Title: Peculiars of Addiction
Author: Lucifer Hisaki
Theme: Exploring a Relationship through the Five Senses: Taste
Fandom: Devil May Cry
Pairing: Dante Sparda/Vergil Sparda
Rating: PG-13

Peculiars of Addiction †

Vergil tasted odd, that was the first thought that went through his mind. Dante didn't much move, he didn't want to prove to his brother that he was conscious besides this is probably the first time Vergil was ever gentle with him. Sure back hen they were kids, Verge helped him and be kind but he was never really gentle.

Vergil was wet but he could blame the rain for that. His lips were soft, but whose weren't? Dante didn't resist when Vergil pried open his lips, he was supposed to be faking sleep after all. Vergil tasted hot. Not spicy, just hot /i . His older twin's mouth was like an inferno. His taste buds were on fire, Dante never had anything like it. He could get hooked on this, Dante inwardly smirked, longing to slide his tongue against his twin's.

Dante wasn't moving but Vergil didn't pay that any mind. Though some part of his long dormant conscious tugged at him that he should be worried. Guilty even. Dante might be dead. Vergil didn't care. At least not that much. Dante survived worse than a sword thrust into his gut. Vergil seen him survive more.

What interested him more was that Dante tasted cold. But that could be due to the cold rain and the fact he was unconscious. Somehow, that didn't convince him much. He delved deeper into the chasm of ice, feeling some of it melting, his tongue moving around. The coldness of it brought shivers down his back. His taste buds have never been deigned to anything like it. It was addicting. He could get hooked on this, Vergil inwardly smirked, wanting to thrust his tongue deeper inside.

Dante moaned. Vergil's eyes widened and he jumped back, immediately rising to his feet.
He stared down at his brother, a thoughtful look in his eyes as he gazed at the form. He gingerly picked up Dante's amulet and turned away, picking up Rebellion off the wet ground. Dante moved, Vergil snapped back, driving the long sword into Dante's heart, steel tasting flesh and warm red bloody ambrosia. The elder Sparda smirked before walking away.

Arkham was there in front of him. Vergil flicked the amulet into the air, feeling the hairs on his back. Magic was gathering behind him. The smirk on his lips grew larger.

And now the true fight begins. I'll look forward to it, Dante.

† The End †

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