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"Is our dad here?" Sam asked, hopefully as the three sat in Missouri's living room. After her greeting, the kind woman immediately rushed the pair into her home with absolutely no questions about their intentions. In fact, she acted like she knew them.

"No, he hasn't been here for about a year. He left around the time he lost his last appeal to get you back." she said, the regret heavy in her voice.

For unknown reason, he felt almost safe with this woman. To her credit, her eyes had softened the first time she saw Dean. He could only hope she saw his angel the way he did.

"Don't you worry. You're safe here." Missouri broke in, almost as if she could read his mind. She gave him a soft smile.

"Do you know where our dad is?" Dean asked, speaking for the first time. As her soft gaze fell on him, a blush rose over his cheeks and he refused to meet her eyes. Even through he couldn't see it, she smiled at him anyway.

Sam had to his smile. This is something that the doctors and social workers had never seen. Unless Dean was comfortable around you, he was almost painfully shy.

"Of course, I do. Do you think I would let that man wander around without a keeper?" she replied, picking up an address book. "Here you go. This is where you'll find him. If that stubborn goat gives you any trouble, you tell him that Missouri sent you."

"Yes, ma'am. We will." Sam said as the pair stood up. He reached over and gently pulled the paper out of her hand. He felt a little sorry for their rush. It wasn't that her company was unpleasant. Some part of him would be quite content to stay here with his brother and Missouri forever. Yet, the overwhelming need to find his father consumed him.

"Oh baby. I know. It's ok. You go find your daddy." She said, walking to stand in front of them. Hesitantly, she reached out gently cupping one of their cheeks. For once, Sam didn't feel the urge to pull away from someone other than Dean who had invaded his personal space.

"You are always welcomed here. Now you take my number and you call if you need anything at all." She still hadn't removed her hand as she turned to Dean.

"Oh honey. Stop worrying. He loves you so much. He'll be proud of you. You are a good son and brother." she whispered, looking directly in his tear filled eyes. His hand came up to cover hers.

"How?" he asked in disbelief.

"Boy, you don't expect me to reveal all my secrets, do you?" She smiled at him, receiving one in return. She then turned her attention to Sam.

"Baby, you have done nothing wrong. All he'll see when he looks at you will be his baby boy. That's all."

Sam's hand also came up to cover hers.

"Thank you."

Quiet dominated as the brothers drove towards the address Missouri gave them.

"We'll be there in about fifteen minutes." Sam said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah" was Dean's reply. He looked at over his big brother, clearing his throat nervously.

"Dean…um…can I ask you a question?"

"Of course, Sammy."

"Why did Missouri tell you not to worry?" he asked.

Dean seemed to hesitate, a blush once again rising on his cheeks. "I'm worried Dad is going to be mad at me. I let them take you away. It's my fault that you had to grow up with those people."

Sam was at a complete loss. Why in the world would Dean think that? When the social workers had separated them, Dean was only eight years old – just a little kid. There was no way he could have fought and won against grown-ups. In his eyes, their dad had absolutely no reason to be upset. His angel was everything a son should be. Also, Dean was simply a good man.

"Missouri was right. You were a little kid up against adults. Plus, besides the things you went through, you held on to me. Then you rescued me from that hell hole. Dad will be so proud of you. I am." he told his brother with utter conviction.



"Thanks, Sammy." Dean replied, the love him held for his baby brother evident in his voice. "Why did Missouri say those things to you?"

Suddenly Sam's throat felt tight. He honestly didn't know if he could even say what was on his mind. It was mainly the irrational fear that saying it would cause it to happen, However, if Dean had the courage to voice his fears, how could he do any less?

"I'm worried he'll look at me and see whatever Jen and Derek saw that made them hurt me. I'm afraid he'll think it was my fault."

There. His secret was out. He felt childish. Logically, he knew that what had happened to him wasn't his fault. Like Dean, he had been a child dealing with adults. There was no way he could have won. However, some part deep down inside him, a small voice in a dark corner of his mind, still worried that he was some how to blame. He worried that he had done or said something which caused the people he should have been able to trust to do this to him. What other reason could there be?

"Sammy, Dad will know that none of what happened to you was your fault. You were just a baby. Those people should have protected you. He'll take care of us. He loves us."

"Thanks, Dean." he said. Yet he still couldn't let his fears go. Looking over at his angel, he knew that Dean was the same way. Not that the pair couldn't believe what the other was saying. It's just not the same as hearing it from their dad. All the doubts were pushed to the side as their destination came into view. Suddenly, faced with reality, the fear and doubt once again filled him.

