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Chapter 5



"Wow, that woman is a lot like you, Ritsu." Nagisa commented, regarding Watanabe's cruelty.

"Perhaps you think she could be competition for you?" The silver-blond retorted.

The woman blushed. "N-no. That's not what I meant. It's just that she doesn't seem like the type of person to back down and looks like she's enjoying this...torture. See? Just like you."

Ritsu arched an eyebrow. She had a point, they were similar, but not the same. Soubi could handle her.

He was his student, after all.


There was a short list of people in the world whom Soubi would love to have the pleasure of killing if he was ever able to do so. The people on that list were: Ritsu-sensei, Ritsuka's mother and this woman, Watanabe.

He briefly wished that his sacrifice wasn't so innocent and good. That way, he could order him to do so. But Ritsuka was far too compassionate for that...even toward worthless people like her.

Watanabe looked at him and he thought that she could hear his thoughts, for she looked away surprisedly when their eyes met.

The dark haired woman cleared her throat.

"No further questions, your honor."

Soubi stepped down, his icy glare unseen by anyone but the female lawyer.


"I call Aoyagi Ritsuka to the stand." Watanabe stated.

The boy took a deep breath to steady himself. He tried to have confidence in himself.

I'll fix everything...

"Aoyagi-kun, please tell us about the first time you met Agatsuma-san." She was taking a different approach this time.

"It was after school on the first day. He was waiting for me outside the gates."

"So, he just showed up?"

Ritsuka nodded and continued. "He said that he was my brother, Seimei's friend, so I wanted to get to know him. I asked if he wanted to make memories with me."

"And what exactly do you mean by that?"

"Pictures. I take pictures so that I won't forget things, they're my memories. Some of those pictures that the police took out of my room are from that day."

"Did you see him again soon after that?"

"Yes, he came to my house and school, except when I told him not to."

"And in that time, did he ever do anything to you?"

Ritsuka sat up in the chair. "I know what you think about Soubi and I've heard all of the lies that you've attempted to make everyone here believe. But I know the truth. He never did any of the things that you've been accusing him of doing."

For once in his life, Ritsuka knew that he just had to speak out...for Soubi. It was finally his turn to protect his fighter.

"Perhaps he has simply led you to believe that he hasn't done anything to you-"

"No. Soubi would never do anything like that, he would never hurt me." The boy replied.

"Well you acquired those injuries somehow. Who inflicted them?"

Ritsuka didn't know what to say. Soubi had never hurt him, but his mother was misunderstood, confused. He didn't want to say anything.

"Someone hurt you, who was it?" She persisted.

The judge looked down at the dark haired boy. "Please answer the question." He stated kindly.

Ritsuka opened his mouth, then closed it again.

I'm sorry mother...

"My mom." He whispered, though he hadn't meant to.

"I'm sorry Aoyagi-kun, I didn't catch that."

Tears came to his eyes. "My mom." He stated, louder this time.

Misaki glared, standing slowly. "How could you say that? How could you say that?!You're not my son!" She shouted.

Ritsuka closed his eyes and looked away, biting his bottom lip.

His mother continued to shout and the judge sent a guard to take her out of the courtroom.

Watanabe didn't know what to do, this case was going down the drain. "I have no further questions."

Ukai stood and walked up to the witness' stand. "Aoyagi-kun I know this is hard, do you think you're up to answering some more questions?"

The dark-haired boy nodded, taking a deep, shallow breath.

He had to do this for Soubi.


Soubi was surprised.

Ritsuka had incriminated his mother, something that he never thought the boy would do.

He could see the determination in his sacrifice's eyes when he opened them again and knew that there was no way he could lose. This was just another battle in which the weapons were words.

He had the utmost trust in Ritsuka.


"Aoyagi-kun, you said that everything that Agatsuma-san has been accused of has been lies. Would you mind explaining that?" The man questioned softly.

"Soubi protects me, h-he really cares about me. I can't believe anyone could think that he ever molested me."

"But did he kiss you?"

"Yes, but like he said, it was innocent. All of them were." It felt odd for him to say that, he didn't fully believe it himself. He wasn't lying though.

