Touch My Heart

by taitofan

Rated PG-13 for sexual situations

Disclaimer: If Kingdom Hearts were mine, we'd know about Demyx through Larxene's somebodies by now.

Author's Note: I wasn't going to continue… But I found this hidden away with one whole sentence done, and decided to see what I could do. I really love 29 after all, and I have a lot of headcanon for Braig and Myde, so… KH3 will likely make those parts au as heck, but oh well!

1character theme set: Delta

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01. Blend

He has two presences within him—himself and Xehanort—and only one of them appreciated the light Demyx brought to him; that wasn't the side that was winning.

02. Stain

Myde has already left the castle, and when Braig sees the stains the boy left on his bed sheets, there's no guilt, only hunger for their next meeting.

03. Island

Sometimes Braig wonders if he should just kidnap Myde and live on some remote island somewhere far away, but he's too far into Xehanort's plans to stop now—he isn't sure he'd want to even if it were possible.

04. Apple

They're on a mission in Agrabah, and when Demyx makes the mistake of asking for directions for himself and "that old man," he finds an apple lobbed at his head—Xigbar doesn't even bother looking guilty.

05. Paper

Xigbar actually doesn't mind doing the paperwork for his and Demyx's mission, but he pretends he does just so the lazy brat will promise to do all kinds of fun stuff in return.

06. Relax

There was nothing better after a mission—whether it had been painfully difficult or insanely easy—than to relax with a cold drink and a cute blond sprawled across your lap.

07. Leaves

Myde has leaves throughout his hair and is rambling about running through the woods to escape the guards who spotted him, and Braig kisses him to shut him up, because the kid is really too cute for his own good.

08. Proof

He still has the scars as proof of his misdeeds, and though he has miraculously lived and Myde keeps telling him that it wasn't his fault he was possessed, Braig knows that's not the truth at all.

09. Ugly

Xigbar doesn't mind his useless eye or ugly scar so much—the power he'd received had been worth it—but he still appreciates the looks Demyx gives him, which prove that the kid finds him nothing sort of sexy.

10. Book

Braig was a little shocked to find Myde in the park reading a book instead of playing his sitar, especially when Myde wouldn't let him see it—once he saw it was an instruction manual for bondage play, he was still surprised but very interested.

11. Brood

Occasionally he wonders if giving up an eye, his heart, and his very self was worth the power he was promised, and though he always decides that it was, one little look at Demyx thinking he's not so bad fills him with a guilt he shouldn't even be capable of feeling.

12. Mesh

Demyx thinks that their personalities mesh well; Xigbar knows they do, because he's the one putting forth this persona to keep the others blind to Xehanort's plans.

13. Soft

Part of him thinks he's going soft, but this vague sense of affection for Demyx hasn't changed his plans or ambitions, so he tries not to dwell on it and just accept that the kid might be worth the hassle.

14. Shelf

Demyx stood on the toes of his boots, trying to reach the candy he knew Axel had hidden on the top shelf; Xigbar rolled his eye at Demyx's futile efforts and flipped to the ceiling to help him out.

15. Alone

News of Demyx's demise reaches him, and though Xigbar refuses to think this means he is alone—that he had grown fond of the kid—it doesn't change the fact that it's true.

16. Fall

"Easy kid, as if I'd let you fall," Xigbar assures him, and despite knowing that he really shouldn't, Demyx believes him.

17. Knot

Demyx felt knots in his stomach when he looked at Xigbar, despite everyone telling him it was impossible.

18. Crowd

A crowd has gathered around Myde as he plays his sitar, and Braig smirks as he thinks about all the beautiful sounds the teen is going to make when they're having sex that night.

19. Denial

'I'm just using him,' Xigbar tells himself, 'this doesn't mean anything.'

20. Train

While Xigbar is far more fun to train with than anyone else in the organization, Demyx thinks that maybe constantly being shoved against walls and thoroughly ravished isn't teaching him to be a better fighter, but he isn't complaining.

21. Fur

Xigbar takes one look at the yipping furball Demyx is holding and says absolutely not—he cannot keep the Dalmatian puppy as a pet.

22. Chrome

Demyx watches Xigbar polishing Sharpshooter, and he can't believe that he's jealous of an inanimate object for having Xigbar's experienced hands on it instead of him.

23. Heart

Demyx would never stop thinking that they could get their hearts back, because he was positive he'd begun to feel more the longer he was around Xigbar.

