Rumors Coming True

Couple: Prof. Z/Josie

Rated: PG-13 or T

Summary: Rumors started by Madison say that Z and Josie are "together." They aren't true… at least until they wake up in Josie's bed completely naked after a dance. How will they take it?

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I don't know when this would take place but it would have to be before Conclusions. I'm ALSO going to pretend that Claire's 18. (She's older then the others or something like that.)

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Chapter 1: Rumors

"--- I swear it's true!" Laughed Madison to her friend loudly so the table behind them could hear her, her friends burst into laughter. "Now I know why Professor Zachary favors her so much!"

Lucas and Marshall glanced at each other, shocked. Without a word they left the lunch room and headed towards Corrine's and Josie's bedroom. Lucas didn't know what to do as he stood at the door, so Marshall knocked on it. They heard a loud "come in," which they followed.

Before Josie or Corrine could say anything, Lucas' nerves turned to anger which cause him to shout quite loudly;


Josie's mouth opened – she was too shocked to say anything. Corrine looked over to Lucas and Josie, confused.

"W-What?" Josie finally asked, Marshall stood still – he really didn't want to get involved, especially when Josie would finally wake up from her shocked state.

"That's what I heard! You're sleeping with Professor Z! Dating him! Making out with him!" Lucas shuttered loudly at that thought. "That's the rumor going around the school."

Josie's eyes turned violent suddenly, causing both Corrine and Marshall to whimper the smallest bit. They never saw Josie this angry – not even when her journal disappeared.

"Who are you to talk to me like that!? And what hell are you talking about! I'm not sleeping with Professor Z or anyone! Who the hell told you that I was?"

Lucas's eyes held no fear for once, "In the cafeteria, right before I got here."

"Who from, Lucas?" Josie glared, pissed off.

"From Madison…" and at that moment Lucas sobered from his anger greatly – realizing his mistake.

"From Madison? You believed her? How the heck can you believe that doddering idiot?" Josie ranted, getting closer to where Lucas stood. Lucas was quickly turning back to normal, his fear that Josie might hurt him taking over.

"I don't know… I didn't think…" Lucas mumbled.

Josie was still clearly pissed off as she jabbed her finger into Lucas's chest, "Never freaking believe that liar! I am not sleeping with Professor Z! He's our TEACHER! He's my FRIEND."

Before anyone else could say a thing, Josie ran out of the room. A few minutes later she found herself running inside the Science classroom – Professor Z's classroom. She didn't even realize she ran to it until she heard him ask what was wrong.


Josie turned to face him, and stated simply, "I'm going to kill Madison."

"What? Why? Josie, what's wrong?" His face filled with concern as he walked closer to her.

"She started nasty rumors about me,"

"Well, that's not-"

She interrupted him quickly, wanting to get it out of the way. "The rumors were about how I sleep with you."

Z's face paled considerably. Josie doubted he had ever looked that pale or close to death until that moment.

He cleared his throat, trying to think, "She said that we… we--"

"Do it. Yes." Josie suddenly felt sick as she put it that way.

"Oh god." Z exclaimed as he stumbled back, sitting down on a stool closest to him.


They both stayed quiet, with the only noise was of Josie plopping down on a stool as well.

Several minutes later, a thought went past Z's mind.

If the Durst gets wind of this rumor he'll never be able to teach again.


The out load reply to his thought started Josie, she never heard Professor Z curse before. This is bad – really bad.

They had to do something before Principle Durst hear the rumor herself.

End of Chapter 1!

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