Title: The Beginning of Something New (6/6)
Author: Lucifer Hisaki
Rating: NC-17 Overall
Fandom: Prince of Tennis/Tenipuri
Pairing: Eventual Sanada Genichirou/Echizen Ryoma/Tezuka Kunimitsu
Summary: Compilation of Themed Ficlets of StagesOfLlove Livejournal Community claim. It's the Beginning of Something New and the bumps that go along with it
Disclaimer: I don't own Tenipuri or we be seeing orgies upon orgies of yummy yaoi smex
Notes: Double or (††)around the subtitles indicates Sex Scenes
Overall Word Count: 7202

Nothing Special †

Sanada didn't expect anything when Kunimitsu and Ryoma invited him as a thank you for helping them get back together. It was just a simple occasion, he wore a pair of jeans and a dark polo shirt.

Knocking on their apartment door, Sanada tapped his foot against the floor. It wasn't anything special. When the door opened, he raised an eyebrow at Kunimitsu's ruffled appearance. "Did I come at a wrong time?"

"Oh no, sorry but we've been a bit busy."

Sanada smirked knowingly back. "Have fun?"

Kunimitsu only smiled mysteriously back. To Sanada that was as loud as a large billboard sign. He nodded to the other man and stepped in, toeing off his sneakers. Kunimitsu followed, running a hand through his hair.

"Oh you're here," Ryoma called out from the bedroom's door frame, he had a towel around his hips. "About time, Black Cap."

Sanada tipped his head down at the old insult. It was nothing now. Then something strange happened, something glittered in Ryoma's eyes. It was different. Nothing too alarming but different all the same.

The former Buchou of Seigaku walked up behind him, a glass of water in hand, "Drink?"

"Thanks." Sanada took it graciously, watching Ryoma stride sensually toward them, hips swaying to the side. Sanada took a large gulp of his water.

"Any clue on why you're here?" Ryoma looked him over slowly from underneath half-open eyelids.

"I think I can guess," Sanada drawled softly. In the back of his mind, his assumptions were changing drastically. However, this visit was nothing special.

They talked casually, Ryoma still only in his towel, not making a move to wear any clothes. Kunimitsu choked every once in a while, especially during mid-sentence when his spectacles fell on the smaller male. Sanada paid it no attention. Nothing special.

That was until Ryoma slipped and fell into his lap not so graciously. Sanada's eyes widened only a fraction, his hands wrapping around the younger man's shoulders. There was that look in Ryoma's eyes again.

Sanada didn't have time to dwell much on it.

His lips were quickly encased in a soft wet warmth.

Shocked he froze completely, Kunimitsu was approaching him from the corner of his eye. No doubt, he was going to punch the daylights out of him. But the flames of passion in Ryoma's kiss was deadly as a sharpen katana slicing through straw. When Ryoma pulled away, a new wetness met his, Sanada's met Tezuka's stare.

The flames of his heart spiked higher. He swallowed deeply.

This was not supposed to be special. But it was. By the Passion of those two kisses, lingered in his mind as he was pulled into the bedroom. Sanada smirked.

"How long have you been planning this?"

Kunimitsu and Ryoma just laughed.

†† Trinity ††

It was Kunimitsu who pushed him back onto the bed, Ryoma lingering in the side humming to himself before plopping himself on the nearby chair, a smirk on his lips. Kunimitsu ran a hand down his shirt before pulling the hem out of his pants. Sanada didn't bother to hide the look of amused intrigue on his face.

He didn't waste any time removing the former Buchou's shirt. His lips caught one perk nipple and tugged on it gently. Ryoma moaned in the background, in sync with his lover's groan of delight. Sanada flicked his tongue against the nub, nibbling it slightly before rolling his wet muscle around it. Sanada repeated the gesture to the other one.

