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Genre: Romance/Humor

Pairings: Roxas/Kairi

Rating: T

Summary: (AU) After his wife left him Roxas swore off women, but now his daughter Namine wants a mother and she has her eyes set on her red-haired pre-school teacher.

Chapter Nine: Namine's Fun Day

Kairi smiled as both children grasped each hand and dragged her into the store. "Alright--but you can't get anything Sora."

The brunette nodded, "I understand Auntie Kairi." He then hurriedly looked around. "Do they have ducks?"

She shrugged, "I'm not sure--why don't you go and ask?" And like the boy was at the front desk, looking up at the clerk with those eyes demanding to see the ducks. He came back in a matter of moments deflated. Kairi pouted along with him, "No ducks?"

"No!!" He huffed out, crossing his arms over his chest as he kicked the floor. "I wanted ducks…"

"We'll go to the park and the lake." Roxas grunted--and like that Sora was on his leg looking up at him with adoration.

"Mr. Roxas is smart!! Just like Namine!!"

Kairi giggled at her nephew's admiration for the blonde male and his daughter. "Yes--they both are very smart. Now please let his leg go--I'm afraid you are going to cut off the circulation."

Roxas gave off a soft chuckle before he bent down and scooped up the boy, "He does have some strength on him."

The woman grinned, "He gets that from his father."

"Yeah!! Daddy kicks booty!!" Sora laughed. "OH! KITTIES!!" He then hoped out of Roxas's arms and hurried over to where they were being kept, Namine right on his heels.

"Sora," Kairi warned. "Don't scare the poor things, alright?"

"Yes, auntie Kairi!" He promised as he grabbed the blonde's hand and led her around the shop, pointing and squealing in happiness at everything.

Namine was jumping around, very happy as well.

"So, you think you're going to have to get her a pet?" Kairi asked the handsome man beside her, very amused.

He heaved a heavy sigh, "I just might."

A bright grin went on her face, "It will be good for her! Pets can really help children learn responsibility. But you might want to start off slow. She can take care of Minnie and Mickey for me for a while and she can see if she is ready for taking care of animals."

"Rats?" He looked very put off.

"They're mice!" She sniffed. "And they are very sweet and disease-free, if that is what you are concern about. But she can take care of them for a week or a weekend and she will have to feed, water, groom, change the caging, and play with them."

Roxas looked thoughtful--with all of that work Namine might decide she didn't want a pet for a few more years. And if she decides she still wants one he would see that she would actually be ready for a pet.

"I will talk to her about it later on." He promised not seeing much of a downfall to this. "If she wants a pet she will want to have to practice first."

Kairi grinned, "And they are very good with kids and well-trained. Quite a few of my students have already taken them home for practice."

"And how did that work out?"

"Amazingly. The parents were thrilled at how responsible their kids became. Many children decided after the weekend, all on their own, they weren't ready to take care of anything on their own yet. Many wanted rats like Minnie and Mickey and some wanted to go right up to dogs." She shrugged. "It's hard to tell with kids…Namine is a very mature child but a pet just might be a wake up call for her."

"Then we will do it."

"You can talk to her tonight and see if Monday she wants to take them home for the week. I think that would be the best amount of time."

"Then we have a deal, Ms. Papou."

She grinned playfully up at him, "Glad we could find an agreement Mr. Akira!" She then paused and her smile fell. "Why the hell has it gotten so quiet?"

The two looked at each other before they sprinted off after their children.

"GAK! Sora!! No! No!" Kairi yelped as she grabbed the brunette before he was able to dive into a fish tank. "What were you doing?"

"Lilo! Lilo said that she has a fish who loves Peanut Butter sandwiches and you have to feed him that!" He explained breathlessly as he pointed to a certain fish which Kairi guessed looked a lot like Lilo's fish.

"Why do you need to feed him so badly?"

"Pudge," He gasped as he tried to explain, "controls the weather!"

Roxas rolled his eyes; even Namine didn't have a childish imagination like that.

"Really?!" The red-head gaped. "Pudge controls the weather?!"

"Yeah, yeah!"

"No way," Kairi said, looking awed at this information. "That is just amazing! But, Sora, that isn't Pudge!" She pointed to it. "So he probably doesn't control the weather--and he might like a different type of sandwich. Not too mention he probably isn't hungry right now…"

"Oh yeah…" He nodded in understanding as it clicked. "Sorry…"

"It's ok. You were being very nice but you didn't think about the situation. Besides, you don't even have a sandwich on you."

Sora blinked before he slapped the palm of his hand on his forehead. "D'OH!!"

Kairi laughed and ruffled up his hair. "That's ok. But next time you want to do something like that come to me first, ok?"


