Omega rolled his optics. "You're crazy. Hey sis?"


"How are we gonna..."

"I dunno...when it happened, my markings just glowed...they felt like they were on fire..."

"Alright...anything else?"

"No...that's it..."


Jade leaned over and touched the center of her chest. A grid-outline of a cylindrical object appeared, solidifying into a silver cylindrical thing slightly bigger round towards the center, with a blue orb in it's center.

"about that..."

"What's wrong?" Alpha asked, turning. She blinked.

"What's that?"

You were wondering how I knew so much about humans.. My friends and I found it in the trunk of my husband's car, and we passed it around. It teleported us to your world and turned us into Transformers. That was about three years ago, now. They've all since gone home, but I stayed. I didn't know it could work the other way. Usually, someone has to touch it for it to effect them. I guess your powers somehow connected to it, effecting everyone present." HT eyed the device as Jade handed it to her. "Carefull with it. I'm not sure what'll happen if it reacts to you."

Alpha nodded. She touched it and then looked at her markings. She looked at the one that went down her throat and then at the device. "Wow...hey bro..."


"It kinda...looks like the symbol on our chests..."

"huh? Oh kinda does..."

Jade's jaw dropped.

"...what?" she asked incredulously.

She leaned forward to look over at Alpha, who was on the other side of HT.

"It's true. I mean, the shape, the glowing orb thingy...looks like the marking on our chests." Alpha nodded, handing it back to Jade.

"Yeah." Omega nodded. "But you've never seen it..."

"'Cause we keep 'em hidden under our armor..." Alpha finished. "Sheesh, how many more people are going to find out about these?"

"I dunno, sis." Omega laughed. He transformed and caught the three.

"Here we are."

Alhpa smiled at the sight of the Ark.

Skyfire and Prime were allready at the entrance, waiting for them.

"This way." Prime led them inside.

Omega followed.

Prime led them down a corridor, and up to a set of doors. The keypad beside it had been modified, a security-code panel had been added, covering the previously existing one. Jade sighed.

Prime looked down at them. "Prowl called from the hospital a few minutes ago. He requested you all stay here until a hearing can be called."

"Oh dear..." alpha sighed. She followed them into the room and then Omega did as well.

"If she's staying in here so am I." Omega growled.

Jade shrugged. "Sure."

Hammertread stomped up to the balcony and flopped down on the couch.

"make yourself at home." Jade snarked.

"Thanks, I will." came the reply over the back of the couch.

"Okay, the living room is up on the balcony on the back wall, the bedroom is the door to the right of the entertainment center on the same wall. The door on the adjacent wall to the left is the bathroom. The kitchen is the door under the balcony."

she turned to her right.

"The transformer-sized sleeping quarters and washroom is through that door there. she pointed. There's a big huge tv down here, across from the couch, just hit the button on the wall and the panel slides back. The remote is on the table over in the corner."

Jade turned and looked at Prime who was standing at the door, and hopped to keep her balance. "Ratchet said he'd stop by in a few minutes to take a look at your ankle." Prime said as Trailbreaker walked up behind him. Jade nodded, and Prime shut the door.

Omega let out a sigh. "Sis, let's go figure this out."

"Ya got it."

omega picked his sister up. They walked into the Tf sighed bathroom and then Omega waited for his sis to pull up her shirt.

"There." He poked the symbol.

"Here." She said, tying her shirt so it looked like a middrift.

"What do we do?"

"Get the machine and try to make our symbols glow?"

Jade sighed and climbed the steps to the balcony. She flipped the channel from Jerry Springer to noon news.

"Hey! I was watching that!" HT snarled. Jade smirked.

"and I have the remote."

HT jumped up and snatched the remote and sat back down. He turned it back.

Jade sighed. "whatever. There's a tv in the bedroom. I'll just go watch it."

"Fine." HT said without emotion, eyes glued to the man in a dress and high heels onstage,and curly grey-haired host with glasses. Jade rolled her eyes and instead headed back downsatirs to ask Alpha about that marking.