Kunimitsu's head was thrown back as Ryoma watched the two continue to start getting intimate in front of him. Thoughts of negligence and abandonment touched the edges of his conscious. That is until both Sanada and Kunimitsu dragged him into their pile. He didn't resist as Sanada removed the towel around his hips, his hard cock ached for release. Kunimitsu bent down to suckle at his balls, allowing Ryoma to fall back into Sanada, limp and seemingly lifeless with pleasure.

Sanada leered down at him, capturing his lips. Soon all of them were nude, groping the other in the king size bed. In a mass of limbs and bodies, they writhed around each other, Echizen sandwiched between them. The air was filled with a symphony of pleasure. The trio took their time, gracing over each other's bodies until they knew it as well as their own.

Each moved in junction, wanting to have contact with the others if only slight. Sounds of suckling and nibbling, moans, groans, grunts and mewling purrs created their song. Time stood still for them. The world stopped too. It was just them, joined together by their passion and their mutual attraction, moving to the music of desire and lust and possibly something more just underneath.

Sanada thought it was the most wonderful thing he knew. His two sinful ever-so-tempting desires were in his arms and there was no penalty over his head. He smiled inwardly to himself as he continued his part in their mating ritual.

It probably lasted for hours. By the end of it, each person was smiling. Sanada propped himself on his elbow. "So what brought this on?"

Kunimitsu rolled over and wrapped his arms around Ryoma who was between the two men, "A thank you."

"For helping us get together," Ryoma mewled out in content as Sanada rubbed at one perk nub.

"You could have sent a card."

Ryoma scoffed, "But this was better."

"Indeed it is. But why?"

The doctor of the three chuckled, "Maybe because we're attracted to you and you us?"

Sanada raised an eyebrow, "Is that an invitation?"

"What do you think?" Ryoma's voice drowsily slurred.

"I think it is."

Unspoken †

"I have to think about this."

Ryoma slurred out, "What's there to think about?"

Sanada stared at the drowsy college student, "You're asking me to be included in this relationship."

"I don't see a problem in this, Genichirou," Kunimitsu replied, "We're all attracted to each other, why not be in a relationship together? We can make it work."

That's the problem. "Can we?"

"Oh shut up, bastard, let's go to sleep and think about this shit in the morning," Ryoma's retort sliced through the slowly tensing air. The other two chuckled lightly before snuggling closer to the younger male. Sanada smiled slightly as he locked gazes with Kunimitsu. The other nodded before shifting into a more comfortable position, slowly relinquishing his hold on the conscious world.

Sanada stayed awake however.

The sex was fantastic but he didn't expect anything from his visit here. Now he's being offered a deal of a lifetime. Something so life-altering that his life would never be the same. It was too much and somehow, Sanada reveled in the fact. He was a man that preferred stability but this just guaranteed chaos. He wondered briefly how long the other two thought long and hard about this.

He smiled, probably as long as it had been since he put them on that date at Mikoto's. It had been about a few months since then. A stray thought on how thought of it first entered his mind before he gingerly shook it away. That didn't matter.

Sanada wrapped himself more around the other two, arms reaching to wrap around Kunimitsu as well. He was welcomed and sometimes, he felt like doing something out of the norm. He fell asleep with a slight smile on his lips.

Ryoma shifted, blinking slowly, rising his head above to look at the other two men. He noted the slight grins on their faces, his own growing larger. He pulled one of his arms out of their constricting grasp, moving to stroke their heads lightly. Ryoma fell back down on the bed with a large smile. Judging by how tight Sanada was holding him and Kunimitsu. Well?

That would be as much as a word of commitment they would get for now. Tomorrow morning, however, Ryoma will make sure to make their newfound situation permanent. It was interesting after all.

And the sex was good.

Kunimitsu's arms tightened their grip on the other two. He nuzzled into Ryoma's shoulder, nipping it slightly, not enough to wake the now-slumbering male. Everything was starting to look up and if he had his way, it would stay like that.


Now, how to include Keigo and Syuusuke into this. He smirked before he collapsed back into Morpheus's embrace. Now that was a thought for another day.

The End? †

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