"And you've been to his apartment?"


"And he comes to your house?"

Ritsuka nodded and smiled a bit. "He usually comes when it's raining. I tell him not to, that he'll get sick without an umbrella, but he says that he needs to see me. He wants to make sure that I'm alright, but I had no idea that he knew about my mom...He really has been protecting me for months now. " Tears filled his eyes once more, this time spilling down his cheeks.

He turned to the jury. "Please don't put Soubi in jail. I need him..." Ritsuka held back a sob.

I love him...


Soubi watched his young sacrifice and felt a tug at his heartstrings. Something- there was something good happening, something important...

"Ritsuka, I love you..." He whispered so quietly that he scarcely heard himself.

Ritsuka looked at him, violet orbs shimmering with clear tears. Though he was crying, the man saw a hint of joy in those eyes.


Ukai felt for the boy, he didn't think that he could continue.

"No further questions." He stated.

Ritsuka slowly stepped down from the stand, walking back to his seat.


Judge Nanto stood. "The jury will now deliberate. There will be a short recess."


The recess wasn't as short as some had thought it would be. Ritsuka didn't care, he would wait days if that was what it took.

During the recess, many people, friends and strangers alike came up to him. Some gave their praise, saying that he did very well in such a situation, some said they hoped it turned out well, and one particularly odd woman said that he was going to go to hell for being homosexual and loving an older man...

Yuiko came up to him, crying. "Ritsuka-kun, Yuiko had no idea everything was so terrible for you. I hope that Soubi-san wins."

"So do I Yuiko." Ritsuka agreed, his own tears had stopped. He reached out and dried hers with his thumb. "Please stop crying Yuiko. I need you to be your usual, optimistic self right now."

The girl nodded. "Okay, if it's for Ritsuka-kun I'll try." She stated, going back to her seat.

The Zero boys came over with Kio and Natsuo hugged him. "That was great. If that jury convicts Soubi now, they're nuts." The burgundy-haired boy stated.

Kio grinned. "Yeah, I'll just have to make them change their minds if they do that." He stated, winking at Ritsuka.

The boy smiled. He really did have friends now...and Soubi was his closest one. There was no way that he could lose. Soubi was the strongest fighter out there...

End Flashback

Soubi took a deep breath and looked across the room at Ritsuka. Their eyes locked and hope shone in them, hope that the odds were in their favor.

Silence descended upon the packed courtroom when the judge banged his gavel and everyone looked up at him. He was a rather large man and, despite his gruff looks, he seemed rather compassionate.

Clearing his throat, he turned to the jury. "Have you reached a verdict?" He asked.

A female representative stood. "Yes we have, your honor. We find the defendant, Agatsuma Soubi...not guilty."


Ritsuka couldn't believe it. He smiled broadly and looked at his fighter, tears of joy falling down his cheeks.

Soubi smiled back at him.



The courtroom was in an uproar.

Many clapped, including the other fighter teams and friends who had come to cheer them on.

Kio stood, hopping over the small wall separating him from his friend. "Whoo! You did it Sou-chan!" He brought the other man into a crushing hug.


Ritsuka's father held his mother as she cried.

Watanabe slammed her fist on the table. She collected her papers and stuffed them into her briefcase, storming out of the courtroom.Youji and Natsuo watched her leave, laughing.


Ritsuka couldn't help it, he stood up and ran across the room to his fighter. Kio moved away and Soubi opened his arms, catching the boy.

"Soubi! I'm so happy..." He cried, burying his tear-stained face in the man's shirt.

Soubi laughed. "So am I." He replied, leaning down so that his mouth was next to his sacrifice's ear.

"I love you." He whispered.


Natsuo turned to Kio. "So, how 'bout that candy?" The man grinned and tussled his hair. "You kids are all right."


Several weeks later, Soubi and Ritsuka walked hand in hand up the stairs to the blond's apartment.

That whole trial ordeal had taught Soubi something: he just had to be more careful.

As soon as the door was closed, he took Ritsuka's chin in his hand and kissed him.

"Soubi!" The boy whined.


-The End-








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