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They pulled into the parking lot of a big building. They all got out and headed towads the front doors. The walked up to the receptionists' desk and she smiled brightly.

"Well, hello Lucas. Nice to see you again, go ahead she's in the studio. "She said smiling at Lucas, he nodded and replied.

"Thanks Michelle." He said and they all walked down a long corridor, all giving eachother confused faces except Lucas who was leading the way. They finally reached a big room and there standing in the middle of it was a girl sitting on the floor with a pen in her mouth and paper on the floor. Lucas smiled brightly and Brooke noticed this. It was killing her to see him look so happy when he saw this girl. That was supposed to be the way he looked at her. Then again she was engaged.

"Hey loser, writing lame ass songs again?" He said causing her to look up and kink her eyevrow as they all walked over.

"Lame ass? Excuse me but my songs are awesome AND they over rule your basketball sketches anyday." She said smiling and smirking a little. He helped her up and they hugged and Brooke felt really jealous and didn't like this girl one bit.

"Guys, this is Summer Clarkson," He said as they broke apart" Sum, this is Haley and Nathan, "He said pointing at them and they waved, "this is Peyton and Jake, "He said pointing at them and they smiled, "this is Brooke and Carlos, "He said making the name Carlos sound like a plague which gave Brooke a flutter of hope as she glared at him, "and this is Nathan and Haley's son Brett and my daughter Kelly." He said as he went over to Kelly and put an arm around her shoulders. She smiled proudly at Summer and stuck her hand out letting go of Brett's. Summer smiled back and shook her hand.

"It's nice to meet you Summer. Anyone my dad likes I guess is pretty cool." She said and kept smiling. Summer smiled. This girl is sweet, Summer thought.

"Thanks Kelly. Okay so I was just debating on what we all should do. We could either go to my house, which has like a pool and everything...or well ya that's it." She said smiling causing Lucas to smiled brightly.

"Why you gonna take us all on at once?" Lucas said with a smirk.

"Lucas!" Haley said chuckling a bit and Summer smiled and then smirked.

"Maybe, why is that a challenge Scott?" Summer said walking closer to Lucas and getting in his face. He walked a little closer to her.

"Oh you bet it's a challenge. Besides I don't think you could handle all of us. " Lucas said challenging her even more. She smirked mischeviously.

"Your probably right, but I could handle you." She whispered to him and turned around and started walking out of the building and yelled, "Come on people, les go!" Lucas smiled a bit and headed out the door.


They all drove up to a large house and all gaped at it, except Lucas who just walked up to the front door not mesmorized at all. It was gorgeous and by the beach like Haley's except it had beautiful gardens surrounding it. It had a huge balcony and had a gazillion windows. They walked in and Summer started to explain the house.

"Okay, so i've got a pool of course. I've got a gym for basketball and running and soccer and well every sport, which is down the hall to the left. I've got a studio for recordings and everything, ugh i've got the biggest selection of clothes you could think of. I've got 9 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a kitchen, den, livingroom, dining room, and i've got a balcony upstairs. There's a dancing studio to the left of the house which i'll probably be so yah, make yourselves at home and we'll all have diner at 6. Is that cool?" Summer asked and smiled as everyone still had their mouthes open.

"Summer, you have like the most wikidest house i've ever seen." Haley said mouth gaping. Summer laughed and said thank you. Everyone said that it was okay for dinner and Kelly came up to Summer.

"Yah it's amazing. I mean we have a house similar to this but not this big." Kelly said mouth gaping also. Brett kissed her on the side of the head and she turned to him and smiled before looking away. She blushed a little, who knew a former player could be such a sweetheart? For some reason though..she was finding herself becoming a little distant. Summer saw the gesture and smiled warmly. It was these kinds of kids that got to far places in life with eachother.

"Thanks, so everyone just go anywhere and i'll meet you back at six." She said and everyone nodded and headed off.


Jake and Peyton decided to go to the balcony for some air. When they got out there they gasped. It was overlooking a beautiful beach where you could see the waves and some people walking there. Jake sat in one of the chairs and Peyton sat on his lap and she sighed.

"Oh my god, Jake it's beautiful. I don't think i've ever seen something as beautiful as this." Peyton said looking at the beach. Jake held her from behind.

