After finding who the real enemy is.

Rax: So we need to go to Japan.

Ron: Yahoo so I can show you sensei.

Rax: No, were going so we can beat up the jerk.

Kim: I'm confused how can a man turn into a fireball?

Rax: I said he shoots fireball not turns into it.

Ron: Yea just like dragon ball.

Rax stares confused at Ron.

Ron: Ok it's like you.

Rax: Forget it.

Kim: I don't want to go to Japan even Ron does.

Ron: Who said so, I want to go.

Rax: Ok then Ron, we are going to Japan.

Kim: What about me?

Rax: You said you won't come.

Kim: Change my mind.

Rax: OK we fly at Monday.

Ron: Works with me.

Kim: Oh man.