend harm to the occupants."

"Basically, it's a way to keep you guys safe here, all the time. No one can come in if they want to hurt you, and no one can get mad enough to hurt you once they're in." Jenny grinned, "Neat, huh?"

Hanna nodded, "Raven gave one to Jenny and I too. Becka doesn't get one, cause she has like, twenty SS Agents patrolling her house all the time."

Becka shrugged, "I see no point in moving out of my parents home when they're never there anyway, and it's free."

"Thanks, Raven." Janice said, "Thank you all… I've never had better gifts."

"That's because I just showed up!" All of the girls jumped a little and looked over to the door to see Speedy leaning against the doorframe, grinning casually. "Yo." He winked.

Raven arched an eyebrow, "Not that I don't love seeing you, dear, but what are you doing here?"

"Actually, I'm here to ruin your night. Robin needs you uptown. Mumbo's out again, and the Boy Wonder wants a little magical muscle of his own as back up."

Raven sighed and stood up, "Duty calls girls."

"Aw!" Ami pouted, "Can't we just let the crazy magician steal a bunch of money and crack bad jokes for just this one night?"

"No can do." Raven shook her head; "The ass hole turned me into a bunny once. I owe him."

"As a consolation, I brought some good cheer." Speedy walked over to the girls and handed Ami and Janice each a bottle of wine, "They're only fifteen years old, but they're the best of their year. I've been saving them for a special occasion."

"Wow…" Ami looked at her bottle, "Guess it pays to be rich, huh?"

"Not that any of you are exactly poor…" he rolled his eyes, "You coming Rae?"

"Sure. Just let me say goodbye first."

Jenny waved as she backed out of Ami and Janice's apartment several hours latter, "No, no… I really have to get home." She paused and stuck her middle finger up at the girls inside the apartment, "Don't give me those looks. You know I have… work to do."

Becka's voice came from inside, "Be careful, Jen. Stay away from… you know."

Jenny's smile faded, "Yeah… no guns. I know." She turned away, "See ya girls latter."

"Bye!" the four girls chorused from inside and Jenny shut the door. She walked five steps before pausing and reaching a hand up to rest over her left breast. She fingered the scar hidden under her clothes there, from the bullet that had blasted part of heart away.

"Fuck." She cursed under her breath and dropped her hand to her side, clenching her fist, "I'm so… weak."

"Beast Boy!" Robin barked, "I said get behind, Mumbo!"

"I'm trying, dude!" Beast Boy replied, "I can't tell which way I'm going with this funky spell he put on me!" the green changeling morphed into a rhino and promptly ran into the wall of the music store they were fighting in front of.

Mumbo cackled in glee as he waved his wand at a mailbox that then jumped up and started spitting out envelops like shrunken. Robin ducked to the side and Starfire swooped down, throwing a hail of energy blasts that destroyed the mail before it could give anyone a nasty paper cut.

"I can't believe this guy is giving us so much trouble…" Toria was struggling off to one side, trying to free herself from a lamppost that was wrapped around her like a python, "He's an idiot, not an evil genius."

"Don't take Mumbo lightly." Robin warned as he dove forward and tried to tag the crazed magician with a bird-a-rang. Mumbo waved his wand and the weapon became an actual robin that fluttered away.

Robin sighed and looked up, "Where the hell are Raven and Speedy?"

As if in reply, an arrow shot out of nowhere and pinned Mumbo's coat tail to the ground.

"Eh?" the villain looked down, "What's this? A Titan that uses arrows?"

"Yeah." Speedy dropped down from the music store's roof, "Been around for awhile now, Mumbie."

"Oh ho! Speedy! I remember you now!"

"Good." A slightly demonic voice rumbled from behind him. Mumbo suddenly looked quite worried and looked over his shoulder to see Raven floating there, her blue cloak looking far larger that normal, and four red eyes peering from the darkness of her hood, "Remember me too?"

Mumbo's face lit up, "Bunny!" he shouted and pointed his wand.

