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Chapter 17

Ken shivered; the world that he had almost grown to like while with Koen was being destroyed. There were no people in the village when they passed; everything was strewn around like a hoard of people had left in a hurry.

"Where is everyone…?" Davis asked. The question was on everyone's mind.

They continued on their way while trying to ignore the ringing sound of silence.

"We should have gone into the garden, you know, to find out what happened…" Yolie said with a slight shake in her voice.

"We can't, he already knows we're here…" Ken said and pointed ahead to the castle. A dark aura surrounded it. It twisted and moaned as if it had a life of its own.

"What is he…" Kari whispered in awe.

Ken set his jaw and continued to march forward with a determination. Absently though, his hands strayed to his barely healed scars. Could he fight a man with such power like Sayyid?

Suddenly a scream tore everyone out of their thoughts. Then another scream followed.

Kens eyes widened and he held back a whimper. "It's coming from Sayyid's castle…" 'It sounds familiar…'

With this new information swimming in his head he picked up the pace and began to run toward the castle.

"Ken…It's dangerous up there…" Wormmon said from inside Ken's arms.

Ken closed his eyes and then looked up towards their distention. "That's why we need to go…" He whispered, more to himself than anyone else.

AS they neared the gate the digimon all seemed to shrink away from the gates. Ken was closest with Wormmon's digivolved form Stingmon next to him. The gates before everything happened weren't welcoming, but now they looked out right demonic. They were ruined and blackened, as though they had been set on fire, it had a dark red-purple glow that seemed to try to reach out to the chosen children.

Ken stepped forward and reached his hand out to the entrance of the gate. He shivered when it passed right through, but he could no longer see it. The castle was only a memory now, this gate led to somewhere else completely…but that place held his master…That place held Sayyid.

He shut his eyes and prepared to go through when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned to see Davis and Wormmon behind him. They smiled encouragingly.

"We're right behind you man, every step of the way." Davis said.

Ken smiled back and turned to the gate. With renewed strength from his friends He pushed his hand through, and then his arm, and then the rest of his body. The Digidestined watched in awe and horror as Ken's entire body disappeared through the gate.

Wormmon quickly followed behind his beloved partner. Then Davis and Flamemon went in yelling a war cry. The remaining Digidestined looked at each other nervously. Then they smiled. All for one and one for all. They too ran into the unknown.


Yolie groaned. Someone was on top of her. "Once, just once, I would like not to be on the bottom of these never ending piles…" She moaned.

"SHHhh!" Ken hissed.

They looked around, Ken, Davis and their digimon were the only ones upright, they were behind black rocks on hard dark grey and black gravel.

The sky was red with swirls of purple and black in it. There were screeches of animal. Weather they were being tormented or if they made that sound naturally they couldn't tell. Then another scream split the air, this one was unmistakably in agony.

Ken, without thinking ran out from their hiding place and got a better look around. The ground was a jagged path, only eight or so feet in width with sheer drops at either side. The cliffs seemed to end in black flames. Around him there were what appeared to be digimon. The evil kind, with beady eyes and dark intentions. He tried to get back down before he was seen, but he was too late and the hoard of monsters attacked with glee.

The other Digidestined didn't waste time. They jump up from their hiding places and began their own desperate fighting.


Ken turned from where he was watching Stingmon put away a monster with black wings and the body of a bull. He saw Davis trying to gain his attention.

"What Davis!?" Ken shouted over the keens of the doomed animals.

"You need to get to Sayyid! It's the only way these are going to clear up! See!" He pointed to the sky where there was a deep purple and black concentration. The fell animals seemed to be coming out of it!

"They won't stop coming! You need to go! We'll cover you!" he shouted again.

Ken turned without a second thought and ran towards the castle, which looked remarkably the same, but it gave off much darker vibes.

He dodged a flying monster being put out of its misery, and jumped over more than a few injured creatures before he made it to the final gate. He pushed it open and ran down the corridor to where he knew his master would be. He heard another agonized scream and he re-doubled his pace.

He arrived at the hated doors that always seemed to lead to pain. He shut his eyes tight and tried to even his breathing before he slowly opened the door and looked in.

There, sitting on his throne was Sayyid. He held a whip in his hand that was blackened with blood.

And on the ground, moaning in pain, was Koen.



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