Summary: A five year old Naruto is stabbed through the gut and left for dead in the forest. Who will save him? Will he survive?

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Kyuubi's Legacy


October 10th... Naruto had learned to dread that day. It was the day of his birth and on this very day, he turned five years old. But also, it was the day that the huge nine-tailed demonic fox, the Kyuubi attacked Naruto's village, Konohagakure. The villagers, everyday of the year, glared at Naruto and even at some points, beat him, but on this day, it got worse. The villagers would beat him within an inch of his life, or destroy his home, yell at him and call his a demon or an abomination. And the worst part... Naruto was only a child, an orphan, and hadn't done anything to the village he called home.


The sky was dark, the moon was a small sliver that seemed almost nonexistent. Street lamps lit the empty streets. Walking slowly, limping as he did so, a small blonde-haired boy made his way toward the apartment he resided in. Surrounding both of the boys cerulean eyes were dark purple bruises and a small bit of blood dribbled down the boy's chin. The boy's body was covered in bruises and his clothes were torn and stained with his own blood.

"Ohhhhhh, heeelllllwooooo, Dem- hic Demon hic Brat…" called a drunken slur from behind limping boy, dripping with venom and hate.

The boy turned.

Behind him stood a tall man, slouched slightly, eyes half closed. His hair was short cut, deep brown in color, and he had unshaven facial hair. His eyes were pure black and filled with hate. In one hand, the man held a rather large bottle of sake, which was half empty, and in the other was a shining katana, held so tightly that the man's knuckles were turning white. The man was dressed in all black, he wore no shoes, and wore a black cloak over a black shirt and black pants. He wore no hitai ate, and wasn't a ninja. The smell of sake was evident on his breath and body.

The boy pinched his nose, trying to ward off the distinct smell of alcohol. His cerulean eyes scanned the drunken man up and down as he advanced foreword, finally falling upon the shining blade of his poised katana. His eyes widened, he could sense the killers intent in the man's eyes, and at that moment, he knew he had to run, but his body ached and he was too tired to run away….

The last thing the boy felt before all went blank was an incredibly painful feeling in his gut and a very metallic taste in his mouth.


Naruto's head throbbed and his body ached.. There was a terrible stinging pain in his stomach.


Naruto's cerulean eyes blinked open. He stared around at his surrounding…

He was laying in water and there was a dripping sound that echoed through…wherever he was…..

There was a system off pipes running along the ceiling. Most of the pipes were a silverfish blue, but some had a red tinge to them.

Where he was, appeared to be a hallway of some sort, with many corridors to his left and right.

Naruto sat up, placing his hand on his forehead, attempting to calm the throbbing pain in his head. He stared foreword, his eyes widened. In front of him was a huge cage with kanji for 'seal' on a sign on the front. But this cage wasn't closed, nor in the best condition.

The gates were wide open and the bars were all bent, some broken or completely missing. And from the darkness of the cage two glowing, pupil-less emerald eyes.

"W-what is t-this? W-what a-a-are y-you?" Naruto asked, fear rattling his voice.

A deep, feral voice rattled from the dark shadows of the cage, answering the boy's questions.

"This…. This, Kit, is.. Was… the seal placed upon you by Yondaime Hokage, forever trapping me within you… And I… am the reason that they… the villagers… hate you, despise you with every fiber of their being. I…. am the Kyuubi… The nine-tailed fox."

"T-the Kyuubi…" Naruto repeated, rising to his feet. He pointed at the shadows, "I-impossible! Yondaime killed you at the c-cost of his own live!"

The Kyuubi chuckled slightly and closed his pupil-less eyes.

"Sorry, kit, but Yondaime… Your father… wasn't able to kill me… He only sealed me… Within the navel of a new born child… you.."

"Y-yondaime would never do that!" Naruto yelled, "And, what do you me by that, my father….?!"

"Kit, what I mean is that the man that sealed me within you, the one reveared as the best hokage, was YOUR father…" Kyuubi paused, "and he sealed me within you to protect you, I remember that… be for he died, he said that he wanted you to be treated as the hero who saved the village, and not the demon sealed within you… Guess his wishes went unbidden."

Naruto remained silent, digesting the new information he had just been given… Within him, sealed the strongest creature, demon or human, to ever roam the earth. And his heritage… He had a family, his own father the best leader the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Konohagakure ever had.

Tears fell from Naruto's cerulean eyes,


Two emerald eyes looked up and stared at the blonde-haired boy.

"Why what, kit?" Kyuubi asked.