A stream of energy from a sonic cannon blasted him off his feet before he could zap Raven into a fuzzy vermin once again. As soon as Mumbo picked himself up, Raven was on top of him, her dark powers stripping him of his wand and hat as he tried to get away. Soon, only a scared looking old man remained.

"Back to the nursing home with you, Mumbo!" Cyborg cackled as he walked up, his sonic cannon becoming a hand once more. "Sorry I'm late, ya'll. Gridlock on East Main."

"Timely interventions are always welcome." Robin muttered as he walked past the titanium Titan, "Raven, you can stop trying to devour his soul and put him down any time."

Raven's eyes returned to normal as she placed Mumbo back on the ground from where she'd been suspending him over the street and looking at him in a hungry manner. Starfire stooped down next to them and picked up the dropped wand and hat.

"These articles are exceptionally dangerous… I believe we should lock them away in the evidence room of the Tower this time."

"If the police let us." Robin rolled his eyes. "They seem to have a goal of letting Mumbo run wild on a bi-yearly basis."

As Starfire giggled, Mumbo suddenly jerked away from Raven and grabbed the hat from the alien girl's hands. He cackled madly as he jammed it back down on his head and his skin turned blue once again.

"Now, my wand missy!" and he held out his hand. Starfire gasped in shock as the wand flew from her fingers…

And was sliced in half in mid-air by a bird-a-rang. Mumbo scowled and turned to cast a spell at Robin, but was met with a hard fist to his nose. The Boy Wonder pressed his attack, following up his nose-breaking punch with a quick knee to the gut. A well aimed chop to the back of the head sent the crazed magician down, and Robin snatched the hat back off of his head before delivering a swift kick to the ribs of the now normal man, making him cry out and curl into a ball.

Tossing the hat over his shoulder to Toria, Robin whirled around and scowled at his girlfriend, "What the hell were you thinking letting him get a hold of the hat again? You know better than to let a perp, even a downed one, have any advantages until they're secured!" Star's looked stricken by his harsh words and stared as he turned away from her, "Full on, amateur, stupid mistake."

"But… Robin…"

He spun back around and held up a hand, "Don't, Star… just don't. Raven, wait here for the police to show, then meet up with Toria for patrols of downtown. Cy, you and BB can take the west side, Star and Speedy will take the north. I'll be uptown on the east end."

"But…" Starfire looked desperate to keep her boyfriend with her, "Friend Jinx will be-"

"Jennifer," Robin emphasized, "is not a Titan, nor should she be acting like one if she isn't. I'll be on the east side. No one wait up… I'll be back late."

Pulling out a grappler, he fired it off and swooped up into the night.

Cyborg sighed, "Ya'll heard the guy. Let's get crackin'."

All of the Titans looked unhappy, but they all split up to take care of their individual patrols. As they dispersed, Raven stared at Robin's quickly retreating form, glaring from under her hood.

By the time Jenny got back to her apartment, she found she wasn't alone. Sighing, she rubbed her eyes and locked her door behind her. "Selinda… you really need to find your own place to stay."

The redheaded former HIVE agent grinned from where she was laying on the bed of the sleeping area, reading a tabloid. "But your place is so… lair-ish."

Jenny walked to her closet, which consisted of several free standing portable closet bars, "I like having a lair. It reminds me of what I was, and what I'm not any more."

"Whatever." Shimmer jumped up and tossed the rag aside, "You still go out almost every night and beat the snot out of people."

"I beat up law breakers and people who threaten the safety of my neighborhood, not just any ol' bum on a corner." Jenny had stripped all of her clothes off and put on a white tank top. She stood in just that and her underwear and shot a look at her friend.

Shimmer shrugged, "Details. You still enjoy inflicting pain."

"I don't." Jenny said firmly, "I just want to see them hurt for their crimes."

"You keep telling yourself that. Hey, you have any food?"

As the redhead walked to the kitchen area, Jenny sighed again, "Selinda…"

"I know, I know. You don't want to join my merry band of bad guys. That's fine. We don't really work Jump anyway. We're more of an L.A. thing, I think."

