Touch My Heart

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for yaoi

Disclaimer: If you honestly think I could own Kingdom Hearts and still kill off the entire Organization, you have issues.

Author's Note: November 6, 11/6... MarluxiaxZexion Day! What better day to start my latest project than on my OTP's day? Yes, this project will involve 1sentence themes with random Orgy XIII couples. The first three are either done or in progress. I might eventually come back to MarluxiaxZexion, but there will be other yaoi and het couples for a while... If you want to suggest/beg for a couple, feel free to! Also, please keep in mind that I mainly used their manga personalities here, plus I used the novel's theory on their hearts. And Marluxia's Other? Totally made that up.

1sentence challenge: theme set Gamma

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 11-06-06

01. Ring

Sometimes, when everyone else was busy and he had nothing better to do, Marluxia would imagine that he was still Lumaria and Zexion was Ienzo and they had matching rings and a little house and a cat and—it was times like these he was glad that no one in the Organization could read minds.

02. Hero

Marluxia snarled as Sora, that annoying little excuse of a hero, got closer and closer—he wondered if Zexion was having similar problems with Riku.

03. Memory

Marluxia's memories of Lumaria's life were limited, and even though he knew Ienzo didn't exist back then, he couldn't help but suspect that his Other had been in love with someone who looked remarkably like VI…

04. Box

Naminé reached into her crayon box and pulled out a light pink one for Marluxia's hair—she had to get this picture of him and Zexion colored before they found out and reprimanded her for being nosy again, even if they all knew she was right.

05. Run

It was common knowledge within the Organization that the kitchen was Zexion's domain, and the day Demyx had innocently said that he'd always pegged Marluxia as more of the house-wife type was the day he was run out of castle with a knife-wielding Zexion hot on his heels.

06. Hurricane

Marluxia was freaking out because—oh my god the flowers—a hurricane was coming and his garden was going to be ruined, and Zexion only rolled his eyes and brought him in for a kiss, if only to shut him up.

07. Wings

One second he was meeting his doom at the hands of Riku's replica and the next we was staring at Marluxia, complete with pure white wings—"Surprised Zexy?"

08. Cold

"But I'm cold Zexy!" Marluxia complained in a tone that bordered on whining, until Zexion sighed and allowed the taller Nobody to wrap his arms around his waist.

09. Red

Zexion froze when he saw the redhead shoving his tongue down XI's throat, and he no longer believed any of that crap about Nobodies not having feelings.

10. Drink

It was very obvious that Zexion didn't drink much, cause there was no way he'd strip down to his boxers and make out with Marluxia in front of the rest of the Organization if he wasn't drunk out of his mind.

11. Midnight

One night, just few minutes after midnight, Marluxia slinked into the kitchen for a drink and caught Zexion baking cookies of all things—it wasn't difficult to guess who started the rumour that VI was the domestic type the very next day.

12. Temptation

The meeting was too boring and the temptation too great—of course, Marluxia was quite mortified when Saïx came up to him afterwards and told him that was his foot XI had been rubbing against, not Zexion's.

13. View

As Zexion viewed it, he had two choices, either he could ignore Marluxia's not-so-subtle hints to come to his room, or he could follow and lose himself in those sensations they supposedly couldn't really feel—in the end, it wasn't a hard choice to make.

14. Music

He didn't really care that Demyx's music was being played for Xaldin and not them—Marluxia still pulled Zexion close to him and demanded that they dance.

15. Silk

Two bodies tangled together in glossy silken sheets, not caring whether or not they had hearts as long as they could still have mind-blowing sex—and yet, Zexion really wished that Marluxia's sheets weren't bright pink.

16. Cover

"I was checking XI for injuries," Zexion calmly explained to Saïx, and Marluxia was extremely impressed with the—completely made up—cover as to why he had Zexion's hands all over his bare torso, in the middle of the hallway no less.

17. Promise

"Promise me that when we get hearts you'll love me"—what could Zexion do but agree?

18. Dream

He's gone, and Zexion realizes that more than he should, and every night he dreams of those bright blue eyes and soft pink hair and awaits the day he can see them again.

19. Candle

The candle light is much too soft to read by, yet Marluxia pretends that he believes the excuse when he finds Zexion sitting at the desk in his room.

20. Talent

Marluxia's talents went further than waving around that pink scythe of his—for example, he could do this thing with his tongue and oh god, did Zexion love it went he did that…

21. Silence

Marluxia didn't like silences very much, but Zexion did, so he sat with VI and kept his mouth shut; oh, the things he'd do for almost-but-not-quite love…

22. Journey

This journey to find their hearts was destined to fail—they knew it would—but it didn't bother them too much; after all, they still had their souls and that was good enough to know what love should feel like.

