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He was never going to forgive his mother for leaving him alone with her.

"You're REALLY pleased with yourself right now aren't you?" Clark asked darkly.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Lois remarked.

"Lois this is RIDICULOUS." He exclaimed.

"You need to take the proper care and precautions in order to travel down the road to recovery! Jeez, you act like you've never been sick before Smallville."

Clark huffed in frustration. This was not the road to recovery, this was like torture by liquid Kryptonite down the throat. Lois had forcibly stacked five blankets on top of him (making sure to tuck each end into the couch, basically immobilizing him), dressed him in thick wool socks after rubbing Vaseline all over his feet, ("WOW! Your feet are huge! You know what that means?") and to top it all off she'd plugged in a stereo that only played soothing ocean sounds. ("The sounds of the sea will help you relax right back into health!")

"Don't glare at me like that Smallville," she said as she grabbed the remote and plopped down onto the armchair to his right. "It's for your own good. At this rate you'll be happy and healthy in the next two hours!"

"Don't you think that mist that you've got spraying into the room is a little much?" he grumbled.

"Nonsense. This mist goes through your nasal passage and eases it's way into your lungs. It's a great device," she smiled at the thought of her incredible find. "Real snazzy. I got it cheap too!"

"Lois... I don't think it should be letting off that much smoke..." Clark warned urgently.

"What are you talking about? It's perf- HOLY CRAP IT'S ON FIRE!"