"Why…. Why did you attack my village…? Why did you kill my father….!?" Naruto yelled, fists clenched and tears rolling down his cheeks.

Kyuubi closed his eyes and sighed.

He walked foreword, each step he took rumbling the watery ground. He emerged from the shadows and stood in front of Naruto, in all his glory.

Kyuubi wasn't the crimson coated fox with glowing red eyes and nine tails that could topple a mountain or cause a tsunami, as depicted in all of the stories that Naruto had heard.

He was just as large as depicted in all the stories, but not very menacing looking. His fur, rather then crimson, was a light, almost silvery grey, with orange tipping his tails and ears and coloring his huge paws and his eyes were pupil-less bright emerald. Kyuubi's nine tails didn't flail, nor move, but trailed behind him, dragging behind him, disappearing back into the shadows of the cage. Kyuubi's fangs were clearly visible, peaking over his black-lined lips, but didn't make his look at all menacing. If anything, Kyuubi looked like an over grown pet dog with nine tails.

Kyuubi bowed his head and closed his eyes. He let out a monstrous sigh and shook his head,

"Kit, I didn't mean to do that…"

"What do you mean!? How could you not 'mean' to destroy a whole village and kill so many people!?" Naruto yelled, staring up at the monstrous fox with pain in his eyes.

"Kit…. I wasn't there… My body was, but my soul wasn't. I was under control… it was like my mind… and soul were bound and gagged and left for dead within the corridors of my own mind, and someone else was in control of my mind. By the time the other presence left, I was… here…. Sealed within you. And the first thing I heard was the last words of your father. I remember very clearly the one who took control of my body… His name… Orochimaru.. Damn snake. I remember what he made me do… And for that, I am deeply sorry."

Naruto rubbed his eyes and stared into the Kyuubi's eyes… It was true, Kyuubi wasn't lying..

Now, the five year old Naruto burst into tears.

Kyuubi stared down and Naruto and wrapped one of his long tails around the crying boy.

"Don't cry, kit," Kyuubi said, "Kit, we need to do something, now! If we don't your body will die… then we will both die."

"W-what do y-you mean?" Naruto asked.

"This is your mind… But, your body is suffering… being stabbed through the gut isn't exactly something I can heal so easily with my chakra… especially a wound so close to the seal… If we don't do something, quick, we will both be kill."

"What will we do?"

"There's only one thing that will save us… but it's extremely dangerous.. And it could have a few… side effects…"

"L-like what?"

"Well… super human strength, advance sense of hearing and smell, fox like traits…. You know the usual… Also, the face that I will no longer be sealed within you, I'll be whole again… well, not exactly, I'll probably be a lot smaller and have a few less tails… And you'll have the ability to summon foxes through a kuchiyose no jutsu, without using blood…"

At this point, Naruto looked excited.

"I'll do it!" he said, his voice filled with confidence.

Kyuubi smiled.

"Hmm…. Thought so…" Kyuubi said, "This might hurt a little… It's not everyday that a small kit like yourself absorbs half the chakra of one of the strongest demons to ever live.."

Kyuubi put all nine of his tails around the small blonde and allowed a huge amount of red chakra to seep into the boy's body. Naruto screamed in pain and allowed the blackness of unconsciousness overcome him.


Naruto was slowly regaining consciousness.

His head was throbbing, but he no longer had a stinging pain in his stomach, nor did his body ache half as much as it had before.

He opened his cerulean eyes and stared in the face of a large fox—Kyuubi. Well… not exactly.

The once great 100 meter tall Kyuubi with nine great tails that could topple mountains or cause tsunamis was now only about a meter of so tall, about the size of a tiger, maybe slightly taller, and was now reduced to only three tails.

"Kyuubi…. Is that you?" Naruto asked.

"You finally awake, kit?"

Naruto nodded…

"Ya.. But you didn't answer my question…" Naruto said, "Kyuubi, is that you?"

Kyuubi nodded…

"Yes… Smart ass.. but I'm not exactly 'Kyuubi' anymore… More like Sanbi… But that name's kinda already taken by the three tailed sea beast… Anyway, Kyuubi isn't my name, more my rank or status."

"Really? What is your name?" Naruto asked.

"Daichi's the name!" the former Kyuubi said, sitting on his haunches and pointing to himself with his claw.


"Mmhmm." Daichi said, nodding, "Anyway, you look…. Different, to say the least."

"I do?" Naruto asked.

Daichi nodded and pushed Naruto toward the lake beside them with his front paws.

