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Pairings: yet to be decided ken/?

Summery: something has gone wrong in the digital world the digimon feel something but don't know what it is and strangely enough all the other digimon have all but disappeared. Are kens dreams the key to finding the problem and stopping it? Or is this even bigger than it first appeared?

Secret Seeker

Ken Ichijoji woke up in a start his body was covered in sweat and a scream was caught in his throat, he sat up slowly trying not to wake his partner Wormon. The little green digimon slept peacefully, blissfully unaware of the dark haired boys distress.

Ken slowly wiped the sweat off of his brow with a shaky hand and slowly (as to not lose his balance) climbed down off of his loft type bed. His feet landed on soft carpet that looked gray in the dark. In fact the entire room took on a gray tone in the moon light that barely lit the room through light shades

His feet made almost no noise as he made his way to his neatly kept desk to retrieve the desired item and a pen with his older brother's name engraved in it. He had rescued it after the Kaiser episode when he desperately wanted to remember his elder brother. He now kept it as a prized possession and only used it for important things such as what he was writing now in a small blue note book private written on the cover in several languages he began to write:

I had the dream again it frightens me that I can not remember what happens

Exactly, but I feel the after affects now more than before, the pain in my neck has grown outrageously Im also getting migraines and pains in other random places. Or maybe not so random… But back to the dream, its similar to the others in almost all aspects but Im remembering more and more now I find myself running through a forest something is chasing me, but I don't feel that it is human, or even a monster, no Im sure that it is neither however I know that it is a threat…I then find myself at an ocean, I can only assume that it is the dark ocean but it is different somehow, its larger foe one thing, and it is more menacing…like its been waiting for me. I then hear laughter and a sharp pain starts in my neck and moves through my entire body I find myself down on the sand, its cold. The moon was out but it was also cold and the laughter continues its sounds so familiar. That is where I have either woken up in the past or I haven't been able to recall what had transpired after that point. I have remembered more this time. The laughter stops and a cold wind blows. Every thing here is cold and grey, wet but then again it isn't…you can't describe it because it contradicts itself it's like a never ending pool of confusion. Then a voice speaks to me.Iit speaks a name one I don't recognize but I believe I should. It chills me to the bone just remembering the voice, it was so dark and dead, the name? Rune Kaimi. He says I will meet him very soon. That's most freighting of all.

The next morning Ken awoke to his partners nagging, Ken barely made out what he said but it was something along the lines of 'we'll be cake' or something.

"We'll be late Ken Chan! Please get up now!" the little creature whined. Ken stirred

"What time is it Wormon?"

"About eleven thirty Ken." Ken quickly jumped out of bed vaguely noticing the dream journal now sitting peacefully on his desk never betraying the secrets it held... Ken jumped in the shower and turned the knob to cold, trying to wake himself up. After five minutes he got out and slinked down the hall to his room. He put on (to Davis's prompting) jeans and a tight black long sleeved shirt. The pants were a little big…they were Usamu's. Was he really that much bigger? "Oh well" he thought and tied a black belt around his waist "note to self go and buy jeans that fit."

Ken now fully dressed grabbed wormon and his back pack and slung it on his back. He greeted his mother on his way out and grabbed a piece of toast. "This is why these jeans don't fit" he thought as he munched on it in the elevator going down from his apartment.

He was going to meet Davis and the other digidestined in the park about halfway between their houses. Ken sighed. He knew he was late. Yolie and/or Cody would chew his butt off.

"Hey ken where have you been?" A tall girl with long violet hair asked clearly annoyed with Kens new habit of being late.

"Sorry I slept in…" Ken said sheepishly

"You've been hanging around Davis to much." She mumbled. "But I like how you dressed today"

"You can thank Davis for that." Ken said with a playful smirk.

"Someone talking about me?" Speak of the devil.

"Hey Davis!" Kari said. The others followed suite.

Eventually Izzi, and Tai showed and they went to a secluded spot in the park and used Izzi's laptop to go to the digital world Tai stayed behind to keep Izzi Company

In the digital world

The digidestined were all in the digital world for a picnic. Cody the youngest in the troupe brought the healthy food, (also being the most responsible.) like carrots, and apples. Davis, the hard headed leader brought the drinks. He had Mt. Dew and Pepsi and Cola. Tk and Kari the two veterans in the group, had both brought chips, and other junky snacks of that same sort like Doritos, and corn chips, and chex mix. Yolie the girl who had yelled at ken before had brought sand which fixings and potato salad .Davis once again mentioned longingly that he wished his family was in the food business like Yolie's. Ken had brought the cookies he and his mom had made the night before (their cookies were always a hit) and had in his backpack.

They sat eating the food and talking, no one noticing the lack in digimon begging for food or simply the lack of them all together. Ken and Kari noticed that none of their own partners were eating as much as they normally would. This made the two of them uneasy and they, in turn, didn't eat as much either.

The picnic otherwise went very uneventfully, with them simply eating, talking, and the occasional fights between Tk and Davis (Davis misspelled Tk's name) or Davis and Yolie. (No one knows the origin of the fight, not even Yolie and Davis)

They all went home Ken taking his precious time as he went. Something had been wrong in the digital world. He could feel it, and by the tenseness he felt in his partner he knew he wasn't the only one who felt it.

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