Alpha watched her brother slide off his armor. She looked at his markings. "Okay, bro...any ideas?"

"Well...maybe we could try to use the machine and our chant?"


The blonde jade hopped down the stairs, looking for the two. She grabbed a tanktop she'd thrown to one side the day before and skittered under the small balcony overhang by the kitchen door and changed, not even caring if her tatoo showed. It was an eitght pointed star, comprised of two four-pointed ones entertwined. One white, one black.

She walked over to the bedroom door, and peeked in.

The twins looked at Jade. They smiled a bit as Omega finally removed the last bit of his armor.

"There we go." The said at the same time as Alpha tied the t-shirt's sleeves up.

"Alright then..."

Jade nodded, and turned to the balcony. "Hey HT, could you come down here for a minute?"

"I'm watching tele... DON'T CALL ME HT!" the ex-tank stomped down the stairs.

"What do you want now?" He glared.

The twins looked at HT.

Alpha sighed as she looked at HT.

"You...need anger management. Someone hand me that machine..."

Omega bent down. He looked at HT as well.

Jade took a step back, then closed her eyes and touched the center of her chest. The same outline appeared as before, solidifying into the device.

"It might work better if we were all touching it. I'm not sure." Jade looked at HT, slightly scared to let the device leave her hands to anyone.

"You think you could do it the same as before?" she asked.

"Could." They nodded.

They touched it and then watched HT touch it. It made a sift whirring noise as each of them did so.

"Ready bro?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, sis."

Alpha nodded.

THe twins took a deep breath as they chanted,

"Alpha and Omega.

Light and Dark.

Good and Evil.

One cannot exist without the other.

The other cannot exist without one.

Together they must battle.

Together they correct balance."

The tiwn's eyes/optics went white. Their markings glowed brightly.

There was a click, and the blue orb started to whirl inside the cylindrical casing, glowing brighter. There was a sound like a computer, then a bright blue-white flash lit the room.

Jade grinned. They were back to their normal selves. HT looked over at the device.

" nice trinket." Jade startled and quickly subspaced it, backing away two steps, putting her wings out straight in caution. She kept backing slowly away.

Alpha opened her optcis. She looked at herself. "Awesome..." She whispered before both fell against back to back against each other, into stasis.

Their markings quit glowing.

"Don't even think about it. It's back in subspace where you'll never reach it!" Jade spat.

HT blinked. "huh?"

Jade glanced at the twins and HT's expression, then calmed down a little. But was still a little jumpy.

The twins mumbled something about "Five more minutes, Master Vector Prime."

Said white mech walked into the room. He spotted the twins and rushed over. "Alpha, Omega."

"Master?" Alpha muttered, opening an optic.

Jade backed up a little more. Where did you get that mark? she asked. HT glanced at her.

"nice tat. Where'd you get it.?"

he recieved a glare.

"coincidentally, it also means balance." she said, then turned back to the trio. She suddenly realised her shouldergaurds were missing, but pegged the white mech with a look.

"And how did you get past the gaurd outside?" she took another step back.

"I told them what I sensed. Now please." Vector Prime helped the twins up. "Are you two alright?"

THe twins bowed, "Yes, Master Vector Prime." They said at the same time.

The keeper of time chuckled. He hugged the twins warmly. "I've told you about using that power. It's-"

"Too dangerous. We could get hurt or killed before it's our time, we know." The twins said at the same time.

the jet blinked. "where did you get that mark." she repeated.

HT took a step towards her and the jet skittered back about six feet.

"You've seen the device before, haven't you?" she glanced at Vector Prime.

Vector Prime thought about it. "Possibly."

The tiwns looked at themselves. "Well..." They looked at them selves. "We were born with these."

Jade blinked. "Oh." she said.

HT smirked. "I see you're not hopping around like a jackrabbitron." he motioned to her ankle.

Jade glanced at him. "Yeah. The device takes a bit of energy, but it sometimes has some...interesting effects.

