The Legend of Sakura Claus


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Summary: When one special little boy writes to Santa Claus a miracle happens: Santa and Mrs. Claus are blessed with a daughter! But the birth of Sakura Claus brings about a curse. She grows into a beautiful and selfless young woman and escapes to the moral world, where she will face countless dangers, adventures, and a miracle all on her own.

Chapter 3

Herrikhan! What was he doing in Forever? Everyone wondered. Hadn't he been banished for all time? Sonomi and Fujitaka exchanged glances for they knew the condition: He can be free if he could possess the purest and most compassionate heart ever born.

'But she's only a baby', thought Fujitaka. 'I know', thought Sonomi to Fujitaka. 'You know he will do anything to obtain the heart.'

'But… he can't come here!', boomed Fujitaka. 'But, he can try.' Sonomi thought back.

"People of Forever," Sonomi said loudly. "You must stay calm! Herrikhan can only enter if you feel fear. Do not fall into his grasps! Only if you believe in Love and Trust, will you not be in his grasps. He would fall back into his tomb. Remember, Forever is not a land where fear is!" She stepped down and began to walk the isles. She touched a hand here and a shoulder there. "Remember; Love always prevails!" Sonomi said calmly. Something in her face soothed them and they all began to calm down.

The beings began to shake themselves and take deep breaths. They began to push fear away from them.

It worked, for the fog began to thin and the smell began to fade. And soon it was purely gone, and everyone sighed with relief.


Meanwhile in the forest, Kero and Spinel, another wolf, sensed something was not right and were in the forest, trusting their sense in smell.

"I don't think it's over here." Spinel, an ebony colored wolf, said with concern in his deep voice. Kero's piercing eyes looked into the pitch black of the forbidding woods. Kero glanced around and lowered his gaze.

'This doesn't feel right,' Thought Kero, his warning senses tingling.

"Wait! I think I see something over there!" Spinel called as he began to run into the darkness. Kero uncertainly went with him. Spinel and Kero saw that the sparkling gate to the Land of Forever was still intact. There was one jewel for every immortal in Forever. It was beautiful… But something didn't seem right.

Spinel stepped forward and felt a gust of wind. He uncertainly took a step forward and sniffed the ground. Then the wind threw Spinel into the gate, and Spinel let out a loud howl.

"Spinel!" Kero yelled. That was all Herrikhan needed to be able to break open the gates and pull Spinel through.

Spinel started to be dragged and he fought as much as he could. But you can't fight something you can't see. Kero leaped toward him but the wind pushed him away and pinned him down.

Kero watched in terror as Spinel, his best friend, was being whisked into the mortal world. He watched as vultures soon swooped down to the struggling wolf and consumed him live!

Kero watched in horror and terror as he felt so helpless and afraid. He snapped his eyes closed and hid his head down.


Utterly unaware of what was happening; Sonomi walked to the giggling baby and kissed her lightly on her soft as petal cheek. Then she took out a necklace and gingerly put it on Sakura.

"This necklace holds the secret to the elders. I did not know you would need this so soon, though. You mustn't ever open the locket but keep it with you always. For now you can rest easy, my child, for love and this locket will keep you safe."

Sonomi turned to the crowd and said, "Sakura, I have also brought you the gift of laughter, in the form of-" Sonomi stopped for a moment and fidgeted with her robes. "In the form of-" She again stopped to fidget with her robes. "In the form of- oh heaven's sack! Come out already!" Said Sonomi. "Here is a fox named Naoko. She is barely older than you are and she has horrible manors!" Naoko jumped out and looked at the crowd. She sat with a thump and looked at the crowd in shyness. But the shyness didn't last long. Naoko became curious and walked over to Nadeshiko. Her golden eyes looked into the big green eyes. She then jumped into Nadeshiko's lap and sat next to her new friend.

"Down, girl! Down!" Scolded Sonomi. Alexia reluctantly jumped down. Now everyone came forth with their gifts. A fairy gave Sakura a quilt made out of flower petals. Some other fairies gave small presents of some sort. Lots of immortals who used to be mortals gave the princess toys, books, and soft blankets. Lots of guests gave jewelry. Soon Fujitaka put the ceremony to an end.

Once everyone had left, Fujitaka went out to search for Kero and Spinel. For he did not know that they had went to investigate. Very quickly a feeling went thru him and he knew something was not right.

He went into the carriage and searched in the woods. He went to the gates and saw Kero laying there.

"Kero! Are you alright?" Asked Fujitaka, who was worried and concerned about his friend. Kero didn't move. "Kero?" He asked. Kero slowly lifted his head and stared gloomily at him.

"Spinel… Terra… They've both been killed." Kero said hoarsely. Fujitaka looked at Kero with so much sadness. Terra was another wolf, her coat was as shiny as the sun and she had a wonderful sense of humor.

Fujitaka laid a hand on Kero for comfort. "Come back to the castle when you are ready." Fujitaka said, fully knowing Kero could not come back to the castle now. He nodded to Volbis and they were off again. Fujitaka sat in thought when a horrible thought occurred to him. 'What if he slipped through the gate and is in the castle right now. What if he is at Sakura's crib and holding out his hand to touch her?'

Worried, Fujitaka looked up in alarm and said, "Home. Home NOW."


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