24. Intention

Xigbar had every intention of using Demyx for sex and then dropping him the moment the kid showed any signs of attachment, but when that day came, he just couldn't seem to let him go.

25. Push

The first time Xigbar pushes him to the wall and roughly captures his lips, Demyx tenses for but a moment before he grabs Xigbar's coat and pulls him closer.

26. Look

Myde has no reason to walk the long way home past the castle, but he knows it's the best way to catch a glimpse of Braig, and the extra twenty minutes hardly seem like a big deal for that.

27. Weight

Demyx's weight is rather comfortable by his side, and Xigbar wonders exactly when this brat became more to him than just a good lay.

28. Spider

Xigbar feels like a spider, weaving a web of pretty words to ensnare Demyx, and the fact that it's so easy to do just excites him more.

29. Robe

Demyx mutters something about him needing to get a robe or something, but as Xigbar struts around him room in the buff, he only wonders how the kid can be such a prude when they just had such great sex.

30. Umbrella

It's a downpour and he knows he should go straight home, but Myde still passes the castle on the way, and he feels justified when Braig storms out of the castle and shoves an umbrella at him.

31. Surface

When one's partner could defy gravity, sex on unconventional surfaces was ridiculously easy, much to Demyx's delight.

32. Idea

When Demyx announced that he had a "great idea," Xigbar was wary, but he wouldn't deny that it would probably be fun.

33. Diamond

He's harder than a fucking diamond, but they're in the middle of one of Xemnas's stupid meetings, and never more has he wanted to grab Demyx and just have his way with him right there.

34. Blind

He never removes his eye patch for anyone, but when Demyx asks him in the afterglow so gently, he allows the boy to slip it off and see his blind eye—when Demyx lays a kiss to the lid without a word, he guesses he can take it off when they're alone from then on.

35. Flow

Xigbar watches as the water flows around Demyx during battle, and he wonders how such a lazy brat can be so graceful at something he hates doing so much.

36. Movement

Xigbar thrusts and Demyx arches, and their sex life is somehow more frenzied than their fighting styles.

37. More

Demyx begs for more, and Xigbar gives it to him in spades.

38. Honey

His words are thick and sweet like honey, and Demyx falls for them all; Xigbar swears to himself that they're all lies, but he doesn't stop even after Demyx gives him what he'd set out for.

39. Weather

The weather is usually very nice in Radiant Garden, so when a particularly bad storm hits when Myde has snuck into the castle, Braig lets him stay, and somehow Myde thinks the sex is better when the thunder and lightning crash outside.

40. Blue

Xigbar looks into Demyx's teal eyes and is reminded of Myde's slightly bluer ones, but he squashes those thoughts as quickly as they spring up.

41. Double

Xigbar does a double take when Demyx is first recruited into the organization, though he doesn't let it show; Braig used to sneak Myde into the castle after all, so it's not a surprise that the others don't look twice at the new kid.

42. Braid

"As if," he growls, and not even Demyx's best pouty face and whines of 'But Xiggy!' will let Xigbar allow him to braid his hair.

43. Thread

Demyx remembers the man named Braig, and when he looks at Xigbar, he can't help but wonder if some string of fate has bound them to keep meeting each other.

44. Angles

Demyx thinks that the odd angle is a bit uncomfortable, but when Xigbar suggested ceiling sex, how could be refuse?

45. Daydream

Xigbar chastises him for not paying attention, and Demyx grumbles to himself that if Xigbar doesn't want him to daydream, maybe he should stop being so sexy.

46. Nightmare

Sometimes Xigbar dreams of the past—losing his eye, losing his heart, losing himself—and it doesn't really bother him; sometimes he dreams about Demyx being killed, and he's on edge the entire day.

47. Honor

Braig couldn't care less about honor—it didn't get him the power Xehanort promised him or the cute and very underage blond boy in his bed, did it?

48. Palm

Myde is always so loud in bed, and though Braig loves to hear him scream, it's not preferable when he could wake the others, so he presses his hand over the boy's mouth—when Myde simply licks his palm in response, he wisely replaces it with his mouth.

49. Screen

Demyx is rambling incoherently, apologizing over and over for getting Xigbar wet while they were training, and it's a good thing he's a cute kid, or he'd shoot Xemnas for not screening the new recruits better.

50. Warmth

No matter what he says, Xigbar can feel the warmth Demyx brings into his nonexistence, and he can't deny that he honestly does like it.