Summary: Abandoned by his parents out of fear, Aries is quickly adopted into a very prestigious family. Years later when he enters Hogwarts, he must learn to deal with his former parents as well as the war that the wizarding world is slowing losing to.

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Chapter 5

Elvin Realm, Royal Gardens, 6:19 pm, September 30 1990

The sun was setting, and the colours in the sky slowly changed to become darker. The fading light created shadows and they flickered and moved as the wind blew and the trees' leaves wavered underneath its branches. Underneath an old oak, dressed in nothing but his black slacks and combat boots sat Aries. Watching the setting sun silently, the shirtless 10 year old shivered slightly from the slight chill in the air.

Amorina quietly slipped out from the doorway where she had been worriedly watching her younger brother. She herself wasn't exactly dressed for the outdoors. She stepped out into the chilly September air shivering slightly in the sundress that she hadn't had a chance of changing out of yet. Walking quickly towards Aries, she threw a blanket to him, while pulling another one around her shoulders. Settling in besides her brother, she turned her attention to the sky ahead of them.

"Comment ça va?"

Aries gave a small smile to his sister beside him. She had just spent the day shopping in Paris with Fleur.

"I'm ok." He whispered back. Her lavender eyes stared apprehensively into his green. He shrugged turning back to the sunset.

Amorina sighed sadly before reaching over and hugging the smaller boy to her. She felt Aries relax and rest his head on her shoulder.

Finally he whispered, "It's so hard Rina."

Her hold tightened around him, knowing that his words held true. The year had been difficult – for the both of them. The two had been training since the week after Aries' 9th birthday, and not a day had gone by except today, that they hadn't trained. Over the year, neither of the two had been able to see their family friends until that day. Unfortunately for Aries, Draco had caught a nasty bought of dragon pox and they weren't able to meet after the year, Amorina though had been fortunate enough to be able to have permission to go to Paris with Fleur for the day.

The year had been difficult for all three families, the Delacour's, the Malfoy's and the SilverWing's. All three families had been training their children desperately trying to prepare them for what may await them all in the future.

The SilverWing children themselves had been studying their elvin magic, both already years ahead of many others their age. Not only elvin magic though, no, their family friend and surrogate grandfather, Albus Dumbledore had started, upon their mother's request, to train them in magic as well. Aries had taken to magic like a fish did in water, Amorina though, envious of her brother's affinity with magic had difficulty grasping magic and willing it. The old headmaster had been quick to reassure her that it was natural for her to have difficulty, after all elvin magic and wizarding magic were from completely different branches. Aries had fun learning magic from the old wizard and showed great promise from what Dumbledore had last said, saying Aries was already well into third year Hogwart's material. Amorina remembered her brother's blinding smile the day he heard that.

Starting to hum a lullaby, Amorina stroked her little brother's fondly. Not only had they studied magic and theory, but they had had also physical training over the year. Amorina had been trained with the bow and arrow taking a shine to it like Aries had with swords and daggers. Their trainers had pushed the two SilverWings day after day to run more, endure more, train more, improve more. Each day seemed daunting to the two, but they persevered, knowing that they would need it in the future. Their parents themselves were preparing as much and as quickly as they could for the future.

"Mother, Father, and Grandpa Albus told me today…about the Potters and the prophecy hanging over my head."

Amorina stilled, shocked.

Aries turned to look at his sister solemnly.

"You knew, didn't you?"

She bit her lips, eyes tearing slightly and nodded, never being one to lie to Aries. He sighed and wrapped his arms around her.

"It's ok, I'm not mad, I understand why you didn't tell me. It would be most…difficult."

She gave a nervous laugh and allowed a tear to fall.

"The Potters…they were my original family? I mean, I always knew I wasn't really a SilverWing – "

"You are a SilverWing, always have been and always will be."

Aries blinked at the fierce and determined tone that his sister had used. He smiled warmly.

"Thank you. It's just…I can't believe that anyone would…do something like that..." He trailed off lost in thought.

Amorina sighed, "I don't understand either, but I believe at the time that the Potters were under a great deal of stress and pressure, not that that's an excuse for what they did." Her eyes grew fierce, "I'll never forgive James and Lily Potter for what they did."

Aries laughed at his sister, poking her forehead playfully. She rolled her eyes and looked back to the now black sky.

Sighing, she got up, and held out her hand.

