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"So," Deianara began as she held out her hand for Sam to take. I am soooo going to kill Morgan for this. "I'm Deianara Cassadine, and I'm your sister's case worker."

Sam, who had not said anything or moved, blinked and swallowed a lump in his throat. "Sam Winchester," he took her hand into his and a jolt of electricity passed through them. When they let go of each other's hands, Sam gestured to his baby sister: who was sitting in his lap- almost asleep. "This is my baby sister, Elizabeth Winchester."

Deianara smiled at the little girl. "Hi sweetie, my name's Deianara, but you and your brother can call me Ana ok?" Bethie nodded. "Good, now," she looked up at Sam, "Sam can you tell me what happened?"

"I'll meet you outside in a second," Sam nodded, as soon as Deianara was gone; he looked down at his sister. "Bethie, sweetheart, I need to talk with Ana for a few minutes ok?" she nodded, her eyelids growing heavy. "Bethie, I need you to promise me that you won't tell anyone, other than me or Dean what we really saw. Can you do that for me sweets?"

"How come Sammy?" Bethie wanted to know why she couldn't tell the police and firemen, and the two nice ladies she met what she saw.

Sam sighed and closed his eyes. "Because, Dean and I know what killed your mom, because well, it killed dad, mine and Dean's mom and my girlfriend," he told her. "They all died on the ceiling like your mom."

"What?" Bethie looked scared as her big brother told her what had happened to his mom and girlfriend. "Who killed them?"

"Not who princess, in our family, it's what killed them," Sam corrected her, he hugged her tight, "Dean and I, we fight ghosts, demons and the other scary monsters that live in the dark. The thing that killed our parents, and my girlfriend, was a demon."

Bethie looked at her brother trying to determine if he was serious and truthfully with her. There was nothing in her big brother's face that showed he was lying. Even after only knowing them for two weeks, Bethie had complete faith that her big brothers would do everything in their power to keep her safe. "Okay, my lips are sealed," she promised, holding out her little hand, pinky up, "I pinky swear."

Sam had to chuckle at that as he did the same with his hand and they shook their pinkies on it. "Good, now you get some rest, and Dean and I will be here when you wake up princess," he told her, pressing a kiss to her forehead as he laid her down on the hospital bed.

Bethie nearly pouted as she said, "Ok, you two better be here."

Sam smiled at her and turned off the light in the private room as he went to join Deianara in the hall. As he turned to find Deianara, he found her leaning against the wall, a small smile on her lips. "So, you want to tell me what happened?" she questioned with a raised eyebrow.

For a moment Sam felt a little self-conscious, after all it was not as if he had to get custody of a younger sibling. Sam sighed and nodded. "This might take a while," he warned her as they went into the empty room across the hall from Bethie's room. Both of them taking seats on opposite hospital beds, Sam figured he should tell her everything from the beginning, well everything meaning that he would leave out the supernatural elements.

"That's all right, I have as long as you need," she told him as she sat back, realizing it may be a while.

"It all started when I was exactly six months old…" Sam began as he told her about his mother's murder, the family search for the murderer since the police ruled the death an accident and wouldn't investigate, him going to Stanford and meeting Jessica, Jessica's murder, and searching for and finding their dad. He glossed over the facts as much as he dared, leaving out only the supernatural elements.

As Deianara sat and listened, she was shocked at how much sadness Sam had witnessed and felt in his life. She perked up as Sam began to tell her about finding his, Dean's and Bethie's father.

"When we finally caught up with him, we rented a cabin and began making plans to finally capture and bring this guy to justice, but the guy's daughter kidnapped our father. A few days later, after we had saved dad, the guy who murdered my mother and my girlfriend, caught up with us and escaped, but not before he took a semi and rammed it into my brother's Impala," Sam told her. He could feel his fists clench and unclench in anger and grief as he closed his eyes, willing the pain to leave as he thought of the deaths of his mother, his girlfriend, and father. He couldn't help it, sitting here in the hospital talking about it, it made the fact that he couldn't save his mother, girlfriend, and his half-sister's mother like he had little Rosie's mother from the Demon that more palpable.

Deianara, for her part, sat on the hospital bed silently listening to Sam as he told her about his family. But she had to admit, she was starting to admire him. For all the stuff that Sam had witnessed and suffered in his life, he seemed really well adjusted. She watched as Sam fought something inside himself and as he took a deep breath, before he continued.

