Hi guys, new story. Anyway i'm gonna clear a few things up. Nathan and Lucas are not brothers. They are best friends. Other then that everything in the show has pretty much happened. Dan is Lucas' father and Karen is his mother. Nathan's last name will be Lee. His father will be...i'm no sure yet. His mother is obviously Deb who really won't be in this story to much. This story is in the future. It's about 17 years later. Some of the Tree Hill gang will have kids and there will be lots of drama!!! Enjoy and review!


It was early in the morning when Lucas Scott decided to go for a run with his most favorite person in the whole world. The one he loved and cared for and who he had known since, well, forever. She was about 5"3, had auburn hair with streaks of blonde in it, and the most beautiful ocean blue eyes you could ever see. Her personality reminded him so much like his ex-girlfriend, Brooke Davis. The one that he had loved since high school.


It was the day after Nathan and Haley's wedding and Lucas was hanging out with everyone but got worried when Brooke didn't show up. He decided it wouldn't hurt to go check up on her so he headed over to her house and knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again and still no answer so he turned the knob and noticed it was open so he went in. It was then that he noticed that all of Brooke's things were gone. He ran into the bedroom.

"Brooke!?" He yelled and when he got no response he got even more worried. It wasn't until he noticed a small piece of paper did anything make sense.

Dear Lucas,

I'm sorry that it had to be this way. You know that I love you more than words but I just needed to go. I need you to be happy Lucas. Find someone that you will let in all the way. Even if that someone is Peyton. I'm not mad Lucas, that's not why I left. I just need time. I love you and will never stop loving you.

Yours forever,

Brooke Davis

Lucas sat down and for the first time in forever, Lucas Scott cried. He had lost the only one he had ever truly loved and he didn't know what he did wrong.


Lucas had taken it hard and wouldn't leave his room for almost a month. He cried, yelled, screamed, threw things. Anything he could do to get her out of his head, but no such luck. He tried repeatedly to get a hold of Brooke, to talk to her. Anything, but no. He never heard from her again and it was breaking him, slowly but surly, Lucas Scott had become empty. Haley and Nathan had tried to help him but he pushed them away . Even Peyton couldn't help him. He was too far gone to even care. Lucas had almost gotten killed in a serious car accident again but he managed to survive it, barely. When Lucas had woken up from the anestetics he was hoping to see Brooke but she wasn't there. Lucas finally got fed up and decided to move to Orange County. Alone.

Lucas stayed there in Orange County for a month until he met her. Kayley Ellis, the second girl of his dreams. She had brownish hair and was about 5"5. She had blue eyes and was very happy it seemed. She wasn't bubbly but she was indeed usually happy. She was gorgeous and very flirty with the boys. She had caught Lucas' eye and almost instantly his heart. They both, almost, simotaniously fell in love and within two months had gotten pregnant. Nine months later they had Kelly Brooklyn Scott the most sweetest girl in the universe. She was a mix of both Kayley and Lucas, but mostly had Lucas features. What confused Lucas the most was that Kelly looked like Brooke more then anything. Hence the middle name.

Lucas and Kayley had gotten married at the age of 20 when Kelly was three and started their life together as a real family. Lucas never kept in touch with anyone from Tree Hill because he thought that it wouldn't be the right time.

Lucas was signed on to the Miami Heat basketball team, eventhough he lived in the O.C. He had made it on and was going strong and could never be stopped and soon their family had bought a new house. A mansion to be exact. They liked it there because it was peaceful and quiet. Secluded. Everything was going great for the family until the day Kelly turned 10.


It was pouring out and Kayley, Lucas, and Kelly were trying to get to the place of the birthday party but Kayley couldn't see very well. They were heading about 80 miles down the road. Lucas was filming it and all were having fun until it happened. A transfer truck slammed into the side of their mini van out of no where. It flipped down a narrow muddy hill and slid down to the bottom. Both Kelly and Kayley were unconscious and bloody but Lucas was awake. He looked over at both his wife and his daughter. He cursed at him self because at the moment he couldn't move. He struggled and moved to try and get to them but no luck. It wasn't until he saw gasoline start to drip that he started to panic. If the car was on fire then that meant if he didn't get them out of here soon they were all gonna die.

Lucas finally broke free and managed to grab Kelly first. He pulled her out from her seat. Blood and all and set her firmly on the grass away from the car. Lucas turned around to go get Kayley but the car exploded into flames causing him to fly back a few feet and get knocked unconsious.

When Lucas woke up he was in the hospital and he was hurting all over but none of that seemed to bother him at the moment. He screamed for the doctor and he came rushing in. When Lucas asked about his wife and his daughter, the doctor looked down at the ground and told him that Kelly was severly hurt but was okay. Lucas sighed and then the doctor proceeded to tell Lucas about Kayley. Lucas thought that he was gonna cry as the doctor told him of how they tried their best to save Kayley but failed. She was gone.


Six years later and here they were sticking it out together. Kelly, his beautiful baby girl, was one of the toughest people he had ever met. She somehow got over the death of her mother and managed to help out at the house and still have time to hang out with her father. Add that on top of cheerleading, student body president and smartest kid in school and you got yourself a tough ass person. Lucas had retired from basketball but he became the couch of the Miami Heat shortly after leaving. Kelly had supported him the whole way. Right now he was taking a break in the off season. Lucas tried not to depend on Kelly so much but sometimes he needed her to go do something with him to get his mind off other things.

