The long awaited sequel. This should fit somewhere in "Sneeze." Italics are Clark's thoughts.

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"Okay Smallville. What are we going to do about your cold?"

"We're not going to do anything."

"You're not some kind of super-man Clark. You should have some soup. You want soup? I'll make you soup."

Great. Just great. I can see it now. She's going to take a bowl of cold water, put a whole tomato in it, and then try to pass it off as soup.

Clark visibly blanches at this thought.

"You know Lois; you don't need to return the favor. I can take care of myself."

"No. Honestly Clark. I'm going to help you out. You'll get better in no time."

Lois bends over to retrieve a pot from the cabinet and fills it with water from the sink as Clark begins to eye her ministrations suspiciously. After placing the pot on the stove, she then proceeds to make her way to the refrigerator.

"What are you going to pu-" Clark begins to question, when he sees Lois immerge holding sure enough, a tomato. "NO!" Clark yells, as he envisions the concoction that his imagination had created earlier.

"What? What's wrong with tomatoes? This is a farm. They grow these on farms! Right?"

Clark, in his state of the sniffles, jumps off of his stool, and grabs the tomato out of Lois' hand.

"Yes, they grow tomatoes on farms, as well as many other things that come from farms that I'm sure you are unaware of. And second, there is nothing wrong with tomatoes, but this one-" He pauses a moment to think of what to say. "This is rotten, so you can't use it."

Good one Clark. Anything that will prevent me from consuming her cooking.

"Okay. Now you're having paranoid delusions. I think you should tuck yourself up in your bed, and let me bring you soup. Now give me the tomato."

As Lois reaches for the tomato, Clark quickly raises it up out of her reach.

Yes. Clark-1. Lois-0.

"No. I can't eat this tomato. See. It has a bruise right there." Clark points somewhere randomly at the tomato, and then proceeds to chuck it out the open window.

Lois stares at him in shock. He shrugs his shoulders carelessly, and makes his way towards the stairs, as he distinctly hears the voice of a familiar blonde reporter screeching through the window about how a tomato flew from the sky and into her hair.

The story will get better as it progresses. Thoughts?