Title: The Moon Behind the Sun
Author: Lucifer Hisaki
Theme: Exploring a Relationship through the Five Senses: Sight
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Pairing: Dante Sparda/Vergil Sparda
Rating: PG-13 for Language

The Moon behind the Sun †

Dante stared at his brother, the rain fall baptizing them both with cleansing unholy water. Vergil glared at him with unblinking eyes. They have been fighting for over a couple of hours now, neither had the advantage, not yet. Their panting was barely over the sound of the torrents of rain.

"Like looking into a bloody mirror," Dante grinned as he scrapped the ground with the tip of Rebellion in a rushing lunge strike.

Vergil scoffed with smirk, Yamato slept briefly in her sheath. "Perhaps it is time I change that mirror, Brother."

"You can damn well try, we both know I got the good looks of in the family," Dante smirked as he slashed upwards at his identical twin, cutting through skin and leather. The elder Sparda grunted in slight pain.

A sheen of silver was the only warning, Dante had before Vergil struck back, a thrust into his shoulder, digging deep till Yamato was half way in. Dante grinned. "What? No attacking this good face of mine?"

"Heh, it wouldn't do good to damage something almost as good as mine, brother," Vergil retorted, "After all we both know that if anything, I am the true son of Sparda."

"Fuck no," Dante spat, hand gripping Yamato's blade, "Our old man is no Sparda. Fuck, hell I'm as much as a Sparda as you are and that's fucking nothing."

"Perhaps, but we all know what is the Moon behind the Sun."

Dante just tilted his head in confusion before using Rebellion's hilt to butt into Vergil's stomach. "What shit are you rambling off this time?" Yamato dislodged herself from his shoulder.

Vergil stepped back and struck forward, a downward strike, "What is the Moon without the Sun? Tell me that Dante."

"A piece of fucking shit just like you!"

Vergil laughed. "Is that so, dear brother? Then perhaps I am that piece of shit."

Scowling, Dante launched into a fury of unrelenting series of thrusts and slashes with Rebellion, "You fuck are, Verge!"

"But who is the Sun and who is the Moon, Dante? Who is hiding behind the Sun? Think about it," Vergil smirked, standing back straight, "That is of course if you have anything else other than bone in that thick skull of yours, dear Brother."
"Oh shut the fuck up, Verge and get over here so I can kick your damn fucking ass."


Continued in Part 2 †

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