"Come, its dark," smiling softly Amorina pulled her brother up, "tomorrow's another day of training."

Nodding, Aries and Amorina walked towards their parents who had been watching them both worriedly from where Amorina had stood before. Aries stepped away from his sister towards the people who had raised him – his parents.

"Mom…Dad, I love you." Throwing himself at them, he wrapped his arms around the surprised Antony and Chiara. Both adult elves wrapped their arms around their son, pulling their daughter into the family embrace.

Caught in the hold, Amorina smiled happily looking up at the sky.

I hope…that my family will always be together. Toujours

Black Manor, Lord Black's Study, 10:54 pm, November 25 1990

Sirius groaned, finishing signing another form and placing his seal on the document. Deciding to call it a night, he placed the finished documents into a box that sent them all instantly to Gringrotts.

Just a few more of these damn forms and it'll all be done.

Grinning slightly he closed the door to his study, making his way to his room.

After his ex-friend James and snubbed him and Remus, Sirius had undergone a change that could shock many a wizards and witches including their old transfiguration teacher. Could, being the key word since Sirius didn't like to leave the manor, preferring instead to work from his property, and have Remus doing any deliveries or personal meetings that had to be done in person. It wasn't that he was ashamed or anything to show his face in public, no far from it, he was just tired of all the questions. During the first few months after what had been known as the 'Potter tragedy' many of the wizarding population had questioned the sudden split between the Potter-Black duo. After being bombarded by the questions one to many times, Sirius shut himself on his property, threatening to sue to the last galleon anyone had if they dared to trespass unless they were Remus. So far, only one person had been able to trespass and gotten away from it, one Albus Dumbledore.

Chuckling at the memory, Sirius got into bed exhausted from all the work he had done that day. Silently, he mused, he must have been working harder on this little project than he had in anything in Howarts. Oh well, it was going to be well worth it, and it was all thanks to the old headmaster.

Black Manor, Lord Black's Study, 6:10 am, August 21 1981

In the past…

"Dumbledore? H-how'd?" Blue eyes were wide, and Lord Black stood stiffly with his mouth open. The old headmaster chuckled, eyes twinkling merrily.

"Sirius," he started warmly, "how are you my boy? I haven't seen you in a while, though Remus did say you doing well, but I wanted to check up on you myself."

Sirius still in shock, sat down in a flop. Bringing his head into his hands, he sighed exasperatedly.

"What brings you to my humble abode headmaster?"

Albus frowned, and his smile slipped quite saddened by the plight the man in front of him had undergone. Remembering though, the reason for his visit, he cleared his throat. Sirius ignored him, still wallowing at his desk.

"Now Sirius, cheer up. Harry would not want to see you like this."

Like magic, Sirius gave a response. Though, probably not the reaction the old headmaster had expected. Sirius stood up, face angered, mouth open ready to rant, finger pointing at the headmaster accursedly, and then, almost as fast as the anger had come, it disappeared. Albus stood shocked, as Sirius, Lord Black suddenly crumpled to the ground, breaking down crying. Feeling guilty he patted the poor man's shoulder.

"Now, now Sirius, I meant to bring you good news. I am sorry if I brought up any bad memories." The old man said sorrowly.

Sirius sniffed, "What's good news? Harry's gone."

Albus' eyes started twinkling again.

"Why, my boy, whoever said he was gone?"

Freezing in place, Sirius large eyes met the headmaster's shining ones.


And Dumbledore did.

Black Manor, Lord Black's Study, 11:44 pm, November 25 1990


Both Sirius, and Remus who was told later that day, were sworn to secrecy about Aries' existence. The two former marauders were shocked by the tale spun by their old headmaster, and equally if not more angered by Lily and James' actions towards their previous son. They were saddened by Albus' denial for them to see Aries, but they understood why. Aries was with a new family, he would need the time to adjust to his family and find his place there, but, and this gave them hope, in the future when Aries knew the truth about his past, than the two would be able to reunite with the boy.

The knowledge that his godson wasn't dead, the knowledge that he one day would meet again with the child gave Sirius new strength. It was the one thing other than Remus' encouragement that made him overcome his slight depression and work towards the future.