"Sora! Sora! Sora!" Namine squealed. "Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!!"

Instantly the child was on the run to where the blonde was cooing over the puppies.

"Why did you go along with him?" Roxas asked. "It's not good to make him believe a stupid fish can control the weather."

"Every child needs to expand their imagination. You should really let Namine believe stuff like this--she already has a knack for art if she could really expand her mind she has a really steady career path all set up for her already."

He blinked, "I knew she was intelligent but…really?"

"Oh god, yes." She nodded. "Namine is a brilliant girl with amazing talent. I could see her taking over your business one day and really designing some amazing video games in the future. She could also be an artist, a fashion designer, make picture-books, draw comics…she already has the childish imagination but I am really afraid it is beginning to slip away from her too fast. But I can really see her doing things like that."

The man looked quite surprised but very-very proud at the idea, "What should I do?"

She looked up at him, "Is this the first time you have really asked advice from me?"

Roxas scowled at her, "Just answer the damn question."

"Yes my master." She teased, already use to his dominating and controlling personality. "Actually I think would be a fun idea is for you and that red-fern of yours to sit down every night and play with her. All of you draw together and make up stories. What would really be a good idea is for you to ask her opinion about game ideas and even ask her to come up with some as well. Make sure she understands that they probably won't be made into games--but it will really get her thinking outside the box and she will probably really begin to love it more and more."

That sounded like a brilliant idea to Roxas. He had been looking for more things to do with his daughter besides playing video-games together. He doesn't know why it has never occurred to him before.

"But do the video-game once a week…think of it like a meeting or homework. Say she should try to think of something new each week and then you will pick out a day to talk about video-games, that way she can look forward to it but she doesn't get burned out on it. Do everything at least once a week--it really does help. Children can get burned out on things pretty quickly."

"So do something different each night."

"Exactly!" She chirped. "After this you want to go on and take them to the park or would you rather save that for last?"

"That should be for last. We already went to the park yesterday so they would probably only want to stay for the pond."

"Alright, then what do you want to do next?"

"I guess we might as well leave it to them. It is their day after all." He shrugged, rather stunned at how smoothly it was going so far. He really thought that the day was going to be from hell, especially after facing those two sluts who insulted the girl and Sora.

He looked over at her as she walked over to the kids and began to talk to them and play with the puppies that were pawing at them from the other side of the glass.

Kairi was extremely intelligent and very resourceful. She was sympathetic to children, especially his own who adored her, and seemed to be very responsible. The young woman made a nice mother and seemed childishly innocent yet had a sharp tongue on her. She thinks for herself and is incredibly stubborn and does not like being pushed around. Protective, nurturing, strict but understanding, and open-minded…the more he looked at her the more Roxas was finding her to be the perfect mother for his child.

He had already agreed in letting Namine having her for a mother, but now he was really enjoying the idea.

She would provide him intelligent and deep conversations, she seemed smart enough to not know to two-time him, and she was pretty--so it wouldn't be too bad with her.

Inhaling he decided for today to get to know him and do some light flirting and form a plan on how to get her to be his swiftly. Because the sooner they marry the better.

Rubbing his forehead Roxas understood before he even began that this was going to be difficult, 'First thing first…make her really consider dumping her boyfriend for me.'

He then rubbed the back of his neck, while he does have to be patient to be the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation it was not in his forte. He wanted things done instantly, as soon as he says he wanted something it should be taken care of instantaneously.

Whenever he wanted a woman it didn't take him long to get her at all…this Kairi Papou will definitely take a bit more time then he is use to.

A grunt escaped him. 'Why am I so concerned about this? It's for Namine and getting her a mother--all Kairi would be for me is something to sleep with.'

And that idea didn't seem like a bad thing at all.

In fact, he licked his lips, the more he looked at her the more he appreciated her appearance. She might not be the most stunning girl he has ever seen but she certainly wasn't ugly or plain.

Hell, Axel keeps going on and on about how hot she looked.

'Kairi will be mine, but I must think of how to make this happen.' The answer then came to him instantly. He knew the way to reach Kairi…


"Where do you want to go, Namine?" Sora asked as he held hands with the blonde child. "Auntie Kairi and Mr. Roxas says to go to tha park last."

"Uhm," She looked thoughtful for a moment before she spotted something. "Ooh! Can we go see some video-games?!" She pleaded towards her father, knowing there was a shop around that sold games--many were from her father's company.

Roxas shrugged, "I see nothing wrong with that." He nodded over to where the store was coming up.

Namine beamed happily up at him before she grabbed her new friend's hand and began to drag him towards the store.

"They're best friends." Kairi giggled under her breath. "It's really cute."

