Drew stepped out into the beach, allowing the cold wind to sway his spikes gently. She's right. The night IS beautiful. He approached the shifting tides and sat down near it. The sound of the waves just felt so good to his ears. He breathed easily and relaxed himself.

"Hey there," May's voice greeted, "Mind if I join you?"

Drew wasn't even the least bit surprised when she arrived. He smiply smirked and shrugged. Is this the right time? I sure hope so. He heard her sit down and closed his eyes.

"See?" May started in a hushed tone, "What did I tell you? The nights are very beautiful." She smiled and looked at him. "Just tell me that I'm right."

Drew smirked. "Hmph. As if. I still think that the sunset's better, though. At least it gives us light rather than darkness." He glanced at her. "So... How did it feel? To win the Grand Festival and all. I have nothing interesting to share since I won it last year."

"It felt great!" May giggled, "It was like a feeling of happiness and joy... and all sorts of other things! It was just so amazing..." She looked out into the ocean dreamily. "I'll never forget that moment."

Drew nodded and looked back at where the party was at. People were laughing, eating, and drinking, but what he was curious about was with the dances. He stood up, earning a glance from May. "Wanna go back there?" he asked her casually.

May nodded. "Yeah." She blushed as he held out his hand to her, but took it anyway.

Lilian was over at the snacks and saw May and Drew enter the party together. "We've got visitors!" she cheered and all the other people cheered with her.

Suddenly, a slow-dance music was started and the lights dimmed a bit. The boys asked the girls politely for a dance...all except Drew. He was beyond nervous. Nevertheless, he turned to May and held out his hand once more. "Wanna dance?"

May smiled at him and placed her hand in his gentle grip. "Sure."

Drew flushed a bit of pink, but ignored it. Smiling back, he led her to the dance floor. This is it, Drew. You need to tell her right here and now! He looked into her deep blue eyes and then started to lead her into a graceful dance that seemed to take them into a wonderous world.

There, you see her sitting there across the way.

She don't got a lot to say, but there's something about her. And you don't know why, but you're dying to try- you wanna kiss the girl.

May kept a locked gaze with Drew and danced her best. There they were, hand-in-hand...looking at each other and dancing. It was just so romantic to her. She blushed and averted his gaze.

Yes, you want her. Look at her you know you do.

It's possible she wants you too...there's one way to ask her. It don't take a word, not a single word- go on and kiss the girl.

Drew leaned down, but quickly bent up again. He felt his face heat up and his heart pound on his chest wildly when she simply looked at him with her cheeful smile. Man, this is so freakin' hard!

Sha la la la la la

My oh, my

Look like the boy's too shy- Ain't gonna kiss the girl.

May was getting tired and upset. Geez! This guy's never gonna kiss me! She felt his hand lift and turn an angle and quickly twirled around. Well, maybe he doesn't want to. She stopped spinning and landed on his chest lightly. Blushing, she parted a bit of a distance from him and continued their dance.

Drew felt his courage come back to him and looked back at May. Do it! He leaned down and had his lips approach hers. He felt her lean up and felt even happier.

The two leaned in closer...closer... Their lips finally touched and on cue, fireworks blew into the sky and everyone cheered. Pink rose petals fell from the skies and rained down on the dance floor. It was like everyone had expected this or something.

Drew and May both deepened the kiss. This was real. Not a bet, or a dare. It was pure emotions. Drew smiled in their kiss and wrapped his left arm around her waist as he used his right hand to cup her flushed cheek. His actions were repaid when he felt May wrap her arms around his neck in an embrace.

The other teens around them awed and clapped. Others cheered and whistled.

As Drew parted from May, he whispered to her, "I love you."

May was so happy to hear that and giggled. "I love you, too," she confessed, "And...uh...I always HAD loved you ever since we were only children. Believe it or not." She flushed even more with brilliant shades of red. I can't believe I just told him that.

"Me, too," Drew admitted and kissed her again. I finally did it! I finally kissed the girl I love! Twice even! He found that people were staring and smiling at them and broke the kiss again. "Uh...sorry about that," he stammered, "I guess I got a bit carried away."

May blushed and played with her fingers. "Hehe..."

"The young brunette looked into her lover's eyes lovingly and smiled...knowing that this was the start of their new lives," said a brunette woman, "The End." She closed the book she was reading and looked down at her her daughter- who had brown hair and brilliant green eyes. "What did you think of it, Suki?"

"It was great!" the young girl replied happily, "It was so romantic. Too bad Drake had to miss that. It was the best story in history!!!" She squealed and giggled.

"I don't think so, Sis!" said Drake. He had dark green hair and onyx eyes. "Dad just told me the bestest that beat Mom's!" He pointed at his father, who was behind him and smirking.

The whole family joined together on the couch reading the storybook to one another. All four had smiling faces and glanced at each other.

"So what story did you tell her?" asked the green-haired man. He looked at his wife.

"OUR story," his wife replied and looked into the emerald eyes of her smiling husband. "Remember those times?" She smiled back and blushed a little.

"Of course I do." Her husband wrapped his arms around her and helped pamper their children.

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