"My dear sister, I think it is time that we need to call upon the McConnell's oath. I think that it is about time they fulfill their end." Eriu heard Fodla speak behind her. She stopped looking at the sunset and turned around to look at Fodla. The wind kicked up but did not stir her eldest sister's ash blond hair. Neither did the wind touch Eriu's hair. They were Tuatha De Danannon and because of this the wind dare not touch them at all.

"And what do we suppose we do? Bring one of the McConnell's back to Avalon, where no human foot has tread for hundreds of years?" Eriu asked.

"Aye sister, we must." Avalon needs the McConnells. Without him we will be doomed. And if Avalon falls the mortal world will fall shortly after." Fodla sighed.

"And if the McConnell saves Avalon? How are we to return the human back to his world without Banba?"

"Aye, what ye say is true. We could not send the human back without our captured sister." Fodla agreed. Her solemn green eyes gleemed with mischief.

"Unless we have the human save her." Eriu finished for her sister. "But the only one of us strong enough to travel to the human realm is me. Is this why ye've interrupted my thoughts?"

"Aye sister, I will not deny it. You are the only one powerful enough. And it is high time ye do too." Fodla said.

"I forsee grim days for Abalon sister." Eriu warned. "If I do this and the human fails, Avalon will be destroyed."

"Avalon is seeing grim days and if we do nothing then Avalon will fail anyways. This is our only hope seeing as how our King MacGreine is arrogant. He will not ask for help to defeat Fir Bolg. One more attack and he will fall. If he falls then no other king can take off where he left because he is the last of the High Kings."

"And what can the McConnell do to help? He is only human. Presuming we are thinking of the same one." Eriu tried to rationalize. But to no avail.

"No dearest sister it is not him who I was thinking of, but rather a she." Fodla shook her head. Eriu's eyebrows shot up.

"And who is my sister thinking of?" Eriu asked skeptically.

"Come here and look into the cauldron." Instantly a smooth black cauldron appeared. It was so smooth one could look at one's reflection. Eriu's eyes narrowed.

"And by Dagda, tis his cauldron tis not?" Eriu asked.

"Aye Eriu, this is Dagda's cauldron." She walked slowly to the cauldron not staring at her sister. If this was truly Dagda's cauldron Eriu was suspicious on how her sister had it. Eriu and her sisters were the Three Fates, not keepers of such treasures. She swallowed down her suspicions and looked into the cauldron. What she saw surprised her.