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Hermione sighed contentedly as she walked down the carpeted steps of her home. It was the first day of her summer vacation from sixth year and she had to say that she was very happy to be home. It wasn't that she didn't love Hogwarts, with its had magic and excitement oozing from every corner and of course her two best friends, but some times she just needed a break, a time to relax. This is exactly what home gave her, a peaceful satisfied feeling. She loved waking up in the morning to smell fresh brewing coffee and the soft chatter of her parents downstairs. She loved just curling up in the corner of her room, in her favorite plush chair. She just loved home.

This morning she had woken up rather early and decided she would spend the day out shopping. She had thought yesterday that it was time for a new wardrobe now that she was back in the muggle world. Her body had grown considerably over that past year, giving her some nice curves that she didn't quite know how she felt about. Hermione had never considered herself "beautiful", but there was no doubt she was, just not in a conventional way. She had soft toffee brown eyes and long honeyed brown hair that fell in cascading waves to her tiny waist. Hermione was thin with curves that were just right, and she exuded a subtle beauty.

She had had a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and coffee and then was off. Her parents had been rather reluctant to see her go, considering they felt as if she had just came.

"Oh, don't go sweetheart, you only just came home. Come and spend the day with me and your father. Come on. It will be fun." Said Mrs. Granger.

"Yes honey. It would marvelous to spend some time with you. We can go rent a movie or something." Her father said hopefully.

Hermione smiled warmly and them and said "You know I would love to but I really do need to go shopping for some new clothes, my old ones are much too small"

Her parents finally conceded and she gave them both a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she walked out the door.

It was a gorgeous sunshiny day and Hermione decided she would walk to the shops. She lived very close to a small shopping mall. She strolled along the sidewalk and just breathed in the fresh air. Summer was probably one of her favorite times of the year, second only to spring. Summer reminded her of her childhood and carefree days spent eating ice-cream and playing with the neighbor kids.

She reached a local muggle wear shop called J Crew and eagerly stepped inside. It smelled like leather and fresh cotton. The clothes were beautiful! Though quite pricy, her parents had given her money to splurge, they felt she deserved it for working so hard and receiving top marks at Hogwarts. She browed though the various camis, tank tops, shorts, jeans and summer jackets, touching each item as she went by, as all girls have to do. She finally decided on two new pairs of jeans, each in different washes, two polo's (one white and one lavender), a pair of khaki shorts, some tee shirts and a few tank tops. She was just heading up to the counter to pay when…

"Wow" she whispered softly.

She saw the most beautiful dress. Normally she didn't care what she looked like, she threw on whatever was near and her hair was always a curly mess, but for some reason she was drawn to this dress. It was a silky cream color, with a fitted bodice that flared out slightly at the bottom. There were no straps and Hermione blushed slightly at the thought of something so revealing. Then again, it was just so beautiful.

Hermione quickly found her size and carefully took it off the hanger to carry to the dressing room. She slipped it on and marveled at how wonderful the silky material felt on her skin. The dress fit her perfectly; it clung to all of her curves just right and moved with her in an almost fluid like way. She hesitantly looked at the price tag, it was expensive but she had enough and if she put one of the tee shirts back she would be able to buy some shoes too. She quickly decided navy blue was not her color and scurried off to put it back on the shelf.

She happily flounced out of the store with her purchases swinging merrily on her arm. Next stop is shoes she thought. Her bags were starting to feel heavy on her arm, she just didn't get how some girls could spend all day shopping and not drop dead of exhaustion. She suddenly spotted the specialty shoe store she was looking for and quickly hurried over to it.

When she first stepped in her immediate response was to be overwhelmed. She had never seen so many shoes in her life, she just didn't know what to pick.

A kindly looking came up to her and asked "Anything in particular you're looking for?"

"Umm well" said Hermione, as she really had no idea what particular shoe she was looking for. "I was kind of looking for some shoes to go with this dress I just bought" she said, pointing to her bag.

"Oh well lets see it then" the woman said immediately.

Hermione pulled out the dress and the woman gasped as she felt the silky material.

"Oh I have something just perfect" she said.

She walked to the back of the shop and came back with a dainty pair of shoes that looked like they had been made to match the dress. They were the perfect cream color with thin straps and a rather high heel. Hermione eyed the heel apprehensively but tried then on anyways. She had to admit that they did look good on her. They made her legs look longer and slimmer.

"They look wonderful on you darling, and they match your dress to a tee" said the woman.

Hermione loved them but inwardly winced at all the money she would be spending. But she did need something to wear to the wedding she was supposed to attend with her Mother in a few weeks. Her mother's best friend Laura was getting married. So she knew her mother would understand. Hermione also secretly hoped that she might get to wear them to something else some time and maybe with someone special. She sighed inwardly; she had never had a boyfriend. Oh, Ron had been interested in her for some time but for some reason she just couldn't see that working and things with Viktor had died off long ago. He lived too far away and they just didn't have too many things in common.

Hermione snapped out of her reverie and remembered she was still in the store.

She smiled at the woman and told her that she would take them. Once she had paid she decided it was time to head home. She was starving and not to mention tired, all the shopping had worn her out.

She stepped back onto the familiar path that would lead her back to her house. Walking along she mused to herself about Ron's feelings for her. He had told her after the Yule Ball last year. When he had told her she had just stared at him blankly, she had never expected this, even though everyone else in the whole school knew about Ron's huge crush on her, she of course was oblivious. She had taken his hand and told him kindly that he meant the world to her but she just didn't feel that way about him. She would never forget the look of hurt and sorrow on his face though. She didn't mean to hurt him of course, he was one of her best friends, and still was. Even though things just weren't quite the same anymore, that night seemed to have bridged a small gap between them that she couldn't seem to repair.

As she started to turn the corner towards her street she ran into the least expected and most unwanted person she could think of.

Lucius Malfoy.

He grabbed her by her wrist and put his hands over her mouth before she could scream. He quickly took out his wand and muttered "silencio" to stop her from attracting the attention of others with her voice.

Terror had coursed through her body and the sight of him and now she felt as if she might choke on it. He yanked her into a secluded corner and threw her against the wall.

"Nice seeing you here Hermione, having a nice shopping trip?" he growled menacingly, ripping the bags from her hand and throwing them to the ground.

She whimpered in fear and tried to wrestle her way away from him, he got a tighter hold on her and she felt as if her shoulders might break from his harsh grip.


Trying to squirm away Hermione?" He whispered savagely into her ear. She winced as she felt his hot breath on her ear. "Oh, you won't get away this time. Dumbledore's not hear to save you, no one is. Not even Potter" He spat the last word with as much venom as he could muster.

Hermione tried desperately to scream but then she remembered with a crushing feeling the silencio charm he had performed.

He smiled at her wickedly and whispered "You're coming with me young Hermione". Lucius then threw a bright red powder into her face and she lost all consciousness.

Hermione awoke several hours feeling as if someone had taken a hammer and beaten her head repeatedly. Her eyes felt heavy and her tongue felt thick and unnatural in her mouth also. She guessed it was some side effect of the strange powder Lucious had thrown in her face. She was lying on a cold stone floor and had no idea where she was at. Everything around her was pitch black, she couldn't even see her hand in front of her. Hermione was terrified, she knew Lucius was evil but she never though he was stoop to kidnapping her. She was just thinking of how she was going to get herself out of this when she heard the rattling of doors.

A light suddenly blazed in front of her eyes and she was momentarily stunned. When she finally became oriented to the light, she opened her eyes. Lucius was standing in front of her, triumphant grin lighting up his handsome yet cold features. He savagely yanked her to her feet.

"Why are you doing this?" She screamed at him, tears running down her face. "You don't have to do this, just let me go you monster!"

He laughed harshly at her. "Let you go? And waste all the good times we could have. Oh no my dear Hermione. You and I have many happy memories to make. You're a filthy mudblood and you have only one purpose now. To please me. Now come. Now. "

Her eyes grew wide in terror as she realized his implications. She was still a virgin. She had never even kissed a boy, now her virginity was going to be taken from her by a man whom she hated, who served Voldemort. Tears welled up in her eyes again but she silently wiped them away. She wouldn't let him see her weakness. She then vowed to never let him see her cry again. It would only please him, knowing that he had caused her pain, that he had made he cry. He was sick bastard.

He grabbed up her hand and dragged her across the hard stone floor. She bit her lip to stop from crying out in pain as his fingers bruised her wrist with his iron like grip. She whispered a silent prayer to be saved before she felt herself drifting on the edge of unconsciousness again.