You might be able to go back and forth between human and transformers now, if you concentrate. Jade shut her optics and concentrated. There was a blue flash and the blonde human they had seen before was standing there. She did the same again, and the again-a-jet swayed, sitting down suddenly.

The twins looked at Jade. They looked at each other and then at their master. "What now, Master?"

"I don't know, my childern." Vector Prime sighed.

Alpha looked around. "What if...what if they try us an' convict us?"

"Can't think like this, sis..." Omega hugged her.

"I doubt that will happen. The most Prime would do is accuse you of being brainwashed or having your views twisted by HT." Jade said.

Said tank glared and opened his mouth, but shut it again. He was getting really tired of telling everyone not to call him that.

The doors opened again, and Ratchet entered. He stopped and blinked. "I thought Prime said you were humans."

Jade shrugged and looked innocent.

Ht smiled.

The CMO glared back.

"I'm fine, thanks." Jade said.

"I'd like to make sure of that." The white medic walked over, keeping his gun magna-clipped to his side where he could easily reach it.

"True, but still...what about HT?" Alpha asked. She looked at said tank.

"After everything he did for ya..."


Vector Prime sighed. He opened a portal.

"Where you going, Master?"

"I've got a few things I need to find..."

"Yes master."

Jade blinked, her jaw dropping again. Ratchet pulled out a scanner and started going over the jet's ankle. "We'll find a way to convince him." She looked over at HT.

Ratchet snorted.

"Don't even dare say anything. He saved Alpha while we were out there." she said.

The tank made like he was going to kick the kneeling medic, but Alpha stopped him. The white CMO looked up, then at Alpha.

"I have other places to be. You're fine." He started to walk away.

"Wait, how long before Prowl comes back?" Jade asked.

"Hopefully never." HT muttered. The CO heard him and gave him a dark look, reaching for his gun.

"Okay, I'll ask Prime later." Jade got in between them and gently pushed Ratchet towards the door. "Bye, thanks for coming."

Once he had left, she turned back. 'I didn't want to say anything in front of Ratchet because he would go straight to Prime and tell him. If anything happens, but we can help HT escape."

said mech glared again.

"My name is hammertread. not H.T.!"

Jade ignored him.

"Anyhow. There's a maintenance shaft that goes to the wind-power plant up on the mountain that runs this room. We can use it.

"Or we can use Master's ability." Alpha offered.

VP stopped. He looked at Ht. "did you really save Alpha?" He asked, looking at the mech.

"He did, Master"

Vector Prime looked at Hammertread again. "Very well. Anytime you need a portal, ask me..."

Jade eyed the portal. "where does it go?" she asked.

HT walked away and hit the button for the t.v. The panel on the wall slid up to reveal a large screen. The tank plopped down on the transformer-sized couch.

"Anywhere Master wants it to go." The twins said at the same time.

"Correct." Vector Prime nodded

Jade nodded. HT turned Jerry Springer back on. Jade rolled her optics.

"what is it you like about that stupid show?" she turned and glared.

"It's funny. And they fight constantly." he shrugged.

She shook her head. "Well, if we're going to prove hammertread's not evil, we need to start planning our defense arguments."

Hammertread beamed. "Hey, you finally got my name right." he turned back to the show and the smile fled.

"About time, too." he added in a grumbling voice.

Alpha wapped him. "Enough, HT." She sighed.

"Alright...let's see..."

the tank sighed. "Jade got my name right, now why can't you?"

The jet turned the tv off and hit the button. HT growled and hit the button on the remote. nothing happened. He threw the remote at the Jade, who was holding down the power button on the tv.

"Fine. I didn't want to see it anyway."he snarled.

Jade reached out and grabbed the remote as he threw it.

"Because I don't wanna call ya Hammertread. HT is easier." Alhpa shrugged. She looked at them. "Let's see what we can do to help..."

Vector Prime appeared through another portal. He tossed Alpha her armor and then thought about. "Focus on what he's done good, not bad, childern."

"We know that." The two muttered, but were hit on the head (HARD) by VP's sword.


Hammertread chuckled. "nice aim."

VP glanced at HT.

"Ow, Sorry Master Vector Prime." the two bowed.

VP nodded.

"heh. I should get me one of those."

Jade thwapped HT on the back the head.

"Ow! What?"

he glared daggers at the jet, looking like was going to beat the slag out of her, but instead just growled.

"Hey! We only listen to him because he's our master!" The twins growled, folding their arms.
VP nodded.

"And I was only kidding." HT shot back. He turned to Jade.

"If you ever touch me again, I'll break your wrist. got it?"

Jade glared back.

"Got it!?" HT raised his voice a little.

"Okay. Don't go all yelling on me, geez. I was kidding, too. If I wasn't I would've punched you." the jet shot back.

HT snarled and got to his feet.

Alpha got between the two. "Easy, guys!" She said, looking at the two. "Calm down!"

Jade sat back down. "We need to figure out what we're gonna use for an argument. I know Prowl is gonna use the fact that HT ahem ... hammertread, tried to stab him and shove him off a cliff besides kidnapping you and attacking Prowl, severely damaging him the first time.

Basically, it could be called 3 counts of assault/ 2 attempted murder, 1 kidnapping..." Jade looked up at the ceiling.

"Not to mention attempted coercion to betray one's faction...wait, make that two. It was both of us standing up for him... Nothing against you." she said to the tank.

"Not to mention 'Mr Logic' is one of the best arguers this side of Cybertron."

Alpha folded her arms. "Well...we could just run." She offered, but then sighed.

"Omega, get out of here."

"Wha'? Why?" The mech blinked.


"Fine..." Omega walked out of the room.

Alpha sighed. "Remind me again why I even bother..."

VP chuckled.

Omega walked in the bedroom, and Alpha looked at Jade.

"hang on, you're not seriously thinking of leaving, are you?" Jade said.

"If it saves our friend's butt...yes..." Alpha sighed, looking at the ground.

"wait, hang on a minute, I just thought of something. If I help him escape, I can't stay here. And I can't go home, either.." Jade eyed the door as though someone were about to come through them.

"Maybe you should consider staying and going through with this hearing. Even if you use the maintenance shaft, they'll know I told you. I'm the only one who knows it's there. Except for Prime and Prowl... They know."

"Then don't." Alhpa said, looking at Jade. "Don't help him escape." she shrugged.

"Vector Prime."

VP looked at Alpha. "My child, think about-"

"I've been a nutral, I've been a 'Con. I've been an Autobot. Just open a slaggin' portal so HT can get out of here..." Alhpa said, looking at the ground.

"I can warp the tapes so they don't see you, Master."



"I can't just let him walk away." Jade said.

Hammertread snorted. "Like you can stop me?" Jade facepalmed. "I don't even know why I bothered to suggest that. I just know I'm gonna get in trouble again."

"If you leave... She sighed and looked away. Please, just think about it. It can't be all that bad, I mean, Prowl might have been mad at you in the mountains, but he's probably calmed down some."

Alpha looked at the cameras. She clenched her fists. "Now."

VP opened a portal.


He watched HT go through. "You're going as well?"

"I have to." Alpha stated, backing through the portal. She unclenched her fist and then tumbled the rest of the way out.

"Wait!" Jade glanced around, then ran for the gate. She skidded to a stop at it's edge, not sure whether she wanted to follow or not. To do so meant leaving everything. But to stay might mean worse.

"Once forgiven, twice condemned." she sighed, and stepped through.

Vector Prime watched it close and then stepped through his own gate.


Will the Autobots declare the trio traitors, or will they be forgiven? and a pair of mechs from Alpha's past come back to give her grief. Also, a pair of Autobots from Jade's past come looking for Driveby's group, and intend to make life heck for everyone involved.

stay tuned for the final part of the tri-story Arc, "the Wrong Side of Right"

coming soon...