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Summary: What's next after Voldemorts Defeat? Sowing as many oats as possible! Everything is great until one of Harry's paramours files a lawsuit for child support and a dozen more follow. The ministry is outraged by the moral deterioration Harry is wrecking in wizarding England auctions him off to the highest bidder in order to payoff the child support lawsuits. Draco wins him and sets forth with a plan to tame him. Warning: Some of Harry's lovers have been men so there may be mention of mpreg, but it wont be a large part of this story. :D

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A part of the theme was Draco trying to beget an heir from Harry, should I include that too?

"What?!" Harry snapped into the receiver of his mobile.

"I thought it would be the polite thing if you heard it from me: I'm signing the petition, too."

"Ginny, why are you calling me so early?" he complained

"It's 2 P.M., Harry," came her too chipper response.

"Too early…" he insisted.

"Fun night, huh?" she said coyly.

"This better be important."

She continued as if he never spoke. "You'd better be more cautious with your latest fling, Harry- wouldn't want them to join the petition, too."

"What are you talking about, Ginny? I'm tired; just get out with it."

"It seems that your seed has taken root in so many unwed bellies that you're being sued."

"What!" his yell made last night's conquest turn in her sleep.

"Ok, explain Ginny."

"Do you remember Daniel?"


"The blond from Seamus's birthday party…."


"He works at the Prophet …."


"He had those charmed violet eyes…."

"I said I don't remember, Ginny!" he was getting frustrated.

"You said he gave great head, that he deep throated you, and did a fun little something with his tongue," she deadpanned.

"Oh,yeah…! I remember him!" He smiled in satisfaction, recalling their encounter in the restaurant bathroom.

"Hey! Before you start wanking off, let me finish," she said knowingly.

"I don't need to wank, Ginny. I have people to get off with, inside of…" his voice trailed off suggestively.

"I'm sure you do, which is part of the problem. It seems Daniel uses his big mouth for other things too. Some bloke filed a lawsuit with the Ministry demanding child support from you. It seems your little friend found out and put it on the front page of the Prophet."

"It can't be! The kids not mine!" he denied.

"That sounds great, Harry; I almost believed you," she laughed and then became serious.

"You better get over to Ron's; Hermione found a wizard lawyer for you, but it doesn't look good."


"Just call Hermione." She hung up.

"Harry James Potter, what were you thinking!" Hermione paused in her pacing only to glare down at him.

"Hermione, calm down. It's probably some one that wanted more than what he got and just wants revenge," he tried reassuring her.

"20 something someone's?"

"20 something someone's?" He looked at Ron questioningly, but the redhead just shrugged his shoulders.

"Harry, twenty people have signed the petition attached to the main lawsuit, so far!"

"Bloody hell! I didn't know you got around that much, mate!" Ron said with an expression of awe, and coughing uncomfortably when his wife narrowed her eyes at him.

"This is serious, Ron. Harry, I can't believe you would be this irresponsible!"

"I do use protection spells, Hermione; I've always made sure my partners cast one before we initiate anything." His temper started to rise as he attempted to keep his voice down.

"Apparently not for every one of your …assignations," she spat the word out.

"Every time, Hermione! Don't make it sound like some disgusting hobby! I make it clear we're just enjoying one another!" he yelled back

"Harry, she didn't mean it like that, mate. She's been working all morning to help you with this," Ron reassured his friend.

"You're just worried, right Hermione?"

"He's right. I'm sorry, Harry, but this isn't good. Some of the people on the list are married. I expect the cuckolded spouses will submit their divorce petitions soon enough."

When she received no reaction from him besides a blank face, she was tempted to wring his neck.

She started to explain slowly. "The wizarding world is extremely conservative: family values are forefront You breaking up homes won't help your case any, Harry. Especially considering that when it comes right down to it, if these children are yours, it's your responsibility to at least provide monetary support."

"Don't worry, mate. It'll be okay, you'll see." Ron tried to assure his best friend with a pat on the back as he took a seat to his left.

"This coming from the man that accused me of being a 'Scarlet Woman,'" his wife dejectedly muttered before joining them on the couch and dropping her head on Harry's shoulder.

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