Touch My Heart

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for het

Disclaimer: If you honestly think I could own Kingdom Hearts and still kill off the entire Organization, you have issues.

Author's Note: So… I wrote this almost three years ago and just now noticed I'd never posted it. I highly doubt I'll ever update this again, but seriously, it was time to put this one up. I haven't changed a single thing either, so if you're reading this from an author alert and wonder why it seems different from my other, more recent pieces, that's why. So yes, have some het fluff, which I do believe I wrote to make up for the last pervy Naminé chapter. Assuming I never pick this up again, I thank everyone who reviewed and faved this project. Your support really means a lot!

Flames do nothing but make me laugh, although I'll listen to any CC you have. Please read, review, and enjoy! Finished 12-18-06

Naminé took any excuse she could get to leave her little white room. Sure, she loved drawing, but sometimes she craved something new, something different, something… Not so white. So when Zexion had suddenly appeared in her room and asked if she could help him with something, she'd quickly agreed.

She didn't even mind that the kitchen was just as white as her room. She did have to wonder, however, what he could possibly need her help with in the kitchen. It was his domain after all. She'd never cooked before! Had her Other ever cooked even? Oh well, she decided that whatever it was, she'd do her very best…

"I need to make five dozen cookies by tonight. With you helping, I'll be done in half the time. Can you handle that?" …Five dozen cookies?

"I, um, y-yes! Yes, I'll help!" He offered her a small smile before getting out the ingredients and giving her directions.

To her credit, Naminé did well for her first time baking. True, she got a few eggshells in the batter, but she managed to get them all out with VI's help. And in one batch, she mixed up tablespoon and teaspoon, but Zexion assured her that all that extra vanilla wouldn't taste that bad. Despite those few setbacks, they had all the batter mixed in no time and were left waiting for batches to finish baking so new ones could go in the oven. At this point, Naminé thought he would just send her back to her room—after all, what else could she do?—but he instead sat down at the table and motioned for her to do the same. She did so, curiosity taking over. They hadn't spent much time together, so she really didn't know what to expect. He seemed so quiet and mysterious…

"So then, today was your first time baking, correct?" She nodded, feeling a slight warmth on her cheeks as he smirked knowingly. "As I suspected. Ienzo made the same mistake with the vanilla the first time he baked. It was back when he lived in Radiant Garden and Dilan refused to share his sweets. He decided to make chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips—he didn't like chocolate much—and then he put in all that vanilla… They were more like vanilla cookies than anything. Even was the only one who would eat them…" Naminé blinked at the story, not so much surprised at his Other's mishap, but more surprised with his speech in the first place. My, he certainly liked to talk… "Is something wrong Naminé?"

"N-no!" she stammered, flushing even more under his concerned gaze. "It's just that… I didn't think…" He chuckled at her flustered appearance, only serving to fluster her even more.

"Let me guess… You thought I was depressive and whatnot because of my appearance, correct?" She kept quiet, but her bright red face did all the talking. "I've learned that it's best to keep your opponents guessing. But trust me; I can talk circles around anyone in the Organization." Oh, she did. No doubts there.

"I see… Zexion? Why did we have to make so many cookies?" There was that smirk again. She suppressed the shiver that threatened to work its way down her spine.

"Today is the anniversary of the day Relena lost her heart. Larxene demanded five dozen cookies if we wanted to keep our genitalia. And since I'm the only one who won't burn them, the job was left up to me. I asked for your help for two reasons. One, I knew you'd be capable of following directions, and two—" He was cut off as the timer began beeping. He quickly got up to tend to the cookies, leaving Naminé to wonder what he was about to say. Surely, one of the others could have done the job just as easily. Was he fighting with the others? Did he pity her for being locked in a room everyday? Did he—

She let out a squeak as two arms encircled her from behind.

"Hmm, you smell lovely Naminé…" Oh, this was all too surreal. Surely, she'd wake up any moment now…

"That's not reason two is it?" Soft laughter filled the air, his breath warm on her neck. Any more blood rushing to her face was bound to make her faint.

"Well, not quite. But something like that…" And suddenly she was being pulled to her feet and into his chest. She was surprised to see that standing this close he was only half a foot or so taller than her. He wrapped his arms around her slim waist, confirming that their bodies were a perfect fit, bringing their lips together before she could say a thing. Not that she was complaining… On the contrary, her arms looped around his neck, trying to mimic his movements. Her first baking lesson and her first kiss all in the same day… It was rather overwhelming, yet she didn't mind in the least.

Really, what right did she have to complain about someone like Zexion kissing her?

She pulled away first, not because she wanted to, but because she was out of breath. Zexion made a mental note to teach her how to properly breathe though her nose next time. And judging by the dreamy smile on her face, there would indeed be a next time. Possibly very soon.

"Um, Zexion… After the cookies are all done, do you think, maybe, we could…try that again? Someplace private?" VI smiled and ran a gloved hand over her cheek, nodding slightly.

"Of course. We'll give Larxene her cookies then go up to your room, alright?"

For once, Naminé couldn't wait to get up to her room.