Based on a Jewish folk-tale I heard, I just felt this needed to be told. A companion piece to Just the Girl

True Love

When Fire Emperor Zuko and Lady Toph Baifong married, everyone agreed that it was one of the ugliest married couples ever seen. With the groom's handsome face marred by a hideous burn and the bride's deformedly blank eyes, no guest at the wedding could say they admired the beauty of the couple. The power, the majesty, the bravery, of course. But they were no feast for the eyes.

The atmosphere must have been grim, because the uncle of the groom asked to speak. "While in the spirit world, I heard a fascinating story," he began, bowing to the new Lord and Lady of the Fire Empire.

"Each soul is told about their future match, so that someday, they will find them. when the soul of my nephew was told of his bride, he was told that she would be beautiful, intelligent, noble and strong," he smiled and paused dramatically. "But that her face would be burned." The crowds began whispering at that.

"Meanwhile, the soul of my new niece Toph was told that her match would be a powerful and patrician young man with a heart of a dragon," Iroh continued, again pausing dramatically. "But he would be blind."

"When the two souls, completely unaware of each other, heard of the affliction meant for their true love, they graciously asked that the affliction be visited on them instead. They both said they would be proud to bear their true love's pain. So clearly, they are truly a match from the heavens," the general said, pausing dramatically, as the blushing couple pretended to sip their drinks. No one failed to notice that they were holding hands under the table.

After that, every guest remarked how radiant the couple was. The smiles on their faces made them truly beautiful.