"I have. You." He said and she turned to face him and laughed.

"Cheeeeeeeeesy!" She said and then leaned in to kiss him. He kissed her back and she pulled away. "Jake, I want a baby." Peyton said in all seriousness which caught Jake off guard.

"You do? Are you sure Pey, cause last time..." He trailed off trying not to upset her but when she looked away he knew he did. "No Pey, I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that." He started but she turned to face him tears forming in her eyes.

"Yes you did!" She yelled at him getting up and turning to face him. "I know it was my fault, okay?" She said starting to cry. Jake got up and went to comfort her but she pushed him away. "Stop!"

"Peyton, what happened was not your fault. It was an accident. Accidents happen Pey. "He said trying to calm her down. She looked at him and went to hug him. He gathered her in his arms as she cried.

"I'm sorry Jake, I should have listened to you. I never should have gotten up outta bed. I should have stayed there. Maybe if I had the baby would still have been here." She said crying harder. Jake hugged her close tears forming in his own eyes.

He remembered the day when their unborn baby had died due to a terrible fall down the stairs when Peyton was 30. Peyton was eight motnhs pregnant and decided to get up and go down the stairs to get a glass of water but ended up slipping down them and getting sent to the hospital. Peyton had only suffered minor injuries but the baby. The baby had first. But after two weeks in the hopsital the baby had a defect in its heart and it had collapsed before they could get to it causing the baby to stop breathnig and therefore it passed away. Both Peyton and Jake had been heartbroken and it took Peyton a long tim e to get over the fact that the baby had died. Everyday she attepted to phone Brooke but got no answer.

Peyton blamed herself everyday and regretted going downstairs that night and wanted to stay in their house forever because she figured she'd kill someone else's baby if she went outside. Finally, Jake convinced her that it was not her fault and eventually Peyton came to terms with it.

"Okay. If that's what you want, then we'll try again, hunny." Jake said while pushing Peyton far enough away from him so that he was looking into her eyes. She smiled and kissed him.

"That's what I want Jake, that's all I want." She said and they kissed again only it led to a little more then just kissing...


Brett and Kelly outside to where there was woods and trees. They were walking through the woods holding hands when Brett looked over and saw that Kelly was smiling at him.

"What are you smiling about?" He asked chuckling a bit. She stopped smiling and then looked at him while they were walking.

"You. I mean how sweet you are." She said and he smiled at her.

"Not buying it." He said and she laughed a little and then rolled her eyes.

"Damn, you know me to well. " She said and looked at his face, "Okay well ever since we kissed in my room there has been the biggest smudge of lipstick on your face and I couldn't help but leave it there." She said now bursting out laughing.

He stopped and let go of her hand and started to vigoraciolly rubbing at his face causing Kelly to break into another fit of giggles.

"Oh you are so gonna get it!" He said trying to grab her but she was already half way down the path. They were running through the woods, him chasing after her. It was then that Brett noticed that she was fast. Holy crap, i'm a basketball player and I can't catch up to my own girlfriend, He thought laughing at it. So he started to run faster.

Finally he saw that she had stopped at what looked like a dead end. He smiled to himself slowly coming up from behind her. Unbeknownst to Brett, Kelly knew he was there. She could sense him, she could feel him. It was something you gained when you knew the person well. Just when Brett was about to grab her she turned around and, startled, Brett fell backwards.

"Oh would ya look at that. I got you girl 2, stupid boy 0." She said laughing and took off running up a slope. Brett noticed it and got a little nervous.

"Kelly I don't think going up there is such a good idea!" He yelled but knew she probably didn't care. He got up and ran after her up the slope.

After running some ways up the slope he finally got to the top and noticed that there was only more woods and what seemed to be a wall. Kelly was no where in sight and Brett was getting more worried. Why couldn't he find her? What if something happened to her? What if he never got the chance to...

Just then he felt a pair of hands jolt around his waist and he shreiked causing Kelly to fall to the ground laughing hard. Brett turned around to the, now, histarical Kelly on the ground laughing. He shook his head.