Lucas had never told Kelly that he pulled her out before pulling her mother out. He was scared that she might tell him that it was all his fault and hate him forever so he never told her. Kelly was never the one to judge others but if it came to something like this he figured she might.

Kelly was like Haley in some crazy way. She was a nice girl and smart as hell to boot. But Kelly was, for sure, exactly like Brooke which bothered Lucas. He didn't want to remember her. After sixteen years of not seeing anyone from Tree Hill, Lucas felt bad. He so desperatly wanted to see Haley and Nathan but he couldn't. He couldn't go back there because there were to many memories of her. Lucas realized that maybe they could come visit him instead. Maybe. He would have to call them. Or maybe he should go back and face the demons.


"Oh I soo bet you!" Kelly panted to her father when entering the house. Grabbing a waterbottle Lucas replied.

"Oh you did not, I was ahead of you and you took a shortcut!" He laughed, so did she.

" Ya well I didn't want to run by that old creepy man that always stared at me! Anyway, What's on the agenda today?" Kelly asked grabbing a bottle of water. He shrugged and decided that he should tell her about the visit.

"Well, see I got a letter yesterday stating that it is my 15 year reunion and I was kinda going to down to it and I want you to come with me. Is that cool with you?" He asked looking at her and to his relief she smiled that dimpled smile of hers.

"Of course that sounds awesome, besides I could use a break from everything. When are we leaving?" Kelly asked obviously a little excited. He smiled.

"We leave tonight." He said and she looked shocked.

" Oh my god, I have to go pack!" She sceamed running out the door up to her room. Lucas looked after her and laughed yelling up. "Try not to pack enough for everyone on the Titanic!"

"Oh shush!" He heard from up the stairs, he laughed and decided to go pack himself. Tomorrow was gonna be a crazy day.


Haley was sitting in a chair, reading a book when a tall black haired boy about the age of seventeen came walking in. He sat next to her and was drenched in sweat, much to her disgust.

"Aww gross Brett, get away from me when you're all sweaty like that." She said disgusted and got up and walked over to the kitcen door. He looked at her and smirked.

"Mom I just want a hug. Come're!" He said walking over to her. She screamed and started laughing when Nathan walked in.

"Brett, what are you doin to your mother?" Nathan asked obviously amused. Brett looked at him and smiled. He then smirked.

"Nothin." He said and walked over to the back door. "I'm gonna go to the rivercourt to play a game with the guys." he said before walking out. Nathan came in and pulled Haley on the couch with him. He showed her a letter and she looked at it. She smiled brightly.

"High School Reunion? Oh, that's awesome! That means we get to see everyone again!" She said smiling and looking around the room but her smile faded when she looked at one particular picture. "Except some people." The picture was of Lucas. Nathan rubbed the sides of her arms.

"It's okay Hales, everything will be okay. You never know he might come." Nathan stated, just then the doorbell rang. Haley got up and answered it. Who she saw there near made her fall backwards. Nathan came up behind her still looking at the letter and not seeing who it was. "Who is it Ha-" He said and looked up. His mouth fell to the floor.

"Brooke" Haley stated and started to smile. She lunged at the friend she once knew and embraced her in a hug. Brooke smiled and hugged Haley back.

"Hey tutor girl!" Brooke said hugging her back. When they pulled back Brooke went over to hug Nathan but he backed away. He was mad at her for leaving Lucas like she did, Brooke knew this and nodded at him. "Nathan". One thing that Nathan noticed was that Brooke wasn't alone. A male came up from behind her and embraced her. Haley looked at her funny and looked at Nathan who was shooting dagers at the male and Brooke. " Oh guys this is my boyfriend Carlos." Brooke stated and he stuck his hand out to shake Nathan's. He looked at it and turned around and walked away.

" Oh guys come in. Ugh...make yourselves comfortable." Haley said and went after Nathan. "What was that? Why didn't you shake his hand? That's common curtosy Nathan." Haley said, hands on hips. He looked at her and scoffed.

"Please Haley, she just walses back in here and expects me to welcome her with open arms after what she did to Lucas? She broke him, Haley. She caused him to move away and for him to almost die in that accident, and she didn't even come and see him after you told her about it. God damn it Haley! Why on earth would you even let her in here?" Nathan yelled. Haley looked at the ground for a moment and then looked at him again.

"Because Nathan, she is my friend and eventhough I am upset with her for what she did, she probably has a good reason." Haley argued. Of course she was mad at Brooke for leaving but she remembered that she had done the same thing. Brooke seemed happy and Haley was going to support her the best she could.

"Well if she's staying here then i'm going to a hotel. I am not going to be in the same house with the woman that destroyed my best friend's life and drove him away!" Nathan yelled and stomped out of the kitchen, walking past Brooke and Carlos but then he stopped and turned to face Brooke. "Thank you very much for breaking Lucas' heart...again." With that Nathan walked out of the building. Brooke looked at Haley who had just marched out of the kitchen shocked.


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