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Nora: I am so glad they're going off to college.

George: Me too… No more arguing... No more stress...

Nora: I can't help but worry about them though… They're going to the same school.

George: They'll be fine, let's worry about us and the baby now.

(At Queens halfway into the semester)

Casey sat in the cafeteria reading and eating a cup of chocolate pudding. As her eyes roamed the pages of the book she heard her room-mates voice.

"God, look at you, don't tell me this is what you do for fun," the blonde haired young woman flicked Casey's book with her finger.

Casey grinned and put the book down, "Good morning to you too, Natalie."

"Come to a party with me tonight, Case," she sat down next to the keener awaiting a response.

"You know I don't do parties, Nat," said Casey with a serious look upon her lovely features.

Natalie was of light skin and had a dancer's body like her room-mate. "I've known you for only a few months. I know I'm never in our room, but I do know that you never go out." She studied the brunette for a long moment before continuing, "Why?"

"I'm just really serious about school," Casey lied. The real reason why she never went to parties or anything was because she knew her step-brother would be there. They hadn't talked since they went off to college and she wanted to keep it that way. She smiled and thought, it's funny how Derek and I attend the same school, yet we never see or talk to each-other.

"Whatever," Natalie interrupted her thoughts. "It's Friday, what do you have planned?"

"Stay in the room, watch a movie, maybe read," was Casey's response.

"You're so weird," Natalie mouthed.

"Hey," said Casey resentfully. She then thought, well there are plenty of parties around campus there's a pretty slim chance he'll be at the same one. "Alright," she sighed.

Natalie looked at Casey and the corners of her mouth rose slowly forming a smile, "Alright what?"

"I'll go to that party with you," Casey replied.


Later that night as she laid out her clothes on the bed, she was having second thoughts about going to the party. Her room-mate was in the bathroom putting on her make-up.

"You are not backing out of this, Casey, I'm letting you know now," said Natalie from the bathroom.

Casey slipped off her top and threw on a maroon sweater which showed off enough cleavage to drive those college guys' nuts. She laughed and replied, "What makes you think I'm having second thoughts?"

"I just do, I swear, Case, I will drag you by the hair to that party," Natalie threw a scrunchie at her.

"I'm going, I won't back out, cross my heart," Casey said, a smile gracing her countenance.

Her room-mate just raised an eye-brow and gave her a side-long warning look.

Casey just smiled and disregarded her room-mates look. She slipped on a pair of skinny dark jeans and black boots. She left her brown long wavy hair down, then she put on some make-up. She did the smoky look around her eyes and put on some clear sparkly lip gloss.

"You look hot," Natalie told her as they walked across the quad to the fraternity house where the party took place.

Natalie herself sported a dark blue off-the-shoulder sweater, dark skinny jeans and black pumps. Her make-up was similar to Casey's except her eye-shadow was blue to match her sweater.

"You don't look too bad yourself," Casey and Natalie locked arms and carefully skipped the rest of the way to the party.


It was a two-story house, there was a DJ in the large living room and people crammed, sweaty and dancing… more like grinding on each other. There were college students in the game room playing beer pong, poker and watching sports on the flat screen. The majority of the youth there were tipsy, the rest were drunk.

Natalie didn't waste time; she got in on a game of beer pong. She had volunteered Casey as her partner. Casey reluctantly agreed and the two women dominated the game.

"Okay Case, it's all on you, you can do this," Natalie said, her cheeks rosy because of the beer consumption.

The keener sighed and said in a high-pitched voice, "D-do you know how completely absurd this is? I don't play any sports…"

Natalie laughed. "Oh Casey, just make it in the cup!"

Casey took a deep breath and attempted to concentrate on the single red cup which sat tauntingly on the other end of the ping pong table. No, pressure, it's just a game, Casey… She aimed and gracefully threw the ping pong ball… The ball seemed to just float in mid-air for a while, then… it landed in the cup and the look on their opponents' face was priceless.

Natalie and Casey screamed rowdily in triumph.

"Any other challengers," Casey shouted at the crowd of on-lookers.

"We'll play…"

That voice made Casey's heart sink into her stomach. No… It can't be…