"Namine has never had a friend before." The man confessed softly. "She's always been a loner and has never seen herself as ever being accepted. I think she really blames herself for her mother leaving us." While his voice was a whisper one could easily hear and almost feel the anger and hate. His words were venom as he spoke of his ex-wife.

Kairi shuddered, to note hold at least a respectable-fear of this man was probably not the wisest of choices. He could very well harm a person and not feel at all bad about it, especially if it concerned his daughter.

"Let's continue seeing each other."

"Huh?" He asked dumbly, taken off guard.

"All four of us, hell let's add Riku and Axel into the mix as well. If we do things like this," She acknowledged everything around her. "We can give her a close family feel. And then other days it will be just you, Namine, and Axel. If you spend time with her like this the pain will always be there but it will bring you guys closer. And with that it means you will be able to slowly help her understand it is not her fault. Her mother," Kairi then bit her lip.

"What? What about her mother."

"No, I don't know her mother enough to talk about her."

"You want to know about her mother?" Roxas sneered, "She was a whore who used me. I married her out of love and then she left me and Namine to rot. Now she is with another man but is coming back to me because I have money. She seduces me constantly and demands that I give her the profits I have received. Namine is NEVER mentioned. I don't think she even crosses that bitch's mind. Hell, Namine has only seen her mother twice in her life."

Kairi looked taken aback, all the words felt as if they had been slapped out of her.

"Now that you know her can you talk about her?" He hissed, appearing rather insulted.

"Uh-h…" Kairi shook her head to snap herself from that stupor. "Even though it isn't any of my business," The two of them stayed outside the shop, keeping a look out at the two kids who were playing an open game consolation. "I have to say that that is very heartless. It's a mother's instinct to be with and protect her children. I think you need to send Namine to a psychologist."


"Oh no," Kairi squeaked. "Your child deserves the best, especially after this hardship. I know of someone. She's my superior. I can get a hold of her and see if there is a way for you to meet up with her…"

"Why not you?" Roxas asked. "Namine trusts and adores you."

"But I've only recently become one! This is a very heavy case and she deserves to be evaluated and healed by a person who has been a psychologist for years and I only have a small degree in it--it's something to help in teaching the children! I'm not qualified!"

She was incredibly modest and was panicking like a child--she was rambling nervously as if the thought of actually be in charge of Namine's welfare was above her and there was no way she would be worthy enough to do it.

It was adorable.

"Namine has never shown any sign of liking anyone except a certain few. The fact that you got her so close to you in less then a week is something no one can overlook. I think we will do your idea of hanging out with you and Sora, but you will have to convince me and Namine that she should go to this unknown woman. I do not trust easily, Kairi."

And with that blunt yet cryptic statement he walked into the store leaving the baffled Kairi behind.

"Huh? Was I just insulted or complimented?"

Inside Sora was in awe--he's never been really interested in video games, he was an outdoor type of kid, and especially recently since his mother was ill.

But the video games were really cool and Namine was amazing with them. She kept beating every single level like a pro.

"Namine," He began. "When will Auntie Kairi be your mommy?"

"I don't know," She answered, her eyes never straying from the screen. "But daddy said it will be as soon as possible. He has to go out with her a few times."



"Oh…but…but I thought Auntie Kairi and Uncle Riku do that."

Now Namine stopped, "Huh?"

"Uncle Riku. He and Auntie Kairi kiss!"

The blonde gaped, "W-What? She's marrying him?"

"No." Sora shook his head only to pause. "I dunno…"

"But daddy says married people kiss! And family! No one else!" She looked rather heartbroken at this. "NO! He can't have my mommy!"

Now the young boy looked rather taken startled, "Uncle Riku is very nice…I dunno if they want to be a mommy and a daddy together…"

"They can't!"

"Can't what?" Roxas asked as he came up to the children.

"Daddy!" Namine sobbed as she threw herself into his arms, "S-Sora sa-said tha-that K-Kairi k-k-kissed a R-Rikuuu!!"

Roxas winced, 'Shit, she found out she has a boyfriend.'

"Oh no…what's wrong with her?" Kairi asked.

The man quickly scooped his daughter up and hushed her before anything could be said. "I'll go talk to her real quick; you can stay and watch Sora." And then he left the shop as he soothed the girl down.

For someone who is so grouchy he was so tender and gentle with his child. Kairi smiled softly after them, 'He really is an incredible father.'

"Sora," She squatted down to his height. "Do you know why Namine was so upset?"

He hated lying--lying was very, very bad. But he swore to Namine that he wouldn't tell that she knew Kairi was going to be her mommy. And Sora knew he could never break a promise, "No," He squeaked as he looked down at his shoes. "I don't."

"Really? You don't know?" She could tell he was lying and it hurt to know that he was--had he ever lied to her? The young woman shook her head, 'If he's not talking then it is probably something private.'

While Sora was loud and hyper he was very sympathetic and kind. He wouldn't say something that would embarrass or hurt Namine.

"Ok then." She ruffled up his hair. "What game are you and Namine playing?"

"I dunno," He shifted a bit, still feeling a bit guilty. "I don't really…like video games."

"It's because you haven't ever really played them. You always are out playing soccer or something. This is what Namine does for fun…you know they might invite you over. It's always polite to give their games a chance. And then you can teach her some of your favorite games."

"I'm not smart enough for it."

Kairi looked rather shocked, "You are a very smart young man! Where did you get the idea that you weren't smart enough?"

"I'm just not…bright…"

Now that was too much of an adult term for smart for Sora. "Who did you hear say that about you?"

"I dunno…I dunno the kid--he's parent said it."

Kairi's eyes narrowed. "What did they say?"

"Something about mama and papa…and then they say 'good thing their son isn't bright and doesn't get the situation.'…" He looked down. It was obvious he really didn't understand what was being said but he got the message that an adult thought his was stupid.

"You are not dumb, stupid, slow, non-bright, or any of that. You are a very bright and intelligent boy! But you are it in a different sense! There are many different forms of smartness…that parent was very rude."

"But I couldn't do that!" He pointed to the screen and Kairi saw it had been a puzzle game of sorts. "Namine could do it!"

"That's her smartness."

"Then what's mine?" He sniffled.

"Would it really be fun if I told you?" Kairi smiled at him. "It's a mystery--you have to find it for yourself. Don't worry, you can get it."

"O-Ok…" He seemed a bit unconvinced.

"Sweetie, I promise you that you are very smart. And Auntie Kairi would not lie to you." She scooped him up. "Since both you and Namine are feeling a bit grumpy do want an ice-cream?"

He nodded, instantly brightening up. "Can I have sea-salt again?! Mr. Roxas loves sea-salt too! Mr. Roxas is soooo cooool!! And he has my eyes!! Did you know that, Aunite Kairi?"

She was instantly reminded of this morning when the hyper-Sora had begun to jabber excitedly--it was always a sign that he was feeling happier.

"I'm going to school tomorrow, right? I can't wait! School is fun! Did you know I know how to count to Z?! I can! A-B-C-D-E-F-G,"

Kairi thought it was cute how he said count to Z.

"Since Namine is upset why don't you tell her about the fishes in the sky?"

"YEAH!!" He shrieked happily making many jump within the store.

"Sorry," Kairi apologized, "He's still working on 'inside voice'."

Everyone looked rather sympathetic towards her and the fact that she had to deal with a rambunctious five year old--oh the joy he must bring to her when he is on a sugar-rush.


And he was back to counting to Z.

"Auntie Kairi! Can Namine and Mr. Roxas come over for dinner?"

"Oh," She winced. "No, no--I haven't gone to the grocery-store yet and the apartment is a mess."

"Oh…MR. ROXAS!!" He yelped to the tall man who seemed to be finishing a conversation with Namine. "YOU CAN'T COME OVER TO OUR HOUSE FOR DINNER CAUSE IT'S MESSY!"

The blonde looked rather taken aback from the child's rather loud and random outburst.

Kairi shook her head as she came up to them, "He asked if you could come over tonight--as you heard, and as did the whole square heard, our apartment is a bit messy."

"And Auntie Kairi needs to buy groceries!!"

Now the young woman's cheeks colored, it was already obvious that Roxas has suspicions about her.

'Damn it, he has that look in his eye.' Huffing she planted Sora back down on the ground. "How is Namine?"

"She's fine," He replied, noting how she overlooked the topic--to most it would seem very natural, to Roxas's keen eye he saw some nervousness. The girl was having problems, that much he was sure of.

"You seem better," Kairi noted to the girl whose eyes were red and puffy.

A shy nod was her answer as she wrapped her arms around her father's neck. She did feel better after her father told her that he was going to marry Kairi a bit later once she 'dumped' this Uncle Riku.

He said that this was a bit like her story books where two princes wanted the same princess. Both are on the good side, which means she shouldn't be mean to Riku if she ever met him.

Her father was not one to break promise--he was going to win over princess Kairi and then she will be her mommy.

"Sora was wanting some sea-salt ice-cream…you want some?"

And like that Namine was out of her father's arms and pounced into Kairi's.

"Namine!" Roxas scolded. "You really need to stop that."

"It looks like we traded," Kairi laughed as she looked down at Sora who was now clinging to Roxas's legs.

The man sighed, 'This is going to be a rather long day.'

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