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Stay away!!…

I hate you…

Get out…

Why is he even alive?




Naruto flung himself upright in bed, panting and trying to regain his senses. He squeezed his eyes shut in an attempt to rid his mind of the horrifying after images.

After being subjected to the hated glares and whispers, he believed he was safe from that at home. Unfortunately, his mind didn't allow him to forget, making him replay every day over and over.

It felt like his mind was against him…

Kyuubi – san…?

Hey, I didn't do anything. I'm not making you go through the torture. Don't forget I also have to go through the torture. I reside in your mind. Kyuubi quickly assured him.

Naruto sighed heavily and fell back into bed, his eyes squinting with sleep.

He felt himself slipping sometimes, standing on the very edge of a canyon with half his feet wobbling over the empty expanse. The only thing keeping him from tumbling into the canyon was a thin string. A string connecting him to something that had always been with him from the beginning, even if it did make hurtful remarks sometimes. That string connect him to…

Kyuubi sighed heavily within his cage and looked around at the surrounding. The mind reflects the state of the person and currently, the surrounding was not looking good. He settled down and put his mind to work to think of a way to get him, and his vessel, he thought as an afterthought, out of this hellhole.

Kyuubi frowned in thought.

How do you get the most hated and renowned person from a place without making the entire village suspicious?


Kyuubi jerked his head up at the sudden voice. His eyes widened as he caught sight of Naruto's small form in front of his cage. How did this brat get in here without me noticing? Kyuubi shook his head and merely chalked it under luck.

What is it yipper?

Naruto's dull blue eyes traveled upward until they were staring into Kyuubi's own bloody red eyes.

I…don't want to stay here anymore. Naruto confessed. His voice echoed around the dank room.

Kyuubi had expected that but kept silent to allow Naruto to continue.

I…want to become powerful.

Kyuubi listened silently to the six-year-old child in front of him. The child's voice was quiet, as though unsure of what he was saying.

Are you sure about this? Kyuubi tested him.

Naruto didn't allow a moment of hesitation before he answered.


A sly grin crawled onto Kyuubi's face. Naruto, though, was not frightened by the malevolent smile. Silence filled the room.

A young man around twenty of age stood in the middle of the small apartment, his red hair framing his pale face. The man opened his eyes to reveal blood red eyes. He looked down upon a blonde boy's limp body, wallowing in the puddle of blood in the small apartment. The young man flexed his hands as he turned it to and fro in wonder. He looked down at the blonde boy again before bending down to retrieve a kunai…

The young man, also known as the infamous Kyuubi, raised his head and squinted slightly as the first rays of the morning sun penetrated the curtain and spilt into the apartment. He looked back at the prone figure on the floor.

'And the yipper's still unconscious. I'll have to make sure he doesn't keep up this bad habit.'

"Yipper, wake up. It's already dawn. Yipper…yipper? Yipper?! Hope I didn't kill him." Kyuubi added under his breath as he violently shook Naruto, forgetting the fact that Naruto's six-year-old body was fragile.

"Ahhh!! Don't take away my ramen. It's mine. MINE!!!"

Naruto sat up screaming. He heard an exasperated sigh and looked up. There in front of him was a naked young man. Naruto's eyes widened and started screaming again.

Kyuubi sighed and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast, leaving Naruto trying to figure out why he was in a puddle of blood and other questions that had suddenly started popping up in his head, mainly questioning his sexuality.

Kyuubi calmly strolled into the minuscule kitchen, completely ignoring the fact that he was currently naked and began to scrounge up whatever smelled good and didn't stick to the walls.

"What a wonderful way to start a day. I will never understand humans….." Kyuubi muttered.

After breakfast

"Wow cool so this is what you look like as a human Kyuubi – san!!" Naruto bounced in his seat happily. His eyes shimmered as he stared across the table at the, now clothed, Kyuubi.

"Yes this is what I look like." Kyuubi muttered, annoyed at the repetition of the same question. "Now, let's move on. You wanted to leave here right?" Kyuubi asked, lazily.

Naruto froze at the question and slowly nodded.

"I got a pla-."

"Really?" Naruto interrupted.

Kyuubi shot a glare at him before continuing.

"I have a plan. Just leave it to me."


"Trust me…" Kyuubi insisted.

A frown creased Naruto's forehead. "Trust?" He asked, uncertainly.

Kyuubi rubbed his temples in exasperation. "Never mind. It's a human emotion that I assumed you knew. I suppose…this is better."

Naruto nodded slowly before a thought came to him.

"Wait, does this mean you're leaving me?" Naruto's eyes filled with desperation.

"This is the only way…but you'll be joining me soon." Kyuubi added after seeing the sadness in Naruto's eyes. He sighed annoyingly at the bond that had appeared and strengthened over the six year they had spent together.

Naruto quickly brightened at the idea and hurriedly finished his breakfast.