Five Gundams And A Baby


Author : Mavrik


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The ringing of the doorbell awoke him as he groaned rolling over, he didn't want to talk to anyone right now, he'd had a heavy night of drinking the previous night and didn't want to face the day. The crying came next, the sound of a small child crying.

"What the hell?" he grumbled as he tossed his brown braid over his shoulder and slipped out of bed wandering down the hall in only his boxers not really bothering about his appearance as he ripped open the door and glared out…there was no one there, he was about to close the door when he looked down to see a small basket on the doorstep.

"Wine basket?" he muttered in hope as he picked it up and blinked, it was a baby, whom had been one of the sources of his waking, the child stopped crying the moment he picked the basket up.

"Eh?...Where's your mum kid?" he asked before realising the baby wouldn't answer as he spotted the card and pulled it out.

"Dearest Duo, I didn't mean to bother you with this, I know I was only a passing fling to you, but I need to leave her with you for some time, she is your daughter, you being the only man was with before her birth, I need to do some things for some time and can't take her with me. Please care for my daughter, your daughter. Her name is Hikari, Please take care of her until I return. With love Kari."

"Kari…Kari…ah…KARI?!" Duo cried as he finally placed the name, a girl he had been with for 3 weeks before getting bored of her and moving on…dear god….was this possible that he was really father, he had sobered completely in the few moments is took to read the letter.

"Let's get you inside ne?" he muttered, he couldn't just leave the baby outside on the doorstep.


"So it's true?" Duo asked as one of Quatre's many sisters nodded as he read through the results of the test.

"Genetically, she is your daughter." She sighed as Duo blinked down at the child

"How am I meant to take care of a baby?" he demanded as Quatre sighed

"You did bring this on yourself Duo." Quatre pointed out as Duo glared at him before looking down at the baby.

"What am I going to do with her Quat?" he demanded as Quatre sighed and turned to his best friend Trowa.

"Trowa, would you bring me the information directory please?" he asked as the tall silent by nodded walking out as he soon returned with the data pad as Quatre did a quick search before looking at Duo.

"There are live in nanny's, some specifically for small children…I'll call one in." Quatre sighed as Heero looked up from his laptop to glare at Duo and the baby, he didn't like the child, it was a distraction Duo didn't need, he was already easily distracted on missions.

"You're not suggesting we keep the chibi onna here with us are you?" Wufei demanded as Quatre frowned at him in disapproval.

"Wufei…what would you have us do with her? She's Duo's daughter."


"NO!" Duo cried as Wufei blinked at the man. "I grew up in an orphanage…no one should grow up without parents…I won't let that happen…" he murmured as he looked down at the child before looking back at Quatre.

"Please…call the nanny…for when we're on missions…and to teach us how to take care of her…"

"Teach you." Heero growled as Duo shrugged and stared down at his child again, she was beautiful, she had his violet eyes…her mother's black hair…

"Hey kid….I'm your dad." He whispered as the child stared up at him for a few moments before bursting into tears as he panicked.

"What? What do I do? Quatre? How do I make her stop? Trowa? Heero? Wufei? Someone…help me?" Duo begged as he tried to calm the child down.


Usagi looked up at the huge mansion, so someone here had a baby that needed to be cared for? She could hear the crying from here. With a sigh she walked up to the door and pressed the buzzer, rich playboys never thought about the consequences of their actions.


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