Chapter 1:life in Hyrule

In the Hyrule threre lived a happy couple, A man with red hair with a small pony tail choped wood for the fire. There dog Rusty ran around chasing the little critters in the yard. His wife was in the kitchen was cooking dinner, she was weeks away from giving bith to a helthy baby, she hummed a song while chopping up vegtables, she walked over to the open fire to give the roasted meat some flavor, she spinkled a little salt and pepper, going back to the stove she placed the choped vegtables in a pot of boling water. She felt two arm wrap around her waist

" somthing smells wonderfull?" the voice asked, the woman smiled at the sound of her husbands voice

" dinner will be set in a few minuets, this will give you time to freshen up Kay" she said. Kay kissed her cheek

" a feast fit for a man and a young lad too" Kay said placing a hand on his wife's round tummy, she snickered. she pictured her future, she and Kay watch as there young child grew in a happy sprited child.

" Lin do we have clean towels?" Kay asked,

" there in the closet" she said.

After dinner, Lin rocked in her chair knitting a small tunic, Rusty was relaxing by the warm fire, he snored in his sleep, Kay brought in a pile of wood for the fire, he pulled up a stool and sat next to his wife.

" maybe we should man him Ryle" Kay said.

"him? what if you don't know he's not a she?" Lin asked " If our child's a girl I would named her Lula" she said. The two laughed at the silly named they came up with.

Lin, Kay? yup thats what I came up with, If you minus the"ay" and add the K to Lin what do we get?...Link!

ok I'm lame but this will be the first Zelda story I have made and this will be based off of the OoT game