"You'll want to stay there. Robin wont like anyone invading his city."

"Ah, yes. Your boyfriend, Robin."

"He's not my-"

"You keep telling yourself that too."

Jenny just glared.

Shimmer glared back.

There was a pounding on the door and they both jumped.

"Uh…" Jenny looked at her door, then back to Shimmer. With a light smile, she saw the black boots of her friend vanishing into the training room, where she would take the back way out. Turning back to her door, Jenny unlocked it and blinked when she saw a scowling Robin standing there.

"Uh… hey there Tex. What's up?"

Without a word, Robin pushed into the apartment, and kicked the door shut behind him. Swiftly locking all the deadbolts, he whipped back around and grabbed the back of Jenny's head, crushing his lips to hers.

Jenny grinned up into his mouth and reached up, peeling off his mast and tossing it aside. Robin moved forward and over balanced her, sending both of them tumbling to the floor. As she attempted to detach his cape, Robin simply ripped her tank top down the middle and tossed it aside. As his mouth attacked her breasts, Jenny gasped and finally got his cape to fall off. She moaned softly as his hand snaked down the top of her panties and his other hand gripped her shoulders.

Smiling, she gave herself up to him.

Hanna stepped into her apartment and sighed as she looked around. The baby-proofing was well underway, but she and Gar still had a lot of work to do, and he had been quite busy lately with his Titan duties.

"What's wrong?" Becka asked as she stepped in behind her best friend and shut the door. She tossed her over night back on the couch and arched an eyebrow at the blonde.

"I dunno. I miss Gar, and this place gets lonely when it's just me and Junior."

"Well, I'm here tonight, so don't go feeling all sorry for yourself."

"I guess."

"Hey…" Becka stepped over and hugged her friend from behind, "You're okay, Hanna. Things are going smoothly in your pregnancy, Gar sees you as much as he can, and school starts tomorrow. We have two classes together, and it'll be just like we're back at WJCIE."

"Right along with the waking up late and barely making it to class on time…" Hanna rolled her eyes.

"You bet. Tonight, we're going to stay up late and watch sappy chick flicks."

"Right on." Hanna pumped a fist in the air, "Alright, let's change and I'll make popcorn."

"Sweet." Becka grabbed her bag and started for the bedroom, while Hanna walked into the kitchen. As she opened the cupboard and took out a bag of popcorn to microwave, she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Starfire floated along over the rooftops of the north end of Jump City, staring longingly to the east, where she knew Robin was most likely beating muggers and drug dealers into oblivion. He had been so angry lately, and when he wasn't ignoring her, he was snapping at her or outright yelling as he had earlier.

"What is bothering him so?" she muttered to herself and looked down at the rooftops.

Where she saw a dark form dart from an open window and scrambled to the top of a building. With a frown, Star swooped down.

"Halt!" she called out, and her eyes glowed green, "Go no further!"

The dark form turned back to her and stared. She blinked as she landed not far from the male form and took in the skull mask with the red cross splitting it.

"Red-X." Starfire said in a bold voice, "I demand to know what it is you are doing here!"
He seemed to consider her for a second, then shrugged, "I just boosted the hard copy prints for a shopping mall that's going in soon. I figured having an entry point and escape rout planned before I went in and stole everything not tied down would be helpful."

Star seemed taken aback, "That was… honest."

"Thanks. I try to tell the truth when I can." Red-X saluted, "See ya, Babe."

Star snapped out of her funk, "Do not move!" she held up a glowing hand, "You are wanted on several counts of grand larceny, and will not move from this spot until law enforcement has arrived to-"

Red-X cut her off with a laugh, "Do you really think I'm just going to stand here because you tell me to? Get real, Starfire."

"But… you… and I…" Star's eyes went wide, "That is the first time you have used my name and not called me 'Babe.'"

"I also try to be nice to people who've earned my respect." Red-X shrugged, "You have. I have to go now. See ya." And he dashed off, leaving a dazed, thoroughly confused Starfire.