It had been a month now since he met Aries, and it warmed his heart when he saw the shy smiling face of the ten year old at his sister's 15th birthday. After the boy had learned about his past, Sirius was nervous that the youngster would deny seeing him since his past connection with the boy's former parents. This fear though was proven wrong, when both he and Remus received invitations along with portkeys to Princess Amorina SilverWing's 15th Birthday Party located in the Royal Palace in the Elvin Realm. It wasn't so much the invitations that shocked the two but the letter that accompanied them. Both notes were the same and were quite short, but it warmed both their hearts greatly at the time when they saw who it was from.

Dear Lord Black/ Mr. Lupin,

It would mean a lot to me if you would come to my sister's birthday party where I can meet you. I would like to get to know the both of you better, my Grandpa Albus tells me that you were both close to me as a baby. Please come.


Aries SilverWing

Crown Prince of the SilverWing Clan; Second in line to the throne.

Warming at the memory, Sirius whispered a silent Nox and closed his eyes. After waiting years, he finally met again with his godson, and were currently still getting to know one another. It was going well, and at the time presently, both he and Remus had taken over the magical training of five youngsters. The two marauders had quite been surprised to see the Malfoys, but after spending a day with them, they had relaxed around the Malfoys, much to Aries' delight. Sirius and Remus had met the Delacour's that same day, and got along with them graciously, Sirius ecstatic just over the fact that they were french and spoke the language he learned growing up.

Yawning, Lord Black rolled over, trying to find a more comfortable position. He had to sleep tonight, after all tomorrow was another day, and he was ever so close to finishing.

Little Hangleton, Riddle Manor, 12:00 am, January 1 1991

"WORMTAIL! You incompetent imbecile get over here."

A sniveling man with a rat-like face crawled towards the first man that had spoken.

The room they were in was completely dark, save for the light provided by the lone fire in the room. The flames though, flickered, and shadows moved around the room, making one think that there were…other presences present.

"Y-yes master?"

Voldemort curled his lip in disdain. Giving the man beneath him a swift kick and conveniently ignored the man's pathetic whimper of pain, Voldemort stared down at the little man before him.

Twirling his wand between his fingers expertly, he glared at the little vermin in the room.

"How many new death eaters did we recruit the previous year?" The questioned was hissed, the tone poisoning and Wormtail, once known as Peter Pettigrew shook in fear.

"T-t-there w-w-we-ere t-th-irty-f-four l-l-last y-yea-r-r m-m-y l-lord." The shaking increased.

A second later he was writhing in pain, his screams piercing the air as his body underwent the effects of the cruciatius curse. A few moments later, the Dark Lord released Wormtail.

The small man shook, tears of pain rolling down his fat cheeks, and he curled away. Voldemort sneered in disgust.

"I expect better this year Wormtail! I need more death eaters! The Longbottom boy will be entering Hogwarts this year and the time is nearing." Glaring straight into the sniveling man before him, he spat out, "the number of recruits had better be growing immensely the next time I inquire Wormtail, or I may just feed you to Nagini." Wormtail whimpered and nodded rapidly in fear as said snake slithered over to her master and onto his shoulder.

"Well get out!" the Dark Lord spat. Not waiting another second, Wormtail high tailed it out of there.

Locking the door with a wave of his wand, he waved it again to extinguish th fie, leaving the room in complete darkness. Looking out the window, Voldemort, the darkest dark lord that the wizarding world had ever seen, stoked the snake upon his shoulder, glaring at the world outside.

Soon, this will all be mine.

Turning his back to the outside world, Voldemort continued his plans for the future.

Godric's Hollow, Sapphire's Room, 12:30 am, January 1 1991

The little eight year old child shivered, her blue eyes wide in fright at the vision she had just seen. Curling into her blankets she took deep breaths trying to calm her beating beat. In the other room, she could hear her two-month old brother Darren crying. A few moments later, she heard feet running into the room, and heard her parents' cooing voices. Darren immediately stopped crying.

Sapphire curled up in her little cocoon from within her dark room.

Her parents had had another baby. She smiled frostily. It did help her mother recover more from actually having a child that responded to her. Both parents had moved from trying to get her to love them onto her little brother. They lavished him with attention, every scream, every tear. In turn, they gave up on their daughter, allowing themselves happiness with their new child, a child that wasn't tainted, a child that wasn't hateful of them.

Outside, the rain started to fall and drizzle lightly. Sapphire peered out the window apprehensively while pulling her black blankets closer to her lithe body. Everything was moving forwards like it was predicted, the future was looming closer. She shook, the time ahead of the world would be bloody, but the history to come would change the world.

