Five Gundams and a Baby


Author : Mavrik


Quatre sighed looking his determined friend over, the bags were starting to become obvious and Trowa was still refusing rest, they had been at this for a few days now, and still, he had not moved from the console, barely eating or drinking, deaf to Quatre's pleas to rest

"Trowa...I'm sorry." Quatre bade, the man not even twitching in recognition of his voice as Quatre tightened his grip on the sedative, as much as he hated to do this, it was the only way to get Trowa to rest, he was working himself to death looking for her, just a few hours, his friend needed just a few hours of rest, Quatre would watch the scanner until then "Forgive me." Quatre whispered as he reached out, Trowa's eyes never left the scanner, even as he sagged in his seat, the male hadn't even twitched as the needle had entered his arm, finally Trowa slid from the chair eyes closed in rest.

"Rashid, help me with him." Quatre called his ever faithful friend nodding and helping him lift the young man and take him to a room to rest.

"He will be mad when he wakes." Rashid noted Quatre nodding in agreement

"It was the only way though, he'll understand eventually. But he needed rest."


"I don't have much time, so listen well." Mamoru demanded Trowa blinking in surprise, he recognised the man as the same he had seen before that once when he had slept, Usagi's lover, the one he had killed by accident.


"Shut up and listen, I can't be here long, I don't have the power for this. I'm giving you all I have left to find her, understood." Mamoru snapped Trowa staring at him still "You damn well better make her happy, find Usagi and save her, take her back to earth and spend your life making her happy." Mamoru asked Trowa nodding, if she would allow it "This will give you the ability to find her...I don't have time to explain how to use it, just take it, and find her, soon, she doesn't have much time left." Mamoru said thrusting his hand out Trowa blinking startled as the man faded in and out, reaching for the man's hand Mamoru dropped a small golden crystal into his hand before he was gone Trowa staring at the place he had been, looking down at the crystal he startled when it began to sink into his skin

"What?!" he cried startled, then the pain hit, like nothing he had ever felt before


"Will his soul be able to handle that? The only humans that could ever wield its powers before had been those of your grandfathers line, pure humans of powerful ancient royal blood." Selenity mused Mamoru staring at the male as he tossed painfully in his sleep aboard his room on the ship he and Quatre shared

"I had no choice, it's the only way." he whispered "If he can't wield it, she dies."

"You did the only thing you could do Endymion, now it is up to the fates."


Trowa's eyes snapped open, emerald green locked on the bulkhead above him his mouth moving but no words coming out, had he screamed his voice until it was gone? He remember the nightmare, the torture Usagi's fiance had put him through, was this his revenge?

"Usagi." it hit him, he was lying here in bed while he was supposed to be searching for her, he was promised to protect her, he had to find her and try to make things right.

Trowa rolled from the bed his legs giving way causing him to crash to his knees a growl escaping him, this was a waste of his time, he had to get back to the scanner and watch for any sign of her, Mamoru had said her time was running out "...We're looking in the wrong place." he breathed realisation hitting him, somehow he just knew, it was all so clear suddenly, they were looking in the wrong place, he knew where she was, somehow, he knew where she was.

Forcing himself to his feet and standing with willpower alone Trowa began to force his way down the corridor to the bridge, he had to get them to her, every muscle was screaming in agony in the aftermath of whatever had happened while he was asleep, but his need to save her overrode it all, he had to get to her, he had to save her, her time was running short and now he knew where she was

"Trowa." Quatre exclaimed seeing the male stumble in, the sedative he had given him should have kept him out for a few hours at least, yet here he was barely an hour after being forced to rest "You have to rest, Trowa please." Quatre cried as Trowa brushed past him and collapsed into the pilots seat eyes searching the grid they had up

"Time's running out...Quatre...we have" Trowa whispered as he fumbled at the controls to bring up the grid reference

"Trowa?" Quatre asked confused as the emerald gaze hit his own blue one Quatre understanding from his eyes alone "Alright. I'll get us there. Rest." Quatre bade Trowa shaking his head, not until he knew for sure, he would hold on until then, collapsing sounded like a good idea right now, and he felt as if he would at any moment, but he had to hang on.

"It will take fifteen minutes to get there, Rashid, please get Trowa some tea, or water...or something." Quatre was desperate to try and get Trowa to stop, or take in some sustenance, the man was shaking visibly with the effort it was taking to stay conscious. Quatre was worried, Trowa hadn't been this close to collapse before he had forced him to bed, what had happened in that hour?

"Here...she's here." Trowa whispered, he could feel her, this was the place

"Oh god...Rashid, get the suit ready, I need you to retrieve her, she's...she's alive." Quatre cried startled, there she was, floating in space, a silvery white dress flowing around her, her impossibly long hair free and weaving in space about her, a silvery pink cocoon of...power of some sort around her, keeping her safe.