Naruto stared at his reflection.

He did look different.

His blonde hair had gotten slightly longer and now had highlights of red. The whisker marks on his cheeks had gotten darker and his eyes, though still cerulean, now had slit pupils. Naruto noticed that he no longer had human ears, but two golden fox ears, both tipped with orange, perched atop his messy hair. Also, Naruto noticed he had a meter long golden tail, also tipped with orange. He still wore the clothing he had the last time he was conscious—a black t-shirt, tan shorts, and blue sandals. Naruto noticed that his black t-shirt had a hole through the gut and was covered in blood, but Naruto had no wound, and even his black eyes and bruises were gone.

Daichi came up behind Naruto.

"Ya know, you could use some new clothing…" Daichi said, smirking, "Those are kinda dirty and… tattered."

"Well… What exactly do you expect me to do?!" the five year old yelled, "I'm not exactly welcome in Konohagakure!"

"Oh… You will be going back… Just no any time soon… I can get ya some new clothing easy, though," Daichi said. Still sitting on his haunches, Daichi snapped his claws(A/N: Fox's don't have fingers…. To my recollection.) and in a poof of smoke, a small scroll appeared in his paw(Another A/N: Fox's don't have hands, but Kyuubi, a.k.a. Daichi, I have decided, will have opposable thumbs… err… claws…).

"This, kit, is a sealing scroll, within it, I have sealed clothing fit got a great fox, in his human form!"

"Foxes have human forms?" Naruto asked, letting his five year old curiosity get a hold of him.

"Yes, all foxes with more then one tail… But, that's not the point. These clothes are very special.. They grow with you and can never be damaged, so they're like armor. Also, you can change their color or appearance, just be thinking of it. Handy things, built for foxes and no other creature." Daichi explained.

"If all foxes have a human form, why don't you go into human form?" Naruto asked, not listening to what Daichi had to say.

"'Cause I like being a fox better then I like being a human…. But that's no the point! Scroll, clothes, get dressed!" Daichi yelled.

"Err... How?" Naruto asked.


Daichi growled and threw he scroll to the ground. He opened it and slammed his paw onto the paper. In a plum of smoke, a pile of clothing appeared. The clothing consisted of black t-shirt with a silver fox head outlined on the front, an orange shirt with a black fox head outlined on the front, black shorts, orange shorts, blue sandals, black sandals, a fang and claw necklace, an orange hoodie, and orange jacket, a black leather jacket, an orange cloak, a black cloak, and a brown kimono.

"Take your pick," Daichi said.

Naruto walked foreword and grabbed the orange shirt, the black shorts, the black sandals, and the fang and claw necklace from the pile. With that, he ran off behind some trees to change.

Daichi chuckled and resealed the rest of the clothing back into the scroll.

"I used to wear clothes just like those when I was younger…." he said to himself.


Naruto emerged from the trees a few minutes later, donning his new clothing.

"What now, Daichi?" Naruto asked, folding his arms behind his head.

"From now on, Kit, you'll address me as Daichi-sama, or Daichi-sensei, take your pick." Daichi said.

"Why, Daichi….. Err… -sensei?" Naruto asked.

"'Cause, I said so" Daichi said, smirking.

"Please tell me!" Naruto whined.

"Fine… You wanted to be a ninja, right, Naruto?"

Naruto nodded vigorously.

"YES!" He yelled, excitedly.

"Then, we'll be training, and five or six years from now, you'll be returning to the village that you used to call home. And there, you'll become a real ninja. But heed my word, kit, don't resent them for what they've done in the past. Treasure that village, like your father did."

Naruto nodded.

"Yes, Daichi-sensei."

"Yes, good," Daichi said, "Now, let's get going, it's getting borin' just standing here!"

With that, Daichi ran off further into the forest, Naruto running behind him.

For the next five years, Daichi would train Naruto the techniques of the kitsune and the techniques of both his father and village.


Elsewhere, that same day:

Two shinobi stood in front of the hokage.

"Hokage-sama, we have news that the Kyuubi container was killed last night by Happa Ichigo. His body wasn't found but there was a lot of blood found, both where the murder was committed and where the body was dumped. We assume that the body was destroyed by animals in the forest…" one of the men spoke, while the other nodded,

"I say good riddance to that demon brat, " the second man said, the first man nodded.

Sarutobi shook his head.

"You are dismissed," he said simply.

The two shinobi nodded and left.

"Poor Naruto, he could have been a great Ninja… I am sorry, Arashi…" Sarutobi sighed.


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