"Jesus Kelly, you scared the crap out of me!" He half yelled half laughed. She just kept laughing and he held out his hand to help her up. She grabbed it and pulled herself up still laughing.

" should...have...saw...your face!" She said trying to gasp for air. Finally the laughter let down a little and she took a more happy tone. "Oh I almost forgot, come're." She said grabbing his hand and leading him over to the wall he had seen.

They walked over to a little hole and Kelly started to gently crawl through it. Then she got frustrated about something and started moving again. When Brett finally got through what he saw almost made him gasp. On the other side of the hole was a beautiful lake with a waterfall. It was secluded and it was gorgeous, none the less it was a place to come think.

Brett looked over at Kelly and smiled as he saw her amazed at the sight. He cam up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She was startled at first but then relaxed into them. They stayed like that for about 10 minutes before he noticed that she no longer had her arm in the sling that she was supposed to have it in.

"Kelly where's your sling?" Brett asked in a worried and annoyed tone. He let go of her and turned her to face him. She sighed.

"I don't need it. My arm is fine, Brett." She said, tired of all the, are you okay s and the how are you feeling s. It was getting very annoying.

"Kelly.."Brett cautioned but she stopped him by yelling.

"Would you just stop it! Okay? I'm fine, and I don't need you to be my dad right now!" She yelled walking a little bit away from him.

Brett looked at her and almost wanted to yell to. But he knew that she was right in some way. He was acting like her dad in a way but then again he wasn't. He was acting like a protective and caring boyfriend. He loved her and he wanted her to be safe, what was the crime in that?

Brett stayed silent and she let out a bitter laugh.

"Stop acting like you know me because you don't." She said looking at the lake and Brett walked up to her.

"Then let me get to know you, Kel. Let me in." He said and she turned to face him a little sad.

"I can't." She said ready to turn away from him but he stopped her by grabbing her shoulders.

"Why? Don't think that I haven't noticed that you've been distant. What's wrong, just tell me." He pleaded with her and she looked away. "Kelly." He said and she looked back with tears in her eyes.

"I can't Brett, I just..." She sobbed and paused, "I'm scared." She whispered so low Brett could barely hear her from where he was standing.

"What are you scared of, baby?" He said and she looked down still in tears. "Babe, whatever it is, i'll be there if you let me." He said also getting tears in his eyes. It was killing him to see her cry. He hated it. When she didn't say anything he nodded his head, "Look i'll go back to the house and hang out there for awhile...but come find me when you wanna talk, Kel."

He let go of her and turned away from her and started to walk away but then heard a small tiny voice obviously filled with tears and sadness.

"I'm scared of love." She peeped out and he turned around to face her hurt face. "I'm scared that if I fall in love that they're just going to end up leaving me. Just like my mom did. I loved her and she was taken away from me." She said looking into his eyes. "And i'm scared that the feelings I have towards you are so much more then that." She finished, tears streaming down her face. Brett ran back to her and hugged her tightly whispering things in her ears. She hugged him back just as tight.

"Baby, I am never going to leave you. I promise you. I'm always going to be here for you and nothing will ever change that." He said into her ear and she just hugged him tighter.

Just then she pulled away and looked into his eyes. They looked just as scared as her own. She kissed his nose and he smiled softly. Finally mustering up the courage, she said the one thing that Kelly Scott thought would never get caught saying to another boy ever again.

"I love you, Brett." She said and his initial shock was brought to passion as he kissed her. It was a very passionate kiss.

"I love you too, Kelly." He said and she kissed him again and they fell to the ground kissing and all was well until Kelly pulled away. "What is it?" He said and she giggled.

"You're on my hair." She said and he laughed and began to get up saw Kelly make a face and he looked over to see her arm bleeding a little.

"Are you okay?" He asked worried and she nodded sitting up. She leaned over and kissed him again.

"Ya, I think I am...hunny" She said and giggled. He frowned.

"Hunny?" He asked and she nodded again and kissed him.

"Yep, hunny." She said and wrapped her arms around him and started kissing him again. They both smiled into eachother's mouths. Finally both were in a loving relationship and actually cared for eachother. Little did they know that they were going to get a little visit from two other people who really don't like the two together...


Uh Oh...trouble up ahead!


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