This was it. There could be no turning back. In a few moments, he was going to see his dad for the first time he could remember. The questions he had once asked himself when he was that abused and neglected kid came back to him. Will he look and sound like me? Is he tall like I'm going to be? 'Oh my God! I'm going to find the answers to all my questions.' he thought to himself. Overwhelming warmth coupled with doubt surged through him. 'What if he's disgusted with me when he finds out what happened? What if he's angry with Dean?'

Sam realized he was working himself into a blind panic. 'Stop it.' he told himself. 'You heard those social workers. He wants you both.' He came out of his thoughts to find the Impala parked in front of the roadhouse. The brothers continued to sit in the parked car, simply staring at the building before them. Never in his life had an ordinary building looked so scary.

"I'm nervous." Dean exclaimed, looking at his Sammy.

"Me too." He replied.

Taking a collective deep breath, the brothers, using all their strength and nerve, opened their doors.

An older woman stood behind the bar as Sam and Dean entered. She flashed them a smile, the one she gives to all who come to her bar.

"Good afternoon. Can I help you?"

"I…" Dean started, having to stop to take a deep breath. "Is John Winchester here?"

Time stopped. Neither of the Winchesters dared to breathe. The woman looked towards the back section of the bar at an unseen person.

"Who's asking?"

"Please. We really need to see him." Sam begged flashing what his angel called his puppy dog eyes. Her eyes soften as she turned, making a signal towards the back. A few tense seconds passed. 'Thisisit, Thisisit, Thisisit…" his mind kept repeating over and over. Finally after an eternity and a mere second, a man appeared.

He was tall (like Sam). He had scruffy bread. His shoulders were stooped and he looked worn down. Sam's heart stopped, his knees felt weak like they were going to give out any minute. This…was his dad. Tears filled his eyes. His dream had finally come true. His fears were still there, but the complete and utter joy at finally seeing his dad pushed everything else aside.

"I'm John Winchester. How can I h…" His dad stopped a shocked on his face. He stared for a few seconds. Then he closed his eyes, shaking his head like one would do to clear their mind after a dream. Surprise showed on his face as he opened his eyes to find them still there.

"Dean? Sam?" he asked. Anyone could tell that he was starting to believe that these were his sons, yet at the same time he was bracing himself just in case.

"Dad." Dean said, rushing into their dad's arms. Both of them were openly crying,

"Oh God, Dean." John said. He wrapped his arms around his sons, holding on for dear life.

Dean pulled back, looking his father in the eyes. "Dad…I'm sorry. I let them take Sammy away. This is all my f…"

At this, John put a finger gently over Dean's mouth.

"Shh…don't talk like that. None of this is your fault." John said, looking at Sam's angel in the eyes, "I am so proud of you." With that, their dad once again brought Dean into his arms. He pushed his head into his son's neck, just breathing in the scent of his child.

"I love you, Dad. I've missed you so much."

"I know, son. I love you too." Then he gently kissed Dean on the forehead.

Sam watched the exchange between Dean and their dad silently. Now his heart was beating a million miles a minute. Soon it would be his turn to be in his father's arms – a place he hadn't been since he was four years old. To think, he hadn't felt his dad's arms in fourteen years. Joy filled him. However, even as he stood there, his fears started to creep up on him. 'What if…'

"Sammy?" Dean's voice broke through. His angel must have seen the look on his face. "Sammy, it's ok. It's Dad."

This simply statement gave him enough strength to slow walk forward to stand before his dad. John gently put his hand on Sam's cheek, his eyes filled with tears.



The next thing he knew he was being pulled into his father's arms. He could smell his dad's cologne, feel his warmth. He was home. At long last, he was completely whole. Never again would he be the kid who felt unloved and unwanted. Never again would he dream about what it's like to have a loving family. Never again would he think suicide is his only way out. Suddenly, he felt an overwhelming urge to confess everything. Pulling back, he began.

"Dad, I didn't mean…"

Just like with Dean, his dad gently put a finger on his lips. "Shh…it's ok now. Whatever happened in the past is over."

"I love you, Dad." he whispered, going back into his father's arms. A soft kiss was placed on his forehead.

"I love you too Sammy. You and your brother are the most important things in the world to me."

As Sam stood, encased in the warmth of his dad's arms with his angel's hand gently stroking his hair, he had just one wish. 'Can we stay together forever?' He didn't realize he had said that out loud until his dad pulled back slightly so he could bring both of his boys into his arms.

"That sounds good to me."

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