Quatre could see fluctuations in the surface of the protective bubble, whatever was keeping it together was losing power. Looking to Trowa Quatre rushed to his side, he had collapsed over the console, seeing her safe, alive, whatever had kept him going before was gone.

"Oh lord, Trowa, hey, are you alright, Trowa." Quatre cried, the male was burning up with fever and his breathing was shallow and laboured, something was very wrong

"Rashid, get her inside quickly, something's wrong with Trowa, we need to get them both to a hospital as soon as possible." Quatre cried into the communication system, the affirmative coming back from Rashid as he went out to get the lost female and bring her home

"Hold on Trowa."


Quatre paced at the door of one of his best friends as his sister, one of the seven doctors in the family, checked him over, in the end a colony had been the closest place to take the pair, and it so happened Eve Winner worked at the hospital, he had called her to the Winner house on the colony, having recalled part way there that Usagi couldn't...well it was not recommended to take her to a hospital at least. If Eve saw to the pair at the Winner house he could talk to her about the girls situation away from other doctors, and maybe she could be treated in the house instead of taking her to a hospital.

"I'm not sure what's wrong 30." Eve sighed as Quatre studied his sister number 19, in a family like theirs it had become habit long ago to refer to one another by their numbers as nicknames

"He was exhausted, so I sedated him, he woke up after only an hour like that, it wasn't the sedative was it?" Quatre fretted as Eve shook her head

"'s like his system is trying to fight off an infection, but I can't see any wounds, possibly a bacterial infection, I've taken a blood sample and I'll check it back at the hospital." Eve sighed as Quatre nodded "For now, he needs rest and I've given some broad spectrum antibiotics, they can't hurt."

"And Usagi?" Quatre asked Eve's frown deepening

"I don't even know where to start with her 30, I...she's like nothing I've ever...and you said she was in space, for nearly a week, unprotected...she should be dead, any living thing would have been...I can't find a single wound on her, there's not one medical reason she should be unconscious, if she was human, but it's completely true that she's not...isn't it?" Eve sighed her younger and only brother nodding, whatever Usagi was, she wasn't human, but she was still their friend, and she was like family to Quatre

"Is there anything we can do for her?"

"Wait." Eve shrugged, at the moment that was all she could come up with "We wait and watch."

"Thank you 19, we'll do what we can here. I'm sorry to drag you from work and dump my problems on you." Quatre apologised his sister smiling at him

"Hey now, what else if family for. I'm going to take Trowa's sample back to the lab and have a look, you keep an eye on them both and get some rest. I take it it's been a few high stress days. If Trowa is sick you could catch it too if you overwork yourself." Eve warned, Quatre nodding in understanding as he escorted her out

"I've set men to watch both of the patients." Rashid bade Quatre smiling in thanks

"Alright...I'll rest, Duo and the others will arrive in the morning, and I'm going to need all my rest to face them." Quatre sighed Rashid nodding with a chuckle

"We will wake you if anything happens during the night."

"Thank you as always Rashid." Quatre whispered as he made his way to his own room trying his best to dismiss his worries from his mind so he might sleep "Please let them be alright." he whispered his quiet prayer into the darkness before letting his consciousness fade and falling to sleep.


Helios studied the sleeping princess, he had yet to disturb her since she had finally gained some rest, but he knew she needed to know

''Princess.'' he ventured gently touching her arm as the female startled awake her blue eyes catching his own

''Helios, what's happened?'' she asked rubbing sleep from her eyes

''They have found you princess, your body is alive, they've taken you to a colony. I can guide your spirit there if you wish.''

''They...I'm alive? I..Can really...I can go back?'' Usagi asked tears welling as the guardian of dreams drew her into his arms and comforted her gently

''Yes princess, you can return.''

''Now?'' she asked Helios nodding

''I will, guide you there, princess, the road will be dangerous, we will need to venture outside my lands, and nightmares roam the dream lands outside this place. They are drawn to dreams and light with the need to destroy them, you would be a prime target. I will carry you, but you must hold to my back and not let go.'' Helios bade as he stepped back shifting back to his true form again, Usagi nodded in understanding as she stepped to his side and hugged his neck

''How long does it take to get where they took me.''

''I'm not sure, time passes differently here, it could take but a moment, or days. I will get you there though.'' Helios promised Usagi nodding, she trusted he would

''Thank you Helios, for everything. I think now...I can go back, and on forgiving him.'' Usagi whispered the Pegasus before her laughing gently

''Come princess. We should get moving.''


