Weeell...another one from me. It's been awhile, I realize...well, basically, this fic contains slash (male/male lovin') and one huge spoiler about Asuma and his future. I'm aware that most of you most probably follow the manga - as do I - but I don't want to be held responsible if you don't but read on anyway, and I know how annoying it can be. So if you haven't read past chapter 328, then don't read if you don't want anything spoiled.

Still here? Cool! most people, when they read that chapter, went 'aw, we had to wait so long to see him back in action just to see him die?'. Logical. But I went 'aw, there has to be a way I can use that for ShikaKiba material!'. I know, I'm deeply infected by the ShikaKiba virus. Woe is me.

Oh, and by the way (insert really shameless publicity), I wrote a short fic of how I'd see team 8 comforting Kurenai in this situation, so if you're interested...I'd love to know what people thought of it, too...

On another note, yes, I had posted another version of this; but then one day later chapter 330 came out translated, and I felt that the fic could no longer really fit (yes, I know that ShikaKiba doesn't fit, but please indulge in my fantasies) so I wrote a different version, gloomier than my usual stuff. If anyone'd like to read the 'happier' version, you only need to ask.

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Kiba smiled as he saw the other lying down in the grass. Right where he knew he'd be. Ha! Take that! He however stopped and frowned as he saw him. Was that...a cigarette between his lips?...he was only acting detached, of course. He looked so hurt.

So hurt, it hurt him.

Shaking his head, he stepped closer and plopped down next to him. "Hey..." He waited for an acknowledgement but as he got none went on. "I...figured you weren't gonna be I stopped by to pay my respects, and here I am now...yours alone!" He said with a grin as he pointed to himself with his thumb.

But Shikamaru still kept gazing at the clouds.

Kiba sighed as he gazed at him sideways. Smoking. That was going to be hard bad habit to get rid of...He doubted the other even indulged in it because he liked it...most probably, once he'd found some sort of solace, he'd drop it on his own. Hopefully.

His frown deepening as Shikamaru still hadn't said one word to him or even looked at him, he did his best to ignore the hurt he felt at that. "Shika...I won't even bother offering you words of fake comfort. You must be tired of hearing them and I suck at it anyways..." And at subtlety, too, but the other had always said that he in fact quite liked it.

Supressing a small smile, he turned to him and, careful not to get his fingers burned, plucked the cigarette out of his lips, trying his best not to smell the horrid stink of the smoke. He then leaned down and placed his lips on his. He felt no response, but for once he was inclined to let it go. As he pulled back he stared directly into the other's eyes, making it impossible for the other to ingore him any longer.

Some time passed as he tried to convey what he meant with his eyes, but Shikamaru was still set on paying him no mind. Kiba's frown changed slightly, becoming more pained that annoyed. "I love you." He said, his heart feeling less heavy in his chest as that still drew a reaction out of the other. "So whatever you'll do, however you'll choose to live from now least, please don't ever forget that. 'Cause I really do..." He admitted in a whisper.

Shikamaru held his gaze for a few moments more before looking away. "I know." And that was all he said before he reached for the cigarette that was still in the other's hand and put it back between his lips.

Kiba sighed once more at that but didn't try any more. He pulled back and simply sat next to him. Of course he could understand his hurt him so much to simply see him and Kurenai in such pain. So he could easily imagine what he'd feel at the loss of one of them.

But a part of him couldn't help but wonder if the other really did know...or if in fact, right now...he even cared. And that scared him and pained him much more that he ever thought it could.

...And that damned smoke...He hated it already.

It prickled his nose and got into his eyes.


Not so sure about the ending...maybe too abrupt, and definitely different from my usual stuff: no fluff! No Happy Ending! Arg! What has ever gotten into me! Hum...nevermind me...

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