As Robin lay next to her on the bed, breathing hard, Jenny stretched. "Wow." She said, "That was… hmm."

Robin didn't reply. She looked over at him, and saw his blue eyes focused on the ceiling. "Dick… what's wrong?"


"Bullshit. You need to work past whatever it is you're dealing with right now."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Now, I'm not acusing you of anything here. I'm just saying… you came in here and acted like you'd have been just as happy punching my face in as fucking me… not that I care too much one way or the other… I'm just saying."

Robin ignored her and pulled himself out of the bed, and began looking for the parts of his costume.

Jenny rolled over and pulled the sheets up to her chest, just covering her breasts. She grinned across the open expanse of her apartment at the young man dressing there. He was just smoothing his eye mask back in place when she spoke in a sarcastic tone, "You can leave the money by the door on your way out."

"Oh, I'm sorry Jenny." He turned and glared at her, his bare chest rising and falling in an exaggerated sigh, "I didn't realize this was a flowers and mix tapes kind of thing." He turned away again to find the top of his uniform and scowled, "This is sex, Jen. Nothing more."

"Nope." Jenny flopped back, "Nothing more at all."

"And what does that mean?"

"Nothing… just… what if she finds out?"

"She won't."

"I think Raven already knows."

"Then why is she letting it go on?"

"Probably because she loves us both and doesn't want to see us get hurt."

He was silent for a moment, then finished putting on his uniform and swept out of the apartment, leaving her naked and alone once again.

It was 2:00AM when Raven settled on the top of a twenty foot monument in the City Center Park. She pulled out her T-Comp and patched through to all the Titans in Jump save one.

"All points, this is Raven. Let's pack it in everyone. If anything happens, we can respond. Let's let the cops do their jobs for once."

Cyborg was the first to reply, "What about Robin?"

"He's blocked com functions. I'll go get him."

Speedy's voice was next, "Don't be too late!"

"You're not getting laid tonight, Speedy. I'm too exhausted."


"Sucker." Beast Boy snickered.

"Can it Green Cheeks, or I'll be poking you with something long and pointy tonight."

"Ew." Cybrog replied, "Toria?"

"I'm with Rae. After she reels Robin in, we can all get some sleep."

"Star, what about you?" Cy asked.

"I am already on my way back to the Tower."

"Okay." Raven cut off any more chatter, "Just head home, everyone. I'll be back with our fearless leader soon."

Robin held down the mugger with one hand while the old man whose wallet the young man had stolen fled down the street. The Boy Wonder's fist pumped up and down, and he growled as he spoke in a calm voice, "You caught me on a really bad night, asshole."

The mugger had long ago lost conciouness, and as Robin raised his fist back to strike again, soft hands clamped down over his gloved knuckled. Turning his head, Robin saw Raven looking at him with depthless violet eyes.

She spoke softly, "Stop it, Dick. You're killing him."

Robin nodded slowly and dropped the man, then turned to Raven, "What is it?"

"It's late. Time to head home."

"I told you-"

"And I ignored you. You haven't slept in three days, Robin, and it's starting to show. This excess violence, your snapping at Star…"

"I'm fine."

"You're a mess." Raven shook her head, "Dick…"

"I said I'm fine, Raven."

She held up her hands and showed them to him, "Does this look fine to you?"

Robin's eyes grew wide behind his mask. Her hands were covered in blood, and as he looked down at his still clenched fist, he saw that his knuckles were stained red as well, "Jesus…"

"Come back to the Tower and sleep, Robin. We'll talk about this in the morning."

"There's nothing to talk about." Robin shook his head, "I'm just a little stressed." And he turned and walked away down the ally way they were in. He had made it to the mouth and was about to walk out on to the street when Raven called after him.

"You can't keep doing this, Dick."

He paused and looked back over his shoulder at her, "Doing what?"

"You know what. Or who."

"I don't have any idea what you're talking about." Robin looked away from her and stalked out of the ally and back into the night. She could only assume he was going home.

Sighing, Raven looked down at the ground and vanished into the shadows.

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