''What's the diagnosis doc?'' Duo asked as he juggled his squirming daughter while they stood before Eve Winner as she checked over Trowa

''His blood sample showed as if he was fighting off an infection, but I couldn't find anything in his blood. Either he's developed an immune disorder or it may be something we've never seen before.'' Eve sighed, and the antibiotics had been doing nothing she was loathe to admit, if anything he had gotten worse

''He was held in that place by a madman, what if he did something to him.'' Quatre mused, Eve nodding

''It's a possibility, at the moment all we can do is watch and try to stabilize him, I've taken him off the antibiotics since they seem to be doing more harm then good. I'm going to take some more blood and run more tests see if I can find something that works.'' Eve assured, she wasn't giving up, if it was unknown, then she would just have to find it.

''What's the other like?'' Wufei asked, curious now he had seen the recorded feed of the woman, alive and glowing in space

''Unconscious still. I can find nothing wrong with her, she's. just...It's like she's in a coma, from some of the tests I've done it seems as if her brain activity is nothing, she's a vegetable, but that...I really don't know what to think yet. I'm looking into it, but it is hard with her here, there's only so much portable equipment I can take. The tests I am able to do are limited.'' Eve sighed

''What do you need?'' Quatre asked as they left Trowa's room to talk and let him continue to sleep. Since they had found Usagi he hadn't woken either

''A full lab of gear, everything.'' Eve sighed, in truth not even that would be enough probably, but it would be a start

''I will see what I can organize.'' Quatre mused, it wasn't like he was short on cash.


Usagi clung to Helios' mane as he raced through the dream realm, spectres and demons reaching for them but the Pegasus dodged between them taking flight when necessary a precious cargo clinging to his back. The light of the cosmos was under his protection and he would let nothing hurt her

"Helios.'' Usagi cried the Pegasus stumbling as one demon managed to catch his leg for the first time, Usagi being nearly thrown from his back

''Run princess. I will come for you soon, but I need you to run.'' He bade Usagi nodding reluctantly as she jumped down from his back


"Just run, I will find you."

"Take care Helios." she called before she turned and ran from the demons converging on the Pegasus, he would be alright, he could take care of himself, but not if he was trying to protect her as well.

Usagi ran, she ran without stopping, she would hold onto her friends and loved ones... him until she met him again, and so the princess ran, through a world of nightmares and despair, she ran, using them to help keep her strong as she passed unimaginable nightmares and terror.

Whispers, eyes and spectres stalked her, watched her, chased her, but Usagi would not lose, not now, she had to get back, she had to see them again, she had to laugh with Duo, sit with Trowa, tease Wufei, she had to cook with Quatre and avoid Heero, Usagi had to return.


Usagi was in danger, he could feel it, every fibre of his being was screaming at him, Usagi was in danger. Trowa fought back the pain that was his existence as cracked open his eyes, his vision was swimming and head pounding but none of that mattered, Usagi was in danger.


'Q-man, Trowa's gone!'' Duo cried, he had left for a few minutes for a toilet break and returned to find the sick male missing

''What? Everyone, spread out, cover the mansion, Rashid get all the maguanacs on this, we have to find him.'' Quatre cried as they all moved to find the missing male.


Heero went straight to Usagi's room, if the male had any sense in his feverish mind he would go for the girl he had spent so much time on, though logically speaking he shouldn't know where her rooms was, his gut told him to check there first, so he would.

Heero pulled the door open and looked in silently, there he was, knelt by her bedside one hand over her own and head resting on the bed sleep, or the fever, having claimed him again. Heero sent a message to Quatre while keeping a silent watch waiting for the frantic blond to arrive


Usagi was tired, emotionally and mentally drained from the images and creatures that had been following her, attacking her, harassing her.

Helios hadn't come for her yet so she had continued to run, though now more of a walk

''Usagi.'' that voice, she knew that voice, Trowa?

'''' she stuttered, it was him, he was here, he smiled softly and held one hand out to her, she reached for his hand in return, then it hit her, this was wrong, Trowa didn't smile like that, and he couldn't be here

''No.'' she whispered pulling back as his face transformed into a deadly parody of Trowa's

''We can have some fun.'' the demon cackled its body morphing into a horrific monster Usagi turning and running again

'' me.'' she whimpered, she couldn't take much more of this, she just wanted to go home, her own world and reality, her friends, and even if she didn't want to admit it, to him.

Golden warmth swept over her guiding her, strengthening her, Usagi turned towards that tiny golden light and ran towards it, even though it reminded her of Mamoru, somehow, it felt like Trowa.


Quatre sighed as Rashid set the unconscious male into the bed again, they had moved him into the room beside her

''I'm going to rent the labs at the hospital, keep everyone out for a few days and get them both in their to be checked over.'' Quatre said Rashid nodding, he had been expecting that, Quatre was getting fed up with the lack of progress on their recovery, two of his friends were sick and they weren't able to help them ''Eve will have everything she needs, I want them back Rashid.''


''Princess.'' Helios sighed in relief catching up to her finally, he had gone to find her but she had found her way to her body without him

''Helios...I was worried about you.'' Usagi said softly the Pegasus nudging her hand with his nose gently before shifting to his human form

''Are you ready princess.'' Helios. asked as the woman looked down at her body in silence

''I can't.''