Smiling grimly as she heard her parents leave with her brother she silently willed her nightlight to light up. Shrugging, totally unashamed, she curled up trying to fall back asleep. After all, the nightlight did make the darkness more comfortable, at least for just a little while.

Finally though, Sapphire slipped off to sleep content with the thought that she would meet her brother in the upcoming events of the future. Even though she had never met him, she knew him and yearned to have her brother with her through the darkness. Sleeping deeply, the room buzzed silently and a small shield of magic appeared around the eight year old, protecting her for the night from her visions and from the outside world.

On her ceiling her nightlight, made up of tiny lit up shapes forming the constellation of Aries, lit up brighter than before giving the room a soft warm glow.

Elvin Realm, Palace Fields and Grounds, 3:30 pm, January 1 1991

"Aries? Aries?"

Snapping out of his meditative state, he peered up at his sister. She frowned at him.

"You had me worried, you weren't responding."

He rolled his eyes.

"Rina, I was meditating, of course I'm not going to respond." She pouted and he answered with a grin. Her face became curious though after a while.

"So…where'd you let your mind take you today?"

He stood up stretching. Looking at the sun's position, he saw that he had been in his trance for quite a few hours. Turning to his sister he answered her as he started heading back into the palace.

"I visited Sapphire."

Eyes wide, Amorina ran to her brother. "How is she?"

Ever since the two marauders Sirius and Remus started coming into the realm, they had answered all Aries' questions while getting to know each other. The SilverWing family adored the two wizards and vice versa. It was through them though, that Aries learned about his former family and his other sister, Sapphire.

Curious about her, Aries had used his ability to visit other planes and realms while in meditation to find her. He thanked his elvin instructors everyday for teaching him this skill. It was thanks to it that he was able to locate the young girl. With his discovery, he watched her from time to time through meditation trying to find out what she was like. He was shocked though and unprepared when one day the little girl had turned towards where his spirit would be and smiled brightly. The first smile he had ever seen adorned on her face since he started watching her. She had waved to him though he knew she couldn't see him. He would never forget what she said next.

"Hi big brother, I know you're there, even though I can't see you. I'm a seer." Here her eyes teared, desperately searching for his own eyes but knowing that she wouldn't be able to find them. "It's really hard. I wish I was with you. They're not real parents." Aries knew she was speaking about the Potters and his eyes sorrowly surveyed his younger sister, taking in her haunted eyes, pale skin and skinny body. She continued, settling on her bed, "But I'll be ok, cause I know your around and that one day you'll come for me when the time's right. I love you Aries." It was then when he felt his spirit going back to his body but the last thing he had seen from his spiritual visit that day was his blue-eyed sister's crying face and her small hand waving him good-bye.

Coming back to the present, Aries held the door open for his older sister. "She's fine, she's had another vision, but I sent a little magic to protect her for the night."

Amorina smiled in relief. After Aries had told the family including Grandpa Albus and Uncles Remus and Sirius, Amorina had felt a sudden protectiveness for the younger child very much like she felt for her younger brother.

Sirius and Remus had been shocked, yes, and had just about leapt to go get little Sapphire out of the Potter household when Albus had stopped them. The old wizard himself had been very surprised, but he reminded them that little Sapphire had not requested that they come for her, but for her brother to do so when the time was right. Albus then mused out loud that the child must feel that she had a part to play in the Potter household before she should leave. That thought stopped all plots of stealing the girl away from the gathering. Sirius and Remus had slumped in their seats defeated. The SilverWing family nodded hesitantly agreeing with the old headmasters, but they couldn't help but feel worried for the young seer.

Aries and Amorina walked into the dining room both lost in thought. Settling down at the table together, a house elf popped up with food and a message.

"Young mistress, young master," came the educated voice as her the elf bowed, "your parents have instructed us to tell you that they will be away in court for the day." Both SilverWings nodded, thanking the house elf. He bowed again and disappeared.

They slowly ate their salad. In the room, the clock chimed as it read 4:00pm. Setting down his fork, Aries got up.

"I want to help her."

Amorina got up also hugging him.

"You will. Soon."

He nodded in agreement.


Everything would be happening soon. The future loomed ahead.


Sapphire's Birth date is October 31, 1982 and was supposed to be 6 years-old during chapter 4, sry for the mistake.
Amorina's Birth date is November 23, 1975
Draco's Birth date is December 1, 1980

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