New Dreams- A BB and Rae story

What's up? This is my new story New Dreams and I hope you all like it.

I don't own Teen Titans.

Rain drops fell onto the roof of Titans Tower on one fall day. It gave a gloomy atmosphere but the Teen Titans were kept busy just the same.

Raven sat down on the couch drinking her herbal tea and watched the rain fall on Jump City. "It's so peaceful." A voice commented behind her.

Raven turned around and saw Beast Boy smiling at her. Raven nodded in agreement. "Yes I suppose it is." She took a sip of her tea and continued looking out the window.

Beast Boy looked discouraged but he didn't give up. He was determined to hold Raven's attention. "So I got this really great action movie today. Do you want to watch it with us?" He asked hopefully. His bright green eyes shined with hopefulness.

Raven sighed. She really wanted to get some reading done. "I bought a new book and I was planning on reading it tonight. Maybe some other time." She said. Raven took one last sip of tea and got up to put the cup away.

Beast Boy walked toward the den with a dejected look on his face. Cyborg watched his friend with sympathy. It was obvious Beast Boy liked the girl but Raven had no clue. He walked over to him with a cheerful smile on his face.

"You shouldn't get your feelings hurt. Raven is just a loner that's all. It's not that she doesn't like you." He said as he tried to lift his friend's mood.

Beast Boy looked up at him and sighed. "Yeah I guess your right." He sat down on a chair facing the TV with an unhappy look on his face.

"You know I have just the thing to cheer you up." Cyborg said secretively. He reached into his pack that lay nearby.

Beast Boy looked at him with an uninterested look on his face. "Really? Like what?"

Cyborg held his prize behind his back. "Oh I don't know something you been wanting for like ever!" He brought the game out and displayed it.

"Super Monkeys Deluxe? Dude how did you get that? It's like not even in stores!" He automatically left his doldrums mood and went to inspect the game.

Cyborg grinned in triumph. He knew this would be the perfect thing to keep Beast Boy distracted from his teenage moods.

"Come on lets play it!" Beast Boy got out their game station and started setting it up.

Cyborg laughed. "You read my mind man! Come on lets play."

They fiddled with the controls trying to beat the other's character. "You are so going down Grass Stein." Cyborg said competitively.

"Yeah right, in your dreams!" Beast Boy laughed. Together they played for awhile till Robin and Starfire came in from the other room.

"Hey you got the movie right Beast Boy? I figure we should watch it before we begin training. You know before it gets too late." Robin said. He walked over trying to get Beast Boy's attention.

"Okay one second." He said distractedly. Beast Boy continued to fiddle with the controls and after a few minutes he screamed. "Ooooh come on. Come on! Yes!"

He started dancing around in a victory dance. Not far away Raven watched. She had on a small smile that lasted for a few seconds before she caught herself. Raven knew that if she shown too much of an emotion bad things would happen.

She continued watching him and a stray thought came to her mind. He's so cute when he's like this. Alarmed she shook her head. I did not just call Beast Boy cute. Ugh! She leaned against the window sill looking out unto the rain. It had a calming effect to her.

Just then a figure moved nearby. It was flying closer and closer to their tower. Curious, she looked closer and saw that it was a small girl in a light purple cloak similar to hers.

The girl seemed to be weak and started crashing toward the Teen Titan's Island.

Raven looked over in horror and alerted her friends at once. "Guys someone is out there! It looks like she is going to crash on our island!"

The others looked up from the movie they were watching and looked out the window to where Raven was pointing.

"Raven I don't see…oh my! Cyborg get out some blankets and set up and place in the med bay. The rest of you follow me. We have to get this girl some medical care." Robin instructed.

The titans ran outside as the rain came pouring down. The girl was found huddled in the damp grass.

"Over here! I found her." Beast Boy called gesturing the others over. The girl lay on the wet ground panting with exhaustion.

The girl obviously heard them and seemed to relax once her tired eyes saw them. She must have sensed that they were not going to hurt her.

The rest of the Titans came over and helped carry her inside.

"Who is she?" Beast Boy asked looking at her with a puzzled frown. Raven matched his and said. "I don't know but for some reason she looks…familiar."

As they laid her on the bed in the med bay they turned her to Cyborg's care.

"Well who ever she is, she is fine now." Robin said after a moment.

Starfire looked at the girl with concerned eyes. "Oh, I do hope she is going to be all right."

Cyborg scanned his sensors over the girl. "Hmmm…pulse rates normal and no physical sign of damage. My guess is that she's just worn out."

Robin nodded. "Then she needs rest. We'll come back tomorrow."

Before departing, Raven looked at the girl one more time. She looked about fourteen give or take a few years. The girl had long blonde hair and grayish tined skin.

Even though Raven had never saw the girl before, something seemed so familiar she couldn't place it.

Raven shook her head. It's probably just a coincidence. She thought before following the others back into the common room.