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Yuki kawaii

The sun was blaring in the sky, and not enough clouds were present to block the heat from descending towards the ground. A little girl in pigtails stood by the sidewalk, staring at the idle street in awe as a slight mirage formed before her, caused by the summer heat. About a meter behind her, her mother was chatting animatedly with an old lady in front of a well-tended flower shop, the younger female fawning over dozens of flowers that were carefully arranged around them. The distance between the mother and the daughter continuously increased, as the little girl took small steps to take a closer view at the smoky haze that have captured her interest for the last few minutes.


Fuuko raised a hand to cover her eyes from the blinding brightness. She looked at her watch - eight minutes to ten in the morning. She had just finished devouring a satisfying cone of ice cream: a great treat of two scoops for a hundred yen. She left her apartment a bit early in hopes of being able to relax, and she arrived by the city fountain a little too early for a ten o' clock meeting. She still had three minutes to spend in leisure, and she unconsciously played with the necklace around her neck, whilst her mind started to drift off. She knew the person she was meeting quite well enough by then to know that he usually arrived five minutes ahead of every appointment. Such a responsible boy, as Fuuko always mused.

Despite the high temperature, the wind goddess actually felt refreshed. The last few encounters that she had those days were some that she wouldn't have imagined in her whole life, even more unimaginable than taking part in an out-of-the-world tournament. Smiling to herself, she recounted a few special memories in her mind, those concerning a particular silver-haired lad, with whom she had just recently established a relationship deeper than friendship.

She didn't know what distracted her from her daydreaming, but in the next instant she lifted her gaze to find a girl about the age of five, nearing the middle of the street and giggling slightly while she danced around, enveloped by illusions.

"Hey!" Fuuko called out as she unconsciously started striding towards the little girl. Where in the world was the girl's mother? Fuuko sighed, a little irritably. "Come here, girl! That's not a good place for playing."

She was distracted yet again when the phone inside her jean pocket vibrated, and at that moment when her instincts told her to reach for the vibrating device and answer the call, another sound caught her attention: the rolling of heavy wheels across pavement - an upcoming truck!

The girl was again the center of Fuuko's attention, but it was too late.

Yet Fuuko still ran in an attempt to save her, and fortunately and rather miraculously, she succeeded. She grabbed the girl by the arm and hauled her onto the sidewalk rather forcefully, yet the girl didn't seem hurt as she stumbled like a doll and ended up in an innocent sitting position. Their eyes met.

The girl was safe on the sidewalk, but where was Fuuko?

She didn't have time to even look at the proceeding vehicle as she lost her balance in the middle of the street, at the exact spot where the little girl had stood just mere seconds before. Tires screeched and there was a rather early scream from the spectators, and the last thing that Fuuko saw before a vast darkness engulfed her being was a picture of Mikagami Tokiya, smiling in a way that he had never done before, while holding a silver necklace in front of his face for her to see.

To be continued

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