Chapter 5 : Enter Kokiri forest

Out in the cold crule rain, Lin took off on the horse she asked for at the Lon-Lon ranch while her son was craddled in her arm, the horse galoped in the beat of the rain, undead stalchildren started to pop out of the ground. The horse got spooked and reared up on it hine legs. Lin tried to stedy the horse but was throne off.

Lin fell to the ground as the horse went strait back to the ranch. one of the Stalchildren went over to the baby, it's long skeletal arm was about to touch it when a stick smacked it's hand.

" don't you dare" Lin said while pointing the stick at the stalchild, the stalchild had green ooz driping from its mouth, it took it's claw and swiped the stick out of Lins hand. Lin picked up her son, she started to back away then made a run for it. The Stalchildren chasing her as well.

" No stay away" she called out, the Stalchildren went under ground and popped back up in front of Lin. one grabed Lin by the skirt of her dress and made her fall to the ground. Her son fell out of her arms, he fell to the ground crying for his mother. As the Stalchildren were beating on Lin they turn there attention to the baby. Lin with the streath she has ran over to her son, picked him up and started to run for it, not looking back.

Lin ran all the way to a tree trunk entrance, but the hand of a Stalchild popped out of the ground making her trip, the Stalchild dug his claws in to Lins leg, Lin cried out in pain, she kicked the hand off of her, getting up she limped over to her son that was thrown out of her arms, she was cornered. As the Stalchildren came closer to her, she turned her back against them, but the Stalchidren looked up at the sky as dawn apeared before them. the Stalchidren fried up in the suns rays, the pooring rain stoped.

Lin peeked out from behind her, the Stalchidren were gone, Lin got her self up, with her baby in her arms she limped over to the hollow log entrance.

Lin expected a forest of just plain trees but not a small little village. She fell to the ground, she had no more streangth left.

in the homes of the village little children came out of their homes to see whats out there

" what is that?" one asked, she was a little blond girl with two big buns in her hair

" don't know" the other said. three children came over to them

" that a Hylian" the first one said

" no Hylian isn;t going to scare me" a child name Mindo said "after all I'm the leader" he said. A gilr with green hair steped out in front of him, she wanted to see the Hylian

" Saria what are you doing?" Mindo asked " get back here" he demanded. The girl Saria didn't listen to him, she walked all the way to the Hylian, she neeled down to Lin. Lin looked up at the child, Saria just looked at her with her cute green eyes. Lin took her son, she pushed him across the grass.

" I know you may not understand what I'm saying, please little child, take in my son and let him live the life you have" Lin said. Saria didn't under stand but she reatched out for the baby that Lin was pushing over to her. Saria lifted up the baby. the baby was gurrgling and tried to reatch out to Saria fairy to him looked like a bug.

" Saria take him to Great Deku Tree, he'll know what to do" Saira's fairy said.

Lin looked up at her son that was being caried away from her. the baby looked over Saria's sholder to see his mother for the last time. With a smile on her face Lin closed her eyes and her body started to faid away.

" Great Deku tree" Saria called out, a giant tree with a carving of a man looked down on the girl.

" Saria what is it child?" the tree asked

" a hylian has entered our forest" Saria told the tree " She is now dead, but she left behind this" Saria placed the baby down, the baby started to crawl over to the tree.

"A Hylian child, I sence somthing in this child, for now we'll raise him like a Kokiri and never speak word of his Identity, for now we have to give him a name" The Deku tree's vine begain to drop from the tree, he used it as a hand, the baby grabed the vine with his left hand.

" aleft handed child...I know what I'll name him, Link. Link as in the left handed" the Deku tree said, little Link yawned as his eyes lids begain to drop"

" Saria look after him, teach him what it's like to be a Kokiri, untill he's old enough" Deku tree commanded. Saria picked up Link who now was sleeping in her arms

" I will Great Deku tree" she said.

The End

well thats it for this story. the sequel will be up soon

and Link is german for left if you all want to know

I hope you all enjoy this story