23. Fire

Axel was used to fire and passion, so when Zexion just accepted his fate without putting up a fight, he was disappointed; the realization that VI no longer wanted to be in a world without XI just made the feeling worse.

24. Strength

It took a surprising amount of strength to pin Zexion to the wall, but Marluxia still couldn't help but think that he'd let him…

25. Mask

It's only at times like this, when they're alone and tangled up in sweaty bed sheets, that Zexion will let his stoic mask drop and smile for Marluxia.

26. Ice

"If you ever touch Marluxia like that again, you will wake up missing something very important to you," Zexion hissed icily, not at all liking the way Axel just stood there smirking, but it'd be his problem if he didn't take the threat seriously.

27. Fall

Right after Marluxia became a Nobody, and thus was still getting used to his regulation cloak, he tripped and fell, but never met the ground—he was caught by the youngest of original members and immediately knew that he was going to like it here.

28. Forgotten

Axel is flirting shamelessly with Marluxia and the assassin is falling for it hook, line, and sinker; Zexion watches from the shadows, feeling forgotten and positively murderous.

29. Dance

As much as Zexion hated dancing, he hated Marluxia's pouting even more, so he gave in and let XI twirl him around.

30. Body

Zexion watched the body fall to the ground, Marluxia's triumphant laugh ringing in his ears; that's what people got for underestimating XI just because of his looks…

31. Sacred

Marluxia treated that garden of his like some damned holy shrine and sometimes he just wanted to rip it to pieces just to get XI's attention; then he'd remember that he wasn't supposed to have those feelings and forget the whole thing.

32. Farewells

Marluxia was gone, killed by the keyblade master, and Zexion refused to lament over their lack of farewells.

33. World

Marluxia was right at home in Wonderland, immediately falling in love with the giant flowers, while Zexion cursed the bright world and its infuriating purple cats who kept snickering about young love.

34. Formal

"Don't be so formal," Marluxia whispered the first time Zexion reluctantly called him lord, still a bit upset that an underling had gotten control of Castle Oblivion over him.

35. Fever

Could Nobodies get fevers?—Zexion hoped so, because if not, that meant his face felt warm because of the rather inappropriate thoughts he was having about Marluxia…

36. Laugh

The day Marluxia tripped and spilt the pink paint he'd been carrying—he was going to put some color in his room whether Xemnas liked it or not—on Larxene's head and Zexion actually laughed was the day XI decided that he'd do anything in his power to hear that beautiful sound again; as soon as XII stopped chasing him that is.

37. Lies

"I think Lumaria would have loved you," was met with, "I know Ienzo would have hated you," and only one of them was lying.

38. Forever

He wished that they could stay like this forever—stealing moments whenever they could by day, warming each others' beds by night, feeling alive—but Sora was coming, and somehow Marluxia knew that their end was near.

39. Overwhelmed

How Marluxia managed to overwhelm him with sensations he thought he'd never feel again, Zexion didn't know, but he did know that he never wanted the assassin to stop.

40. Whisper

Demyx didn't know what Marluxia was whispering into Zexion's ear, but judging by the red hue the smaller Nobody's face turned, he had a pretty good idea…

41. Wait

Zexion shoved him out of his room and locked the door, but Marluxia only smirked; he could wait…

42. Talk

Marluxia was in one of his talkative moods, and Zexion just wanted to read, and, and—"Marluxia, if you don't shut up right now, so help me, I'll shove that girly scythe of yours down your throat!"—and Marluxia promptly closed his mouth.

43. Search

There was a time when Zexion was earnestly searching for his heart, but then a certain pink-haired Nobody came into his life and he didn't feel as motivated anymore.

44. Hope

"I was hoping you could help me with this…"—Zexion knew Marluxia was perfectly capable of handling it himself, but he took the hint and followed XI to his room.

45. Eclipse

Marluxia pushed back the locks of hair that always eclipsed one of Zexion's eyes, stating matter-of-factly that his eyes were much too lovely to hide all of the time.

46. Gravity

The first time they kissed, the gravity of the situation became clear—they'd fallen for each other, whether they technically could or not.

47. Highway

All of the power from having control of Castle Oblivion went straight to Marluxia's head, and the first time he told Zexion that it was his way or the highway, VI knew that things had changed forever.

48. Unknown

Marluxia didn't know whether that look Axel directed towards Zexion promised death, molestation, or both, but either way it pissed him off.

49. Lock

To say Marluxia was mad about Zexion locking him out would be an understatement, but he was very pleased to see that the door was flung open moment he mentioned that he'd visit Axel instead.

50. Breathe

Maybe they didn't have heartbeats, but they could still breathe, and as long as Marluxia could steal that away with one look, Zexion didn't care either way.