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Chapter 1: Sickness

Now in his fifth year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter sat at his desk, next to Ron Weasley as their Potions Teacher, Professor Snape gave another boring lecture. To everyone's horror, he announced a surprise test. A loud moan echoed throughout the classroom.

"Qui-et", Snape warned.

There was nothing but silence as he passed out the three-page test. He ignored most of the students, but couldn't help but notice the 'Potter' boy scratching at his forehead, his face etched with pain. Snapes' concern didn't last but a second and he continued passing out the remainder of the tests, then took a seat at his desk.

For about twenty minutes there was not a word spoken in the room. Annoyed at how long the students were taking, Snape peeked over the rim of his book and examined the students.

'Hmm', he thought. 'At least they're all awake. He browsed over the Hermoine Granger. Surprisingly, she was still working on the exam. Next he noticed Neville Longbottom sweating profusely. Snape gave a small smirk. He knew Neville had dozed off last week in his class and the information he missed was on the test.

Snapes smirk faded as he saw Harry. The boy had no quill in his hand and was not even looking at his paper. Harry's eyes were closed, and his hand was pressed against his forehead.

Nonchalantly, Snape rose from his seat and headed in Harry's direction. "Potter", Snape interrupted, as he simply walked by him and headed for the door.

Had Snape not of had such a powerful voice, Harry probably would not even have heard him. But since of course he did, Harry quickly headed out the door, behind him.

"Feeling all right Potter?" Snape asked, his tone held no signs of actual concern.

"Headache", Harry answered simply.

"Just…a headache?" He asked, wondering if it was perhaps more. In Harry's case… it usually was.

"I think so", he answered, rubbing his forehead once more. "It's not the usual burning in the scar… this is different.

"Perhaps you should go back to your dorm. I'll have Weasley bring back your belongings", he added, leaving Harry alone as he went back to his classroom.

Had he felt any better, he would have been shocked that Snape would actually excuse him from his class, but all he could think about was going to bed.

As he headed for the Gryfindor dormitory, he kept one hand place against the wall. The pain in his scar was almost blinding. When he finally reached his room, he thanked Merlin that he didn't bump into anybody. He didn't think he could hold up a conversation at this point.

Once he entered, he threw down his robes, loosened his tie and dropped on his bed. After holding his forehead and squirming for a good thirty minutes, he finally was able to sleep due to exhaustion.

Later that day, Ron stopped in to drop off Harry's books and see how he was doing. Once he saw that Harry was asleep, he decided not to wake him and left to catch his next class.

Later that night, when Harry's fellow roommates turned in for the night, they were surprised to see him still sleeping.

"Do you think somethins' wrong with'em?" Neville asked.

"Probably just sick er' somthin", Ron answered, getting into bed.

"Well, at the rate of speed Snapes been dishing out assignments, hope he's not sick for too long", Neville added.

"Ha. You're not kiddin'", Seamus snorted. "If Harry's out for more than a day, It'll probably take him all summer to catch up. Hope whatever he's got ain't' contagious."

"Yeah. No kidding. I'm behind enough", Ron added. "Night guys", he said turning off the lights.




The Next morning, Ron was shaken awake by a frantic Neville. "Ron, Wake up quick!"

"Nnn", Ron groaned, as his eyes unwillingly opened. "Neville", he whined, wondering what was up with the rude awakening.

"Ron, Harry doesn't look so good."

"What do you mean?" Ron asked, quickly getting out of bed.

"Look", Neville pointed to Harry's' bed where the other boys stood looking concerned. Now Harry had always been known to have a rather light complexion, but this was frighteningly pale. His body also shook as if he were in the arctic, yet he was covered in sweat, his messy hair stuck to his forehead so you couldn't see his eyes, even if they had been open.

"Neville, go and get help. Bring back the first teacher you see", Ron instructed.


As Neville ran out the door Ron and the other boys stared at Harry's shaking form, unsure of what to do. "Harry?" Ron called, shaking Harry's arm slightly.

"Nnnnnn", Harry moaned, grimacing.

"Harry, It's Ron. Can you hear me?"

"Eh", Harry whined, looking nauseous.

"I'm back!" Neville announced as he entered with none other than Professor Snape following closely behind him. All the boys mentally groaned, but were grateful that a teacher had been found so quickly.

Snape furrowed his brow as he walked casually to Harry's side. He was nonetheless surprised at Harry's condition. He assumed Potter had just had a stomachache, and Neville as always, had blown it out of proportion. But apparently, the boy was indeed ill. White as a sheet, and shaking.

"Potter", Snape called out. "Potter? Can you hear me?" Snape lifted one of Harry's eyes, curiously. Surprisingly, it focused instantly on Snape, then the other opened on it's own.

"P…Professor", Harry managed to speak in a raspy voice. "Nnn… I don't feel good", he moaned, beginning to squirm again.

"Boys, if you wouldn't mind helping Mr. Potter to his feet and follow me to the hospital wing."


"Sure", they responded

Still not sure how to handle his sick friend, Ron boldly hooked his arm under Harry's shoulders and tried to drag him awkwardly off the bed.

"Nnn", Harry cringed, closing his eyes as his migraine intensified at the movement.

"Come on you guys. Help push him up will ya-ah!" Ron yelled as he and Harry tumbled to the ground. Snape rolled his eyes as the other boys rushed to help them up.

"You all right?" Neville asked.

"Yeah", Ron groaned, though more concerned with his friend. Harry looked like he'd fainted from the sudden movement. "Harry?" Ron called out.

"Oh for Pete sake", Snape grumbled. "Move aside", he ordered as he lifted Harry to his feet. Harry clutched on to him tightly. "Potter?"

"Nnn", was the only response he got. That, and an even tighter grip. Snape cursed himself for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now he would have to escort the boy all the way to the infirmary.

"You three, ready for classes, Now. I shall accompany Mr. Potter to the hospital wing." And with that said, he went out the door with the half conscious boy.

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