"From what my dad told me before he died, about eight years ago, he met Bethie's mother and they had a one night stand that resulted in Bethie," he smiled sadly at the thought of his baby sister. "Dean and I didn't know she existed until he told us about her. He told me her mother's name and where we could find her…"

"So you and Dean, after getting out of the hospital, and fixing your brother's car, decided to move to Chicago and meet your sister," Deianara finished for him with a smile as she looked over across the room to Sam. Even though they were in the hospital, discussing his younger sister's placement with him and their older brother, she couldn't help but think of how handsome Sam looked. She could also see how much love and affection Sam had for his baby sister.

Sam nodded. "That's right. Dean and I were raised to believe that family is the only thing that really matters and if the guy who killed my parents and girlfriend is still out there, Dean and I were going to protect Bethie and her mom as much as we possibly could," he explained; his voice bitter. "But we were not able to save Laura. We've been here for two weeks, and earlier today, I left work early. I work as a paralegal at Johnson, Laurens, and Carlson till I'm able to get mine and Dean's private investigation business off the ground."

Deianara couldn't help but admire what Sam and his brother wanted to do and also for wanting to actually take care of their little sister. It was obvious that they loved her and that she loved and felt safe with them. Even though she had only been working as a social worker for a year, she knew that most children who had been abused would not want their abuser to stay with them while they slept; they would have wanted to be left alone. To her, Bethie's attitude about wanting her big brother to stay with her was very telling.

Deianara was about to saw something when there was a knock on the door. They looked over, and standing in the door way was a man wearing a suit and a long coat. There was also a badge hanging off the man's belt, meaning that he was a detective. Great, just fucking great. Sam thought, inwardly groaning as the cop entered.

"Sam Winchester?" Sam nodded. "I'm Detective O'Malley and I have some questions for you if you don't mind?"

Not wanting to jeopardize getting custody of Bethie, Sam agreed. "I'll answer your questions Detective," he said, "What is it you want to know?"

"Why don't you start by telling me about how you knew the deceased?" O'Malley asked as he grabbed a chair and pulled his pad out.

"Well, my brother and I have only known Laura and Bethie for a little over two weeks. My father was killed in a car accident a month and half ago, but before he died he confided in me and my brother that we had a half sister, Bethie, who lived in Chicago with her mother Laura," Sam explained once again. He was getting annoyed with repeating himself, but if it helped, then so be it. "After my brother's injuries from the accident were healed, we came to Chicago to meet Laura and to get to know our baby sister." Sam was glad that he was able to tell most of the truth and leave the supernatural elements. He had always hated lying to the police. Nevertheless, he understood that there were times when it was necessary.

The Detective nodded and wrote down some notes as he asked, "So what happened today? Start at the beginning."

Sam then began describing his day. They had gotten up, and then went to their respective jobs; Sam had dropped Dean off at the auto shop, and then drove to the law office. He worked until two o'clock, when he left to go pick up Bethie from school, as he told Laura he would, then went to pick Dean up.

"…After we picked Dean up, the three of us went for ice cream and then headed to Bethie and Laura's. Bethie ran inside to tell her mom about her day when she saw Laura's car in the driveway. We ran in after her, but she was a little faster and had opened Laura's bedroom door before we caught up with her," Sam paused for a moment remembering what had happened and remembering how much like Jess's death, like his mom's death this had been and a few tears slipped down his cheeks. Tears shed for the loss of another life to the bastard demon, tears shed for Bethie's lost innocence and hell even belated tears for his and Dean's lost innocence.

"Mr. Winchester," the Detective drew Sam's attention away from his thoughts and Sam appreciated his concern. "Could you please continue? We need to have the statement whole for the record."

"I'm sorry," Sam said, trying to regain his equilibrium. But it was kind of hard when the police were acting like idiots. "When we got to the room, it was already starting to smoke, and Dean literally had to pick Bethie up and run out of the house. When we looked into the room, Dean and I knew there was nothing we could do to save Laura. The fire was emanating from her and I could tell that there was nothing I could do except to go join my family, so I ran outside before the fire grew. We called emergency and here we are."

O'Malley nodded as he wrote down notes from Sam's statement. "Well Mr. Winchester, that's all for now," he stood up and put the chair back where he had found it. At 39 years old, he'd seen a lot of things in his time on the force, but this ranked as one of the worst he'd ever seen. He knew instinctually that the brothers were hiding something from him, but somehow he knew that the Winchester Brothers were not involved either directly or indirectly with the death of Laura Sorenson. "I'd advise you not to leave the City until our little investigation is over," he told the younger Winchester brother before leaving the room.

As soon as the detective left the room, Sam leaned back against the wall behind him. God, he hated lying to the cops, but sometimes it was a necessary evil. Ahhh shit! He thought as he remembered that Dean didn't know there was a cop coming to investigate. Pulling out his phone, he typed out the text message, 5-0 on the way, tell truth without mentioning the supernatural. Hopefully Dean would get the message in time.