The loud knocking quickly woke her from sleep. As she groggily made her way down the stairs and to the door she wondered who would dare wake her up this early and why. When she opened the door, there was no one in sight, just an envelope taped to the door with a single word written across it, Brooke. She grabbed the letter and took it back into her house, sitting down to make herself comfortable to open up this mysterious item. Now that she was more awake, she slowly took out the letter and instantly recognized the handwriting and thought, Peyton.


By the time you read this letter I hope to be long gone. I just couldn't continue to stay here knowing how badly I screwed things up. My heart cannot take one more day of seeing you, know what I did, and not being able to be near you. I still can't fathom how I messed up so badly. I think about it over and over in my mind, meaning to say one thing and then a completely different mess of words coming out. My thinking was so jumbled, and I was so nervous, I don't know how what came out did, and I didn't even mean those things in the least.

When I said I loved Lucas, what I meant to say was that I loved you. Sure, I have feelings for Luke, but more of the brotherly variety than anything else, and even that's becoming a stretch now. What I meant to say was that you have my heart B. Davis, you always have. And that scarred me, to know I had all these feelings for you that went beyond our friendship. And now it scares me more that I ruined that. I lived for you, my heart always had a home with you, and after I so royally fucked that up, and I couldn't talk to you, and be near you, or hold you, or just look at you anymore, my heart broke, and it sank out of chest onto the pavement. It's too hard to be around you now knowing that we can't be fixed, so its time for me to go.

My mom left, Ellie left, my dad always leaves, and now you've gone too. And that is my fault, and I know it. I don't know why I couldn't just tell you that I loved you. That even if you didn't return my feelings in the same way, at least I still had you as my best friend, and least I still had you. I thought that would have been enough, because most days it was. But after the fight, not being able to be near you, even if we were fighting I would have taken that, but you completely shut me out, and I understand why. You thought I wanted Lucas, but I didn't, I never really did. I was jealous of him, because he got to be that close to you, he took you away from me, and it hurt. I didn't know how to tell you, and when I tried it all came out so wrong. I am so incredibly sorry for everything, for hurting you most of all, that is my greatest mistake and regret.

Jake was right, my heart will always be in Tree Hill, just not for the reasons he thinks. As long as you are there, so will my heart. You will always have my heart, and even though I'm leaving, that won't change. You were my life, my heart, my reason Brooke Davis. I was alive when around, and fading when you were gone. I will always love you, no matter how much you shut me out. But now, with things the way they are, I can't be around you and be on the outside. I am wrong for so many of the things I did, and to keep thinking that one day this will get better, when reality tells me it won't. It hurts too much and there is a dull ache in my chest where my heart used to be. I think this will be better for everyone if I just left, it's too painful to stay here, knowing how much I hurt everyone. I am so sorry for everything, most of all hurting you. I know that you will make me proud in anything you do, so take care of yourself. Goodbye Brooke, you will always be my light.