New Dreams- A BB and Rae story

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Chapter 14

Slowly the Teen Titans faded from Julie's view. The next thing she knew, Julie was in the med bay standing in front of her family.

"Julie? Are you all right?" Older Raven asked concerned.

The girl groaned softly and rubbed her head.

"What happened?" She mumbled.

Raven sighed with relief. "Good. You're okay. That's the last time we use time travel. It almost killed you to get you back!"

Victor (Cyborg) walked over from the time machine and ran a thorough scan to make sure she wasn't harmed.

"Everything looks all right. I don't see why you're so worried Raven!"

Raven glared at him. "My youngest is dying and I'm not allowed to be worried!? The only reason why I even let Julie near that contraption of yours is because it was our last hope!"

When Raven said that, Julie remembered the rare flower she had originally searched for. She carefully removed it from its container and handed the slightly wilted flower to Victor along with its seeds.

"Here is the flower you wanted. Is Ebony and the others okay?" Julie asked softly, her eyes filled with concern.

Victor sighed. "Ebony is very weak but with this missing ingredient, she and everyone else will hopefully be all right. I will get to work right away to make the cure."

Julie moved away from her mother's side and went towards Ebony's bed. The small green toned girl was fast asleep, her breathing was shallow but it still remained steady.

"Ebony?" she whispered.

The girl opened her dark eyes and gave a small smile when she saw Julie standing over her bedside.

"Hi...Julie." She whispered softly.

Julie patted her shoulder and smiled back. "You're going to get better now. You'll see."

"That's good." Ebony gave a yawn and settled back to sleep.

Julie gazed at her sister's helpless form one more time, before she went to see how the cure was coming along. Victor measured a dark blue liquid and poured it into a few small flasks.

"Give this one to Ebony and this one your father. I'll take care of the others." Victor instructed.

Julie nodded and took the two flasks. With them carefully in hand, Julie raced back towards her sister's bed then her dad's.

"Julie is that you? You're back!" Beast Man ( Beast Boy) exclaimed after he drunk the medicine.

"Yeah, I'm happy to be back. How are you feeling?" She asked, taking the now empty flask.

Beast Man yawned loudly. Finally he said "You wouldn't believe this dream I had. It was back when we were still the Teen Titans. The weird part was, is that you were there Julie!"

Julie gave a small chuckle. "I was there dad! How else do you think I got the flower?"

Beast Man looked at her surprised. "Well, I guess it wasn't a dream then. If it was, I wouldn't feel this good!"

He got out of bed and ran around the room transforming into a cheetah. Raven picked him up with her powers before he could go too far though.

"Hey!" He protested. "I was getting some exercise in!"

Raven carefully put him back on the bed before giving him a stern look. "You may be feeling better, but I want you to rest first. I don't want you to kill yourself on your recovery!"

Beast Man got back under the covers and grumbled loudly.

"It's not like she had to stay in bed for weeks on end…" He muttered under his breath.

Ebony by now was feeling the effects of the cure given to her. She didn't get out of bed but she sat up and watched what was going on with a mild interest.

By now, a small crowd of Titans tended to the sick or rested in their beds. Most of the patients seemed to be getting better and were no longer looking on the brink of death.

Bumble Bee came from the next room, putting away her nurse's gear. She had helped Victor distribute the cure and had finally finished.

Bee grinned when she saw Julie with her father. So many people had died from this plague like sickness that it was lucky that Beast Man and Ebony had survived.

Ebony seemed to be perking up very quickly and soon was chatting away with Julie.

"So, what happened? Did you see Mommy and Daddy as kids? Did they know who you were?" She asked curiously.

Julie sighed softly, letting her mind review the memory.

"Well…it all started when I was flying through a storm on my way to the tower. The next thing I knew, I …."

So with that she told her tale reliving the memory with a small knowing smile.