''I can't go back...I've tried, Helios...I can't...I...'' Usagi sobbed the guardian drawing her into his arms, they had finally found her body but she was having problems merging her soul back into it

''We'll think of something. I will stay with you until this is fixed.'' he promised

''I just want to go back now. I've had enough.'' Usagi whispered, she was so close, why was this being made so hard?


"Trowa." Usagi gasped seeing the unconscious male as she followed after her body, Quatre having taken her to be transported to a private lab, she had heard him talking to Rashid, they were worried about her and Trowa, it hadn't made sense until now.

"Princess. What's wrong with him?" Helios asked touching her arm curiously as he studied the man that the princess had chosen.

"Oh goddess...the golden crystal. Helios he's been given the golden crystal." she gasped Helios frowning in confusion

"Prince Endymion's crystal?"

"It should kill a normal did he..." Usagi silenced as she stared at him, he had been the one that had guided her, he had saved her

"He doesn't look well."

"The golden crystal is killing him." Usagi whispered "It's tearing him apart, his soul and mind." she reached down touching his heated forehead a frown slipping over his lips when her hand passed through his head, damn her current situation

"Is there any way they can help him?" Helios asked waving a hand to the men that had been around her for so long, the gundam pilots, and she had never known

"...No." she said softly trying to touch his cheek in comfort, but once again her current state hindered that

"...Can you?" Helios asked finally, the princess flinching

"I...I...I don't know."

"Princess...if something's not done, what happens to him?" Helios asked Usagi bowing her head

"I know, I know, just...I...If I do this...If i help him Helios, Mamoru is lost forever...the...the golden crystal is the only thing keeping his soul tethered to this world, if it takes a new owner, he is lost, I'll never see him again." Usagi whispered Helios touching her arm again

"He's already lost princess, he's dead, regardless of whether his spirit is still alive, he's lost, will you let this man die? For someone whose already passed?"

"He saved me...Trowa...with the golden crystal, he saved me from those nightmares...I...Don't want him to die, but what will that mean Helios?" Usagi asked the guardian slipping his arms around her from behind while she stared down at the sick man that she loved

"It will mean you've forgiven him."

"Can I forgive him?" Usagi whispered Helios sighing, why was she so stubborn and naive?

"If we love someone, we can forgive them, no matter the crime."

"I don't want him to die."

"Then don't let him." Helios bade the hime staring down at the man still

"It will take time to help him, I need to help his body and soul accept the crystal."

"Time we have princess, maybe your body has rejected you for that reason, you still have something you need to do."

"I hope so." Usagi whispered looking down at Trowa again, she hoped that was all there was to the matter


"I'm going to help him accept it." she whispered sinking to sit by his bedside as the van moved along the pair unconscious in the back


Trowa cracked his eyes open with a soft groan, everything hurt, from his body to his soul, but somehow, it wasn't as bad as it had been before

"Trowa!" Quatre cried at his side the green eyes of the bedridden male slipping to the blond to study him in silence

"What?" he asked softly his voice cracking as Quatre grabbed at a cup of water and a straw to let the man sip at the water

"You've been out for quite some time, we were worried, in the end though, it looks like you got better on your own."


"...I'm sorry...she..."

"Dead?" Trowa rasped pain taking him at the very thought

"No...she's just...we're not sure. A coma of some sort."

"Where are we?" Trowa asked Quatre helping him to sit as he took the seat by his bed

"A hospital on L6."

"You took her to a hospital?" Trowa demanded as Quatre sighed

"Yes and no, I rented the labs, my sister has been working with you both to find out what's wrong and fix it."

"...I'm sorry...I..." Trowa hadn't meant to jump to conclusions

"It's alright...we're looking into her condition." Quatre bade as Trowa looked to the side, he knew she was there

"She...she's alive though?" Trowa asked Quatre nodding

"She's alive, completely unharmed, she just won't wake up."

"She's alive." Trowa sighed in relief his hands clasping together, Usagi was alive

"Trowa...what happened while you were in that place?" Quatre asked finally, he had always wanted to know, but never had the chance to ask, the time he had been a prisoner of that inhuman madman, what had happened?

"That...story will take some time...May I rest?" Trowa asked Quatre nodding

"Of course, there's a buzzer if you need anything, take your ease." he agreed reluctantly leaving Trowa alone, the male was likely still exhausted and needed more rest


"..." Trowa studied her sleeping form tenderness in his eyes that he didn't know how to express, she was alive, and she was here

"Usagi." he whispered stroking some strands of blond hair from her face eyes locked onto her, why did he feel like she was the only reason he was alright?

"Come back soon." he asked



"Today's the same...I can't...I helped Trowa...but I still..."


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