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Chapter 1: The Memory

"Why Edward? Is this what you want, some person who you will be able to touch without breaking, a person with grace who does not fall every two seconds. Someone who you can actually spend the rest of your life with? He flinched at my last sentence. Huh is this what you want Edward Anthony Mason Cullen; because for once in my life, in this relationship I can say I don't care if that is what you want. I am what I am; I cannot be anymore because you won't let me. My words were dripped with venom and rage. Edward no matter how many times I will say I want it or I want you forever, you wont believe me so tell me is the point."

"Bella Please," He stood there, pain and anguish in his eyes.

"No Edward, I am done with waiting, I am done with us." As I spat out the last words I felt a rage in me that I have never felt before.

"You cannot really mean this Bella. You will see that I am right, in the end no matter how mad you are right now, you will see Isabella Swan that you don't want this damned life that you plead for. I do not want to loose you Bella, and I will love you forever, but if this isn't what you want anymore I will eave." He stood there his honey golden eyes studying me, waiting for my next move. Silence echoed through out the room. I looked into his eyes and saw the sadness and the battle that raged behind them, he realized that I was not going to object to him leaving, and what that he turned and jumped out the window.

I wondered to myself what have I done? What stupid thing have you done now Isabella Swan; you have just ran away the best thing that has ever happened to you. As my thoughts finally caught up to my actions all I could do was fall to the ground and cry. Well are you happy? I asked myself. This is what you wanted right, to push him way, to not be with him because you were not good enough. Well you have it now congratulations, and with that the darkness grew larger and engulfed me and consciousness as I knew it was gone.