Fifteen years later.

Hermione squeezed Severus' hand under the table as a petrified little boy with black curly hair scampered up to get sorted. He had the hat on for nearly a minute when it shouted "Snape, Gavin GRYFFINDOR!"

Severus and Hermione cheered with the rest as Gavin went to join the other Gryffindor's at the house table. He sat beside his sister Madelyyn who was in her fifth year. She put her arm around his shoulder and catcalled as another Gryffindor was crowned.

A Hufflepuff girl with long curly red hair and dark blue eyes turned around to smile encouragement at Gavin too. Ron had finally settled down as well with a girl he had met at the ministry where he worked. He had taken over Ludo Bagman's job as Head of Magical Games and Sports and was doing spectacular.

From across the hall, Emeline Snape, a charming Ravenclaw third year with long dark brown hair and chocolate eyes called across the great hall "Good job little brother!"

"Yeah, nice job getting Gryffindor!" Said Abigail Potter. She had large bright green eyes and long straight blonde hair. Luna and Harry had gotten married after all and had two children, a boy and a girl. Adam was still too young to come to Hogwarts, as he was only eight. He had been very jealous when he found out Gavin was going before him.

Hermione sighed happily and smiled up at Severus, proud of their three children. The fifteen years sine the birth of Madelynn had been amazing. Hermione had taken up the post of Transfiguration teacher after her children had grown up a bit and Professor McGonagall had finally retired. Severus was still the formidable potions master but Hermione swore to everyone that she had softened him up a bit, which probably wasn't true. He had aged aristocratically and at 35 years old, now looked like the man she had first fallen in love.

She and Severus still lived in the little cottage, but by now with all the changes done to it, it was far from little anymore. Severus had used his money to have the cottage updated and enlarged. It now had four bedrooms,2 ½ baths, a huge kitchen and many other things needed to raise three rambunctious children who seemed to have gotten Hermione's spirit and Severus' attitude. It was work but Hermione loved every minute of it. She was almost sad to see Gavin finally sorted but then grinned mischievously and whispered to Severus "We'll have the house alone tonight."

He chuckled and squeezed her hand. He was still amazed by his wife every day. She was still to him the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes upon and he was blessed to have her. She still looked like a spirited 25 year old with her vivacious curly brown hair and sparkling coffee eyes. He leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"Oh, get a room." Said Harry jokingly. "Am I going to have to look at that all evening?"

Hermione laughed. "Maybe so" She said as she kissed Severus on purpose in front of Harry.

Harry had gotten the job of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. All the students loved him. Especially the girls Hermione smirked. He really was an excellent teacher and reminded her of how Lupin taught, with a firm but gentle hand. Luna had gotten a job at the ministry and was writing her own column in the Daily Prophet. Her articles were still outrageous but at least she wasn't writing about Crumple Horned Snorckacks anymore.

Hermione looked contently around the Great Hall and was perfectly happy with her life. She turned to Severus and said "Let's go home love."

He put his hand on her pregnant stomach and said "Let's do. I want to make love to you in our silent and peaceful house." He then smiled and whispered to her his eight months pregnant stomach. "Because it might not be that way for too much longer, isn't that right Bennett?"

Hermione smiled and they walked hand in hand out of the Great Hall towards their home.

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