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Chapter 1

Mikan's POV

Since that incident, I can't look straight into Natsume's eyes anymore. I can't joke with him, or talk to him, or even be with him. Somehow, I felt uneasy when I'm with him. The usual feeling that I have with him suddenly disappeared. Every night, I cry into my bed, thinking of the days, the days when we're just argue and call each other names. I've got to admit, those were really the good days. Even though, it's a bit, no, not a bit, it's very much perverted and a bit rude, I manage to have a good time with him. And now, my relationship with him changed and it's not going to be the same anymore.

The next day...

"Good morning everyone!"Mikan greeted the students of Class B with a smile

"Good morning!" some of the students greeted.

"Good morning Mikan! You sure are early today"Yuu greeted

"Good morning Yuu! Let's just say that I've been practicing"Mikan gave Yuu a wink

"Good morning Mikan!"Anna and Nonoko greeted in unison

"Hey! Good morning...Um, what is that?"Mikan pointed the jar of jellybeans that Nonoko is carrying

"Why don't you try one?"Anna opened the jar and gave it to Mikan

"Sure! I could use some sweets in the morning"Mikan took one yellow jellybean from the jar and ate it

"So, how do you feel?"Anna and Nonoko asked in unison

"I feel fine, and the jellybean is delicious!Wait...I have a feeling this happened before"Mikan felt a sudden chill

"Yeah...These are the same jellybeans that you ate last year, at the carnival"Nonoko said

"Yeah! The time when you sang the song 'The Muffin Man'"Anna said

"WHAT! THOSE WERE THE SAME JELLY-"Mikan stopped for a minute and then…

"Koko! Mochi! Drummer boy! Prepare your equipment! Fast! "Anna exclaimed. to Mochi, Koko and the drummer boy then they prepared their guitar, bass and drums on time.

"Yuu! Give Mikan the microphone!Quick!"Nonoko exclaimed. Yuu had thrown the microphone to Mikan and Mikan catched it perfectly

"Are you ready to rock Class B?!"Mikan exclaimed and climbed up on top of the teacher's table. Koko, Mochi and the drummer boy played the tune

"Oh yeah! Come on!" Mikan is starting to clap her hands, and the students followed her

You get the limo out front
Hottest styles, every shoe, every color
Yeah, when you're famous it can be kinda fun
It's really you but no one ever discovers
In some ways you're just like all your friends
But on stage you're a star

You get the best of both worlds
Chill it out, take it slow
Then you rock out the show

You get the best of both worlds
Mix it all together (oh, yeah) and you know that it's the best of both worlds

The best of both worlds

Mikan started to dance on the teacher's table and then the door opens and Natsume and Ruka came in

"What's going on?"Natsume asked

"Don't know, but everybody is screaming loudly and Mikan was on top of Mr. Narumi's desk. It's like we're having a concert inside the classroom"Ruka said and pointed at Mikan, danicng and singing

You go to movie premiers (is that Orlando Bloom?)
Hear your songs on the radio
Livin' two lives is a little weird
But school's cool cuz nobody knows
Yeah you get to be a small town girl
But big time when you play your guitar

You get the best of both worlds
Chillin' out take it slow
Then you rock out the show

You get the best of both worlds
Mix it all together and you know that it's the best of both
You know the best of both worlds

"Mikan's rocking the classroom"Ruka said and somehow, his feet is starting to move to the beat

Pictures and autographs
You get your face in all the magazines
The best parts that you get to be who ever you wanna be

Natsume just watched Ruka starting to dance and joined the crowd, jumping and replying on Mikan's shout


Yeah best of both


You get the best of both


Come on best of both

Natsume couldn't believe that Mikan could actually do that inside the classroom, after the incident, what's she's doing right now, it's like the incident never happened.

Who would of thought that a girl like me
Would double as a superstar

You get the best of both worlds
Chillin' out, take it slow
Then you rock out the show

You get the best of both worlds
Mix it all together and you know that it's the best of both worlds

The classroom was so noisy, the faculty could hear it.

"Mr. Narumi! Your classroom is starting a riot!"Mr. Jinno complained

"Mr. Narumi?!"Then Mr. Jinno saw Mr. Narumi, Mr. Misaki and Ms. Serina, dancing

"What are all of you doing?! Can't you here the students screaming?!"Mr. Jinno complained and heard the music playing from Serina's crystal ball

"Mikan is singing! And in fact, the students love it! And also, we love it too! It makes us dance to the beat! OW!"Mr. Narumi danced the moonwalk

"Yeah, Ms. Sakura could be the star of the twenty-first century!"Mr.Misaki dancing 'The robot'

"Don't worry Mr. Jinno, I'm keeping the surveillance of the classroom and it sounds to me that nothing's wrong is happening inside the classroom "Ms. Serina is swaying her hips and she danced with Mr. Narumi

"I guess..."Mr. Jinno starting to swing his hands and later, danced to the beat with the other teachers

You get the best of both worlds
Without the shades and the hair
You can go anywhere

You get the best of both worlds
Mix it all together
Oh yeah
It's so much better cuz you know you've got the best of both worlds

The students of Class B cheered to Mikan and Mikan suddenly came back to her senses

"Hey, what happened? Why is everybody cheering?And what am I doing here at the top of Mr. Narumi's desk?! I might get in trouble!"then Mikan saw Natsume at the back of the crowd

'Natsume...'Mikan deep sighted and jumped down the teacher's table. Then everyone in Class B had gone back to their proper places.

"Mikan! You were great! You should eat these jellybeans more often"Nonoko said

"Yeah! And Hotaru got you on videotape"Hotaru showed to Mikan herself rocking the classroom on the videocam

"Really?! Hey! Your jellybeans, it's somehow different from the last"Mikan asked

"Well, we kind of updated the jellybeans"Nonoko replied

"And, instead of nursery rhymes, why not the new songs?"Anna said

"Like the song you sang, it's one of our favorites. We sang the same song too when we've tested the jellybeans"Nonoko said

"Hey Mikan! You were great up there!"Ruka complementing Mikan, while blushing

"Thanks Ruka!"Mikan giggled

Then Mikan saw Natsume approaching to them

"Um, you guys, I better go, I need to go to the toilet!"Mikan rushed off outside

"Natsume noticed Mikan ran outside the room and he just stop and went back to his seat

"What's going on?"Anna and Nonoko said in unison

"Yeah, I've been noticing Mikan and Natsume, avoiding each other"Yuu said

"And, the classroom has been peaceful, since Mikan and Natsume doesn't argue with each other very often"Anna said

"At least, my precious Natsume is away from that Sakura!"Sumire butted in to the conversation, making the others sweatdropped While Ruka and Hotaru looked at each other and making "something's-smells-fishy"look.