Title: Café au lait
Pairing: Hikaru/Kaoru, Tamaki/Kyouya
Rating: PG
Summary: AU. Kyouya, Tamaki and the twins run a coffee/book shop. This is just a sort of "a day in the life" fic.
Notes: Not mine, slash, incest, etc.

Kaoru wakes up to hurried footsteps across the hall. There is always someone around here, early in the morning. Hunny-senpai, Mori-senpai, Haruhi. Doors are being opened. Furniture is being pushed around. There is laughing, and then muffled conversation. Hikaru turns on his side of the bed and flings an arm over his face. "What time is it?" he asks, his voice hoarse. The threadbare blanket that they share rests on his hips, rumpled and warm.

Kaoru doesn't answer. He curls his leg around Hikaru's waist, sloppy, with his face wedged between Hikaru's shoulder and jaw. "Go back to sleep," he murmurs against the skin around his mouth. Kaoru smells shampoo, and briefly, soursweet morning breath. A hand slides between his shoulder blades. Kaoru shivers. The corners of Hikaru's lips curl upwards and he obeys.


Downstairs, it smells strongly of coffee. Tamaki eyes Kyouya's cup of morning brew distastefully. His is full of sugar, full of milk. Kyouya's is black, fresh from the machine and unadulterated. The floorboards overhead are creaking. Hikaru and Kaoru must be up to something.

Tamaki leans over the counter on his elbows so that he is standing on his toes. Kyouya glances at him over the morning paper. "What is it?" He asks. He reaches out for the cup next to his hand but Tamaki beats him to it, curling his fingers around Kyouya's wrist and tilting his head. Kyouya only looks mildly annoyed. "What?" He asks but Tamaki's smile never leaves his face, anyway. It is fond, goofy, typical of Tamaki and in many ways, smitten. Kyouya sighs and puts down the paper completely.

He opens his mouth to speak but then Tamaki pulls him forward and says, "Ne, okaasan, can I get my morning kiss now?"

Kyouya pretends to ponder this question for a minute until Tamaki grows impatient and pulls him forward by the collar.


Hunny comes here for the cakes. Mori can't say he comes for the quiet. Tamaki always finds something to agonize over and the twins are always up to no good. There are more women here than men, and sometimes they can be really noisy. They always find something to talk about, clothes, shoes, Tamaki, movies, Tamaki. But Kyouya makes the best coffee or at least, he has a knack for picking out the best coffee beans. Sometimes Haruhi comes over to read or do homework and that is always pleasant.

"Takashi," Hunny grins around a mouthful of cake. Usa-chan is propped up next to him on a separate chair. "Why don't you finish your cake, ne? Or have some of mine?" He lifts up a fork and Takashi thinks about how it had just passed Hunny's mouth. Hunny grins again, wider this time and without thought, licks the icing that is in danger of falling off. "Ne, Takashi?"

And Mori smiles, tiny and barely visible, and Hunny pushes the forkful of cake into his mouth.


Haruhi is in love with the smell of books and the smell of coffee. She comes here for the pastries too. She can only afford the less-expensive ones but every now and then Tamaki-senpai gives her free treats. Today is a Friday morning. There is laughing, and then creaking from upstairs. Haruhi walks toward the counter but there is no one there. The door to the back room is open and Tamaki-senpai and Kyouya-senpai are


Haruhi walks to the back of the room and sits on a table next to the window. Hunny-senpai sees her and waves frantically and soon, he has invited himself and Mori over to her table and they talk about what flavor cake is Haruhi's favorite.