Notes: Fate has really bothered me since a while back, so I redid it in Momentum, but it really didn't work. The only way to fix it was to shove it in hiatus, and to redo it, everything. So I basically reread some stuff, and rewrote them for what the themes were meant for – breathtaking moments. Not really much for the LJ comm anymore, more of enjoying little themes and having a restriction. Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor any of the characters of the series.

He wakes before the crispness of spring can be tasted in the air and thus, the dullness of winter is still present on his skin. He waits, patiently it seems, but inside are the beginnings of a storm rising, expanding, filling him. He does not tolerate lateness. A perpetual frown is on his lips, he portrays no emotion. He remains still for what seems like years, sitting rigidly against the rough bark of an oak tree.

He is there when dewdrops are painted across the expanse of meadow; he is there when the first rays of sun illuminate the faces of the leaders of Konoha. He is there before the merchants and the villagers begin to wake from their slumber. He is there when she runs up the hill, late.

He opens his eyes and he sees her huffing, hands on her grass-stained knees, she must have fallen. Her elbows are scraped and her pants are a little too short for her growing body that he can see her ankles wet from the dew. Wisps of brown hair escape her loosely tied buns, hanging over her eyes and sticking to the nape of her neck. She has conveniently forgotten her scrolls at home, an excuse to return and tidy herself up.

He states her tardiness and she hangs her head, either to allow more oxygen to reach her lungs or in shame, he doesn't know which. Slowly he rises, hands shoving into his pockets as he stares at the sunrise, its newborn rays lazily sweeping over the sleeping village.

She looks up, and a strand of hair falls just between her eyes. She blows at it but it falls again over her eyes before impatiently brushing it away with her hand.

He allows himself the faintest of smiles at her imperfections.

She likes to watch him in the morning. His eyes seem more translucent then, and they seem to shimmer against the dew under their feet. She likes to feel the cool water between her toes, and often takes off her shoes as they walk together, to find a suitable training spot. His eyes always stare straight ahead, and she knows he can see her watching him.

It is usually then when Lee comes bounding up behind them, all bushy-eyed and cheery. She allows herself to avert her attention to him, and she smiles as Lee attempts to hook arms with him only to be brushed off impatiently.

It is these mornings that make them Team Gai, but it is sunrise that it is only Neji and Tenten.

Note: This is the last time I'm rewriting this theme. Sorry, I didn't really like how I wrote the other one in continued oneshots. ): Do you like this better? Or not?