Second part

…Yes, I know…me, writing a second chap! Where has the world headed off to? Well, not so much a second chapter as another one-shot, really, but I felt that they were related. And I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Yet again, not mine. Please enjoy.

Kiba sighed loudly as he paced about the other's house. He had only come back from a mission nearly half-an-hour ago, but he had gone to wait for the him to come back immediately. And he had been waiting ever since, but there seemed to be no signs of Asuma's – now Kakashi's – team coming back. Akamaru growled softly, indicating he didn't like the long wait.

"I know, I know, neither do I…" Kiba commented absent-mindedly. He frowned as his nose picked up a familiar smell – albeit not the one he was hoping for – and he turned to meet the newcomer. "Shino. What brings you here?"

"…It's part of the teamwork to share your anxiousness." The young man replied evasively as he walked to stand next to him.

Kiba held back a grin and crossed his arms over his chest. "That's just a fancy way of saying that you're curious." He teased him, when he mentally thanked him.

Shino shrugged slightly and was silent for a few minutes before talking. "We should go to Kurenai. I would think…that he would go to her first, should he succeed." He admitted.

"It's when he succeeds, and not 'should he', you got that?" Kiba flared as he turned to glare at him.

Shino's frown deepened at that. Kiba was visibly edgy. He hated it when Kiba was edgy. He became considerately hard to live with. "Of course." He conceded. He then turned to walk away, purposefully staying silent. Because he knew that Kiba would have apologized for snapping at him otherwise, and he didn't want him to.

Kiba didn't budge for a short moment, and let a small smile replace his frown. He looked down as Akamaru nuzzled his hand, and he nodded as he walked after his friend, thanking him silently.


Shikamaru let out an exhausted sigh as he let himself fall down on his bed, his palms rubbing at his tired eyes.

Kiba frowned slightly from the door, not really sure what he should do. At least, the other was alright, and that was all that mattered, but…he didn't look alright. Biting his lips, he took a few steps towards the bed and sat down on it, next to the other's sprawled body. He didn't say anything, he had no idea what to say anyway. He wanted to hear about the fight, but felt that maybe he shouldn't bring that up until the other did, so he stayed silent. And it was eating him up inside. He was an Inuzuka, damn it! He was not brought up to be silent! He was loud, and brash, and anything but silent! ...But somehow, along the years…Shikamaru had made him considerate.

Such a weird thing.

"Are you wounded?" He asked, because this silence was driving him mad and he figured that this was a considerate enough question.

Shikamaru's only reply was to shake his head. "Tired," he corrected.

Kiba sighed once more and his frown deepened as he silently huffed. "I should let you rest then." He said as he moved to get up. The other's hand shot up to grab his wrist though and he looked down at him curiously.

"I'm back, Kiba." He said quietly as he looked up at him, visibly tired.

"I know…" The boy replied, smiling slightly in confusion.

Shikamaru shook his head and sat up to be on eye-level with him, before raising his hand from his wrist to his face. "No…I'm back, Kiba…" He repeated as he moved to kiss him softly.

"Oh…" Kiba understood against his lips. His smile widened genuinely, and he kissed him back warmly. "Welcome back. I've been waiting for you…" He whispered in his ear.

The Nara looked slightly thoughtful as he pushed him back on the bed. "I know…I'm glad you have." He said earnestly. He then laid down next to him, resting his head in the crook of his neck, smiling and closing his eyes contentedly as he felt the other embrace him. "Good to be back…" He commented lightly.

"Good to have you back." Kiba whispered in his hair as he held him close, trying to convey all his feelings through that embrace. He sniffed the air discretely a few times and smiled in satisfaction.

That horrid smell